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Immovable Object is a spell created by Matthew Mercer for Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein and appears in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. It was taught to Caleb Widogast by Essek Thelyss.

Spell description[]

As an action, the caster can touch an object to manipulate the gravity around it to become a fixed point in space.[3] The object can weigh no more than 10 pounds. The caster and all creatures designated can move the object normally, and the caster can also set a password that when spoken within 5 feet of the object, suppresses the spell for one minute. It can hold up to 4000 pounds. Success on a strength check against the caster's DC allows the object to be moved up to ten feet.[1]

Cast at 4th or 5th level, the DC goes up by five, the weight held increases to 8000 pounds, and duration is 24 hours. At 6th level and above, the DC increases by ten, the weight held is 20,000, and the duration is permanent until dispelled.[4]


  • Jester bought Caleb 50 gp worth of gold dust to be used specifically for her special pranks.[5]



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