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Hutchin is a dragonborn member of The Verdict. As an NPC, Hutchin is played by Matthew Mercer.



Hutchin is a female silver-scaled dragonborn, with a more slender, snake-like build than the norm. Her neck is tall and her head comes to a point, and she has bright golden eyes,[1] suggestive of mixed ancestry with serpentfolk heritage. When encountered by the party she was dressed for traveling, wearing a hooded cloak and sturdy boots.[2]



"A Hungry Jungle" (3x18)[]

When nearing Heartmoor Hamlet on their journey along the Honored Trails of the Oderan Wilds from Jrusar, Bells Hells encountered a group of five travelers going the same way. Hutchin acted as their spokesperson, explaining that they were travelers who wandered the region, predominantly out of Evishi but traveling as far south as the Kanak Gulf in the Hellcatch Valley, taking work where they could and selling what they found as they went. As they talked, FCG cast Detect Thoughts, which Hutchin noticed. The surface thoughts FCG was able to read were, "Interesting, but I don't trust this. We should get moving. Gather our things and get moving."[3] However, when Orym proposed the two groups travel together for safety the rest of the way to the Hamlet, Hutchin accepted, specifying that they would travel in tandem rather than as a unified group.

Hutchin's eyes began glimmering when Fearne asked if they had anything interesting for sale. She offered them a bracelet, and when her fellow party-member had difficulty removing it, was able to deftly flick it off. She provided a detailed and romanticized description of the bracelet's history and lore, asking a probably inflated 20 gold for it which Ashton paid. Hutchin then added, "Perhaps when we complete some of our trade in the Hamlet, we might have some more fun trinkets to bring to you to sell."[4]

The two groups completed the journey to Heartmoor Hamlet uneventfully and separated at the town gates.

"Omens Above" (3x19)[]

When making their preparations for the heist of the Twilight Mirror Museum, Bells Hells discovered that Hutchin's group had also been shopping that day, purchasing three tanglefoot bags, two smoke bombs, and a Potion of Gaseous Form. Although the party attempted to learn where Hutchin's group was staying, they were unsuccessful. At the appointed hour for the heist, they confirmed that the group was indeed their competitors, and Hutchin said the party could call them The Verdict.

"Breaking and Entering..." (3x20)[]

Hutchin, along with the rest of The Verdict, entered the Twilight Mirror Museum and engaged in the heist.

"Fight at the Museum..." (3x21)[]

Hutchin was knocked unconscious by the flamethrower trap that Bells Hells remotely triggered. She was then stabilized by Fresh Cut Grass and healed by Fearne.


Character information[]

Notable items[]

  • A beautiful double-wrap bracelet holding a cluster of beads and uncut gems, sold to Ashton for 20 gold.[5]
  • Longsword or rapier[6]
  • Dagger - hidden in her left boot[6]
  • Crossbow - presumed from the case of crossbow bolts she carries[6]


Appearances and mentions[]


  • (to Bells Hells) "Tell you what, and I mean this in no disrespect. You look... It's not that we feel uncomfortable in the presence of mercenaries, but there is benefit in at least watching each other's back. How about we travel in tandem? A bit of distance, but if one or the other needs help, we can call for aid. But for our own edification and knowledge of how dubious some travelers can be without earned trust, keep enough distance to be comfortably apart."[7]



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