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The Ifolon River is a river running from the Sorrowseep Waters to the Emerald Gulch.


The Ifolon's width varies from about 20 to 50 feet across. The mud along the riverbank near Asarius is nearly black, but tinged with red.[1] It has a strong current and some whitewater rapids.[2]


According to Madam Musk, tumor moss, an ingredient in healing potions, grows in a small grove outside Asarius along the eastern bank of the river.[3]


The Ifolon is a source of fish for the people of both Asarius[4] and Jigow.[5]

Notable locations[]

The cities of Asarius and Jigow both are situated along the river, with Jigow located on the coast, where the Ifolon flows into the Emerald Gulch.


Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

The Mighty Nein spotted the river after they first entered Xhorhas.[6] They asked Gluzzo, a local bugbear, for advice on how to cross it and he told them that he usually swims, although it is difficult to do so.[7] The party gave Gluzzo a rope to bring across to help guide them, and Nott walked over the rapids with her Ring of Water Walking,[8] after which Fjord cast Control Water to part the river and make a path for the rest of the group.[9]


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