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Illiya Tal'Dorei is the daughter of Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei II and Salda Tal'Dorei. As an NPC, Illiya is played by Matthew Mercer.


Tal'Dorei royal family - Kileigh Gallagher

Fan art of the Tal'Dorei royal family, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 2]


Shortly before Vox Machina arrived in Emon for the first time, there was an attempted assassination on Uriel's family, which was thwarted by General Krieg. Following the attempt on their lives, the royal family grew strange and withdrawn, keeping Uriel away from the Council of Tal'Dorei.[2]

After being barred entry to the palace for seven days, Allura Vysoren took Vox Machina to her home, the Ivory Tower, where she and Keyleth scryed on the Palace. Their vision revealed that Illiya, her mother, and her siblings were all under the influence of a demonic force and had been addling the mind of Uriel to use him as a mouthpiece for their plot.[3]

After slaying Brimscythe—the draconic true form of General Krieg—Vox Machina returned to the palace, where Allura informed them that the evil feeding on the throne was growing more bold. With her help, Vox Machina infiltrated the palace as dark clouds began gathering overhead.[4]

As they entered the throne room, they saw Uriel sitting upon the throne, surrounded by his possessed family. Vox Machina managed to banish the shadows from within their bodies; however, the dais below the throne began glowing a deep red, causing the throne itself to crack.[5]

A glabrezu named Juurezel emerged and Vox Machina did battle with it. During the battle, Pike was killed, and as soon as the fiend was slain the party hurried to a nearby temple of Sarenrae to resurrect her.[6]

When Vox Machina returned to the throne room, they discovered that the royal family was still lying catatonic on the floor. After inspecting their bodies, they realized that their souls were missing—and without souls, their bodies were failing. Remembering the four glowing orbs they had retrieved from the Clasp's headquarters after killing Modeth Lai, they identified the orbs as soul jars. Through a rigorous and intense evening, Vox Machina successfully restored the souls of the royal family.[7]

"In Ruins" (1x41)[]

While investigating the ruins of Gilmore's Glorious Goods, Vox Machina found Salda and her children hiding in the cellar, with Sherri and a wounded Gilmore. The children were sat in a corner, playing and chatting with each other, to distract themselves from what was going on. Once he was healed, Gilmore explained that during the attack, his first instinct was the grab the children and get them to safety, which he did alongside their mother Salda, Tofor Brotoras, and Assum Emring. The latter two had both since left the cellar, Salda explained, trying to find other survivors.

Vox Machina decided it would be best to escort the family back to Greyskull Keep, and stealthily lead them through the city. When Vox Machina mentioned that there was a secret passage way, the children were very excited. Once safely situated within Greyskull Keep, Vox Machina offered their rooms to the family.

"Jugs and Rods" (1x94)[]

While walking the streets of Whitestone, Vox Machina encountered a caravan, where they saw Odessa and her siblings playing with and being chased by Hunin and Kyor. As soon as they noticed Vox Machina, they stopped playing, until Vex encouraged them to continue. Vox Machina spoke with Salda and Vax asked after the Tal'Dorei childrens health. Salda assured him that they were well. She'd done her best to shield them from everything that was going on. She was planning on taking the children back to Emon, including the aasimar boys.

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