Icehaven is the Dwendalian Empire's sole, small, isolated port town, with a harbor for a dozen or so ships outfitted to brave the ice of the Frigid Depths.[2]



Icehaven is the Dwendalian Empire's only port, although its isolated location and the dangers of the Frigid Depths limit its growth and importance. It is one of the Empire's older towns, established when the Zemni Fields were first settled. It remains a very rough-and-tumble frozen coast town.[3]

In 836 PD, an upsurge in activity by storm giants in the Frigid Depths disrupted most of the sea traffic between Icehaven and Balenpost.[4]


In 835 PD, Icehaven has a population of 5,090. The racial breakdown of the city is 71% humans, 12% elves, 10% dwarves, 7% other races.[1]

Notable People

Name Type Description
Ol' Blemmy NPC A native of Icehaven, now living in Hupperdook[5]


  • The seller of bone jewelry encountered by the Mighty Nein on their journey from Berleben to Hupperdook was a native of Icehaven, and mentioned the bones were mostly taken from dire wolves that inhabited the area around Icehaven.[6]


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