"In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54) is the sixteenth episode of the fourth chapter of Critical Role. With battle plans in place, Grog frees some Westruun citizens while Vox Machina busily prepares to engage Umbrasyl with the cunning of their tactics and the strength of the Herd of Storms. The hour arrives, Umbrasyl descends, and the battle begins...

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  • The episode started thirty minutes late due to technical issues.
  • Taliesin Jaffe skyped in from Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi.

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"Vox Machina, the band of adventurers, walking through Tal'Dorei post-the attack of the Chroma Conclave, an evil troupe of chromatic dragons that are currently holding power in this region and beyond, after tearing through many of the bastions of society in this countryside. The party has gone on a quest to search for artifacts known as the Vestiges of the Divergence, from ancient wars and heroes of old and yore, to use them against the leader of the Chroma Conclave, Thordak the Cinder King.

"As part of this confrontation, they made their way to the city of Westruun, which was partially destroyed by the black dragon Umbrasyl, and then while it was off and away with the rest of the Conclave, was then conquered by the wandering Herd of Storms that Grog once belonged to. After finding it occupied by these rather brutal, barbaric individuals, Vox Machina set into the city, destroyed and tore down their leader Kevdak, to much fanfare from Grog's past, and through Kevdak's son and Grog's majestic might they decided to take the remainder of the Herd of Storms and take out the dragon Umbrasyl, the great black dragon. Half the Herd didn't like that and has decided to go ahead and leave to their own devices, while the rest of the party possibly prepares to plot and plan a way to kill an ancient black dragon."

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Percy starts to construct his trap, failing to find aid so he works on large screws that will hopefully be able to spring on Umbrasyl. Vax pulls Scanlan aside and pitches him a backup plan. He wants to have Scanlan Dimension Door into Umbrasyl's stomach and use the unmovable rod to hurt him from inside. Scanlan asks Vex about the interior of the dragon and she confirms that the acid that the dragon creates is not made inside it's stomach, but in a separate gland. He also asks if he could borrow her Acid resistant armor and jokingly asks her to take her clothes off. Vex agrees to switch armor with him and Scanlan makes a bit of show of taking off his armor while Vex just ungracefully strips and throws the armor at Scanlan's face. Vex questions why he wants to trade, but Scanlan brushes it off.

Pike attunes to her frostbrand sword. Vax goes to catch up with Percy, who he finds working on his project. He asks if he could use the Dragonslayer longsword and Percy obliges, handing it over to him. Keyleth and Vex'ahlia go to find Zanror who is preparing with Worra. Vex asks if Umbrasyl has been talking to them when it picks up the treasure, and he says it only did at the beginning. They suggest using Kevdak's body and telling the dragon that he was plotting to overthrow him.

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Vaxleth Kiss Before Umbrasyl

Fan art of Keyleth and Vax'ildan kissing before fighting Umbrasyl in "In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54), by Agent Pluto.[art 1]


Fan art of the cliffhanger from "In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54), by Ty Wilkins.[art 2]

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  1. Fan art of Keyleth and Vax'ildan kissing before fighting Umbrasyl in "In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54), by Agent Pluto (source).  Used with permission.
  2. Fan art of Grog Strongjaw hanging onto the Chain of Returning from his Bloodaxe embedded in Umbrasyl (with Scanlan Shorthalt and Vax'ildan inside Umbrasyl's body) heading toward Gatshadow Mountain at the end of "In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54), by Ty Wilkins on Twitter. Used with permission.

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