"In Hot Water" (2x43) is the forty-third episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein face a showdown with Avantika and her crew in Darktow, and the possible wrath of the Plank King for breaking pirate law...

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Last we left off, the Mighty Nein had allied themselves with Captain Avantika of the Squall-Eater, a pirate making her way through the Swavain Islands in search of ways to unlock this entity that she was fanatically obsessed with, this Uk'otoa, which was revealed to be the patron to Fjord's abilities.

After retrieving one of these sought-after orbs from this long-reused temple by the snake folk on the island, and apparently unlocking one of these seals, you made your way back to Darktow on her ship, did a bit of piracy. Arrived, were introduced to the Plank King, who looks over the Revelry, the band of pirates that helm this side of the Lucidian Ocean.

You then decided to have a plan to break into the Squall-Eater at night while everyone was at rest, or some of you at rest. Some were distracting the captain. In doing so, you managed to uncover a well-hidden journal of Avantika that was written in some sort of a cipher.

Your entrance was solid. Your exit left a couple of signs of disturbance, but nothing implicating. You returned, and through the evening and the luck of a ridiculous roll, you managed to, via Caleb, break the cipher on it, after knowing what information was there through your spell, and write a cipher to allow anybody to read the contents of this journal and see what's within.

However, the morning in which you awoke, you discovered that the crew, at least, had seemed to have noticed all these strange events through the night. The ransacked chamber pointed to some tomfoolery. You were all asked to make your way to the shipyard to meet with Avantika and the crew on the Squall-Eater. With not far behind you on the docks the rest of the crew of The Mistake being brought as well. Upon you stepping up and encountering this moment of tension, it seems that, through Vera's glance through some form of divination magic, while some people have guarding objects or items against themselves being sought through divination, certain objects in pockets are not free of it. They glanced over in Caleb's direction, and in that moment, you cast Wall of Fire.

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With the Wall of Fire raging, Beauregard decided to stick to the plan. Rushing to Caleb, she takes the notebook and, with Jester, teleports to the middle of the city of Darktow. Running up the street towards the Plank King's roost, Beau is stopped by guards who see the commotion in the Docks. The leader makes his way to fetch the King, but Beau convinces the other guards to escort her up personally. Jester casts Disguise Self and starts a whisper campaign against Avantika.

Meanwhile on the Squall Eater, the fighting commences. Seeing that they are outnumbered and surrounded, the remaining members of the Mighty Nein retreat to the docks. Fjord casts Thunderstep taking himself and Caleb away. Caleb proceeds to Expeditious Retreat away from the battle. However, a crew member is able to hit him with a heavy crossbow, knocking him unconscious. Vera reveals herself to be a formidable mage, causing an Ice Storm which slows Nott, Caduceus, and Yasha and casting Mass Suggestion on the Guards to arrest them. Fjord, seeing the tide turning, summons a demon onto the ship to distract the crew while rushing himself to the aid of Caleb. Waking from a potion, Caleb rises and turns to the carnage on the ship, sending a fireball at the mast which incinerates most of the crew including Vera. With that display, all sides lay down arms and surrender themselves to the guards for the judgement of the Plank King.

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Beau makes it to the Plank King who is displeased with the clear violation of Revelry law. However, with the journal as evidence and the reveal that Jamedi Cosko was an informer, Beau convinces him to descend and investigate Avantika's plans for treason. Meeting at the docks, all parties begin to present their case. Avantika feigns ignorance of Uk'otoa or having a journal, pinning all misdeeds on the Nein. However, with Beau dropping her Cobalt Soul connections desiring Avantika neutralized and a translation of the Journal by Solon in the works, the Plank King is convinced to allow Beau to use Extort Truth on the Captain. Her silence in response to the King's questions confirmed her guilt. Snapping her neck, the King put an end to Avantika's life.

As punishment for breaking Revelry law, The Mighty Nein were banished from Darktow on the damaged Squall Eater. Their crew from the Mistake were given back to them, but they had to leave immediately from the island with whatever provisions were left on board and with the damage inflicted from the battle.
Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 43b

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 43

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  • Marisha: "I powerwalk like a grandma at a mall. It's 9am, the doors just opened."
  • Caleb: [to Frumpkin] "You are the most valuable member of this team... and don't let Beauregard tell you otherwise. Or Nott."
    Beauregard: "Do you ever feel like your relationship with your cat is hindering your ability to forge meaningful relationships with others?"
    Nott: "I've told him that a lot of times!!"

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