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Imogen Temult is a human sorcerer and a member of Bells Hells. She is played by Laura Bailey.


Official art of Imogen Temult, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 2]


When she first appeared, Imogen was introduced as a young, human woman with light skin and freckles on her face, with long light-purple hair. She wore a light blue dress and a yellow scarf tied around her neck.[5]

When Imogen began to have dreams of the red storm,[6] marks appeared on her arms resembling purple lightning bolts streaking up from her wrists. They have grown slightly over the decade since they first appeared[7] in concordance with the expanding storm.[8] On occasion, when she employs her magic, her eyes briefly flash with white energy, and magical electricity appears to course through her arms.[9]

Imogen's appearance has temporarily changed a few times due to wild magic surges from her from her Feywild shard. The first time, her skin turned navy blue for a brief time until Fresh Cut Grass cast Remove Curse on her.[10][11] After a second wild magic surge, Imogen's hair fell out. She was briefly bald and used Chetney's cap and a wig that Dusk made to cover her head.[12] Her hair grew back almost completely within a day.[13]


Imogen is generally kind and rather soft-spoken, but will advocate for herself when she believes that she is being treated unfairly.[14] She has also proven herself to be a quick thinker, a smooth talker, and a competent strategist.[15]

Imogen is a reserved and reclusive person, shying away from crowds and preferring not to draw attention to herself; Laura Bailey described Imogen as "an attentive, small-town girl" who is "reserved and thoughtful".[16] This is due, in some part, to her ability to hear the thoughts of others: when surrounded by larger numbers of people, opening her mind runs the risk of inviting increasingly dissonant whispers that cloud, and often inundate, her consciousness,[17] or introducing all of the perverted and hateful thoughts that people normally self-censor from actually expressing.[18] She has never been on a date because she would be aware of all her partner's thoughts and it would be too uncomfortable.[19]

She is curious about the origins of her magic and wants to learn more about her powers, which she finds overwhelming and occasionally struggles to control.[20][16]



Imogen's home village is Gelvaan (where her father still lives), a place with green fields of tall grass in a plateau valley in the Taloned Highlands.[21] When speaking about her home and her father, she said that she thought he was probably happier now that she had gone since her growing telepathic gifts had made life difficult for both of them, creating distance both between each other and the townspeople.[22] Prior to leaving Gelvaan, Imogen worked for Master Faramore, who owned several stores.[23] She also worked in stables with a boy named Samuel.[24] She had only been in Jrusar for about a month before meeting the rest of Bells Hells.[25] She has had recurring nightmares about a terrifying red storm, seemingly connected to the moon Ruidus, since around 833 PD.[26][27]

Campaign Three

After running into roadblocks in their attempt to gain access to the Starpoint Conservatory, Imogen and her companion Laudna responded to a dangerous magical disturbance in the streets of Jrusar, joining two other small groups. The combined group's effectiveness earned them introductions to Lord Eshteross, who offered to make connections for Imogen and Laudna if the group of adventurers proved capable of helping him clean up problems in the city. For their trial task, they investigated potential thefts at one of Eshteross's warehouses.

Fan art of Imogen in her dream, by saturdaysky.[art 3]

"The Trail and the Toll" (3x03)
After dining at Lord Eshteross's estate and indulging in a round of drinks at the Spire by Fire Inn, Imogen and Laudna returned to their home in the Windowed Wall. As she slept, Imogen dreamed that she was standing in a grassy field in her hometown of Gelvaan, alongside her horse. The idyllic scene abruptly transitioned to a familiar storm of swirling, hungry red clouds, and a voice urged her to flee. Sprinting in the direction of her home, she saw a refined older gentleman who - as Bertrand Bell lay bleeding out in an alleyway - proudly walked towards the tempest and disappeared into the storm.[28]

"Chasing Nightmares" (3x11)
Lord Eshteross was able to provide Imogen with a letter granting her access to the grounds and libraries of the Starlight Conservatory. She began her research, and learned that dreams of a red storm much like hers had been documented across Exandria, and that reports seemed to increase closer to the celestial solstice. When reading one study, she noticed one of the subjects had been her mother, Liliana Temult.[29]

"Make It Fashion" (3x12)
Imogen had another nightmare of a red storm in which she saw her mother, Liliana, telling her to "Run. Run far." She also saw two figures standing next to each other, whom she assumed were the Lumas twins.[30]

"The Shade Mother" (3x16)
While Bells Hells was battling the Shade Mother, Imogen managed to pull a shard of purple crystal from its orrery. Later, when she concentrated on it she felt her essence pulled into it slightly, feeling it wanted to take her and make her something better. She opened her mind to it and sensed strange, twisting fey magic within it that takes and changes. It was alluring, warm, comforting, and welcoming. She drifted into sleep cradling it to herself, losing herself to the warmth and the draw.

"Heart-to-Heartmoor" (3x17)
Imogen dreamed of walking through a field surrounded by the iron-like smell of an approaching red storm and her mother's voice in her mind saying, "Imogen, run!" When she saw the small purple crystal in her hand, it seemed to offer a different means of escape. As the storm struck, she ran, calling to her mother, but just as she reached the safety of the farmhouse, she woke to find the purple crystal cradled in her arms.

While the party was on the road to Heartmoor Hamlet, Orym found a Feywild shard in the mouth of a giant rabbit and gave it to Imogen. The wild magic it channeled later temporarily turned Imogen a vibrant dark blue.[31]

"Omens Above" (3x19)
Estani told the party about the "Ruisdusborn": children born during the occasional, irregular flares of the red moon Ruidus, thought to be destined for important things, with "strange marks" on their bodies and with premonitions, bad dreams, and other odd psychic phenomenon. When Laudna suggested to Imogen that she might be Ruidusborn, Imogen replied that she thought her mother might have been. She was able to view Ruidus's red storm through Estani's telescope, and that night she dreamed of the familiar field as the red storm approached. This time, instead of running, she cried out to it, asking what it wanted, and took a step towards it. As she did, it got stronger and colder. She called out to her mother, and her mother's voice said, "Run!" Saying, "I don't want to run anymore," Imogen, terrified, walked deeper into the storm. Before her, she saw an unfamiliar woman's figure standing and other outlines step out from behind it. She sensed the woman was smiling, intent, focused, and maliceful. When she woke, the lightning marks on Imogen's arms had ever-so-slightly grown, a continuation of a very slow, continuous spread over the ten years during which she had been having the dreams.

"To The Skies" (3x23)
While traveling to Bassuras, Imogen shared with Laudna that the gnarlrock shard made her feel safe. Laudna asked to hold it, promising not to do anything with it. As she touched it, she felt a growing pulse and the stone grew warmer as Laudna's vision faded and Delilah Briarwood's voice in her mind said, "Child, this is far too dangerous in your hands. I'll handle this." The heat strengthened until the stone was searing. Laudna demanded to know what it was, but Delilah shushed her, saying, "I've taken care of it for you." When Laudna was able to open her fingers, the gem was cold and broken. Imogen was at first speechless, then heart-brokenly whispered, "You lied!"

"The Hellcatch Valley" (3x24)
A surge of wild magic caused all Imogen's hair to fall out.[32] It grew back within 48 hours.

"A Taste of Tal'Dorei" (3x25)
Sensing the continuing unresolved tension between Imogen and Laudna, Dusk asked Imogen if she and Laudna were "a thing". After a pause, Imogen replied simply, "No."

"Hidden Truths" (3x26)
Imogen dreamed of standing within the red storm with her mother's voice urging her to run. She saw the same unfamiliar female figure from her previous dream walk slowly toward her, surrounded by other figures wearing dark gray and black leather armor and masks. She greeted Imogen telepathically as more and more of the other figures stepped forward. When they suddenly rushed toward Imogen, she woke, seeing that the normally dull brownish-red Ruidus was flaring a vibrant red. She felt herself drawn toward it with a faint yearning pull.[33]

"A Race for the Prize" (3x27)
Imogen and Laudna finally talked about Laudna's inadvertent destruction of the gnarlrock shard. They both apologized, saying they didn't want to fight anymore. Imogen gave Laudna the ruby ring she had purchased the day before, and Laudna shared with her that Dusk had asked her out and she was confused. Imogen told her about her latest dream and that the female figure had spoken to her this time. When she woke up, Ruidus was flaring. They decided to try falling asleep holding hands to see if Laudna could join her in the next dream. They pretended to still be fighting so that FCG could participate in patching up their relationship, but FCG was confused and glitching badly. Laudna and Imogen quickly pretended to make up and thanked him for helping them.

"The Deathwish Run" (3x28)
During the Deathwish Run, Imogen rode shotgun for Ashton in a crawler she named the "Red Moon". As the race began, she saw Otohan Thull in the crowd and recognized her as the woman from her dreams. With Lightning Bolt and Blindness, Imogen was directly responsible for eliminating two rival vehicles. At the finish line, she stayed out of sight when Otohan came to congratulate the party. That evening, Imogen attempted to push into Dusk's mind with Detect Thoughts but was prevented.



Imogen is Laudna's closest ally, whom Laudna met while she was in Imogen's town a couple of years[34] ago. They "hit it off real well" and decided to start traveling together.[35] They share a goal: to try to enter one of the conservatories located in the Spires so Imogen can do research. They have been staying together in Jrusar with their landlady, Zhudanna.[36]

Dorian Storm

Fearne Calloway


Ashton Greymoore

Fresh Cut Grass

Bertrand Bell

Chetney Pock O'Pea

Relvin Temult

Relvin Temult and his daughter were presumably close once, but he withdrew from her after she developed her psychic abilities. She speculates that part of the reason he started avoiding her was so he wouldn't accidentally reveal something about her mother,[37] a subject he had always avoided.[38] Imogen believes that her father is probably better off and happier without her home, and that her leaving was inevitable.[39] She also thinks that he wouldn't welcome her return, as he doesn't like having his thoughts read.[40] Despite this rift between them, she has no ill-will towards him, showing concern for his well-being after offering him up as collateral to the Hubatt Corsairs,[41] and telling her friends that he's "great".[42].

Liliana Temult

Character information

Notable items

Former items


Imogen has a homebrewed ability, Open Mind, where she has constant, passive access to other people's thoughts. She normally suppresses this ability, but using this feature mechanically represents her lowering her guard against these thoughts and allowing herself to hear them.[16]

  • Open Mind: Imogen attempts to read another's thoughts, similar to casting Detect Thoughts.[50] She makes a Wisdom saving throw with a DC based on how many people are within 30 feet of her, and if she fails she makes Constitution saving throws to maintain concentration at disadvantage for the rest of the day.[51]


  • Telekinetic
    • Telekinetic Shove[52]
    • Cantrip: Mage Hand[53] (the hand is invisible)[54]
  • Fey Touched[55]
    • Misty Step (1/Day for free)[56]
    • Command (1/Day for free)[57]


Skills: Deception,[58] Perception[59], Survival[presumed][60]

Sorcerer abilities

  • Sorcerous Origin: Aberrant Mind
    • Psionic Spells
    • Telepathic Speech[61]
    • Psionic Sorcery
    • Psychic Defenses
  • Font of Magic
    • Sorcery Points: 6
    • Flexible Casting
  • Metamagic

Psionic spells

Imogen can replace these spells with any divination or enchantment spell of the same level when she gains a level, so she may no longer know all of these spells.

1st level
2nd level
3rd level

Sorcerer spells

Fan art of Imogen casting Dancing Lights, by Kiera James.[art 4]

1st level
2nd level
  • Blindness/Deafness[79]
  • Tasha's Mind Whip[80]
3rd level

Behind the scenes

After playing the outgoing Jester Lavorre in Campaign Two, Laura Bailey said that playing a "reserved and thoughtful" character like Imogen was difficult. She wanted Imogen to be constantly bombarded by other people's thoughts, thus she and Matt developed her Open Mind ability to mechanically represent Imogen trying to wall herself off from hearing them at all times.[16]

Appearances and mentions


  • (to Bertrand, after his death) "I'm glad the noise has stopped for you. I'm glad you're at peace."[83]
  • "Everyone, everything, is just so much. But -- and it's the same sort of feeling that I had with Laudna the first time I met her. It was there, she was there, but she was almost like a different... a different pitch than everybody else. It was musical, it wasn't painful like everybody else."[84]


  • Some fans have compared Imogen, who is stated to be human descriptively and mechanically, to kalashtar. The Kalashtar are a psychic people in the Eberron setting created from the merging of humans and quori spirits. They are telepathic and their eyes often glow while concentrating or experiencing strong emotion.
  • Initially, Laura had no backstory behind Imogen's purple hair,[85] but suggested on Twitter that it could have happened because Laura owns a purple wig.[86] In the following episodes, Laura may integrate her reasoning.[87]
  • Although they do not appear in the official illustration of the character, it is a popular belief among fans that Imogen wears (or needs) glasses. Laura herself has made reference to it in the game, attributing her difficulty perceiving things to not having her glasses on (which amused her friends, since she was essentially adapting her character's image to the fan's interpretation).
    • Interestingly, the two times this topic has come up during a match has been when Imogen was trying to look at Ruidus, the red moon, through a telescope, failing both times and being helped by Orym.[88]
  • Imogen's Southern American accent is similar to the one Laura Bailey previously used as Xoti in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
  • The animation on her stat card features lightning flashing through thick clouds.[3]
  • Imogen has a fear of heights, which arose for Laura spontaneously during the game[89] when Imogen rode in Jrusar's cable cars connecting the spires.[90]
  • Imogen's favorite mare at her home in Gelvaan was named "Flora".[91]

Art gallery

For more images, see Category:Images of Imogen Temult.

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