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Icehaven is the Dwendalian Empire's sole port town, with a harbor where the roughly dozen ships outfitted to brave the ice of the Frigid Depths are kept.[1]


Icehaven sits on the Frigid Depths, and serves as the only port, Empire-run or otherwise, in Western Wynandir. It is a center of hunting, ice fishing, and trade in northern Zemni Fields. Many who travel towards Eiselcross or through the Saltwallow Bog pass through the town. It also garnered considerable attention from the powers that be in Rexxentrum during the War of Ash and Light, as travelers bearing artifacts from the ruins in Eiselcross often pass through Icehaven on their way back to the Empire.[2]

As the harbor is on an inlet, Icehaven itself has a crescent shape, divided into two districts. The Harborline is the inner district around the docks, and the Haven is where the town's residents live, mostly in log cabins.[2]


Fan art of the Kaltenloch, by @tshortik.[art 3]

The Kaltenloch is a nearby lake that the locals of Icehaven fish year-round, resorting to ice fishing during the winter months when it is frozen over. During those months, a mist often appears. Rumor has it that the mist is actually the spirits of soldiers who died during the Calamity and who wish to steal the warmth of the living.[2]


Icehaven is the Dwendalian Empire's only port, although its isolated location and the dangers of the Frigid Depths limit its growth and importance. It is one of the Empire's older towns, established when the Zemni Fields were first settled. It remains a very rough-and-tumble frozen coast town.[3]

In 836 PD, an upsurge in activity by storm giants in the Frigid Depths disrupted most of the sea traffic between Icehaven and Balenpost.[4]


In 835 PD, Icehaven has a population of 5,090. The racial breakdown of the city is 71% humans, 12% elves, 10% dwarves, 7% other races.[1]

Thanks to its remote and cold location, Icehaven has for the most part operated with limited influence from the Empire. Starosta Ernath Noack, a retired Eiselcross crab fisherman, is the ostensible leader, but the town is in practice run by a committee of local residents.[5] Secret shrines to deities whose worship is illegal in the empire can be found at the edge of town, and it is an annual tradition for the locals to harass and prank the tax collectors sent by the crown. The Crownsguard, for their part, do little to enforce the law.[2]

Notable People


  • The seller of bone jewelry encountered by the Mighty Nein on their journey from Berleben to Hupperdook was a native of Icehaven, and mentioned the bones were mostly taken from dire wolves that inhabited the area around Icehaven.[7]



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