"Hush" (2x07) is the seventh episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The group plunges deeper into the gnoll mines, coming across an unexpected ally (guest Khary Payton), and wandering into a nest of dangers.



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Previously on Critical Role

"Last we left off: The group of adventurers, in seeking where a war band of Gnolls (which had attacked the city of Alfield they were passing through on their way to Zadash), began to track them, as to where they had retreated with a number of bodies - both dead and living - of the civilians of the town they had taken with them.

"You eventually tracked them to what seemed to be an abandoned mine, a number of miles away from the city, to the northeast. You entered...narrowly missed a trap or two, managed to recover a couple of interesting items, delved onto the left side during the first divide of pathways, and came upon what appeared to be some sort of a small ritual with a number of Gnolls and some humanoid figure wearing bits of Gnoll as almost like an armor or a cloak.

"After he had left along with the previously armored Gnoll that you had battled during the incursion at Alfield, you tore into a number of hyenas and the Gnolls that remained within the chamber, and upon defeating them, took a moment to take a breath: kind of get your bearings...before hearing a muffled *BOOM!* in the distance, what seemed to be some sort of low vocalization, some cackling, and then eventually the scream of a woman saying, 'No, my baby!', and you began to run and give chase..."

Part I

Meeting Shakäste

The party follows the mineshaft tunnel downwards towards the woman's voice they had heard. They eventually find a second large chamber containing two hyenas, a skeletal gnoll, and two regular gnolls bickering over a small human child. An explosion from nearby makes the group pause before Nott, Fjord, Jester, and Molly initiate an ambush. Just as they are firing off their first attacks, a new figure enters the room: the cleric Shakäste, who has also come to help rescue villagers.

Fan art of Jester attempting to feed a doughnut to the unconscious Jules[1], by Elaine Tipping.[art 1]

As Nott attempts to pull the child to safety, the nearest hyena attacks, knocking the boy unconscious. Jester, however, is able to stabilize him with her healer's kit.

Once all the gnolls have been killed, Shakäste formally introduces himself to the party, and they learn that he was responsible for the explosion they heard earlier. Together, they investigate the room. They find a woman, Herma, who turns out to be the mother of the young boy, Jules; a half-elven man, Petrov; and a number of bodies. They take both the living and seven of the dead back to the surface, to where Shakäste has a shelter with four more survivors. The party takes a short rest before heading back into the mines.

Shakäste sends his own familiar, a hummingbird called the Duchess, ahead to scout the tunnel beyond the second chamber. Learning that there are more gnolls, Nott and Fjord take point, sneaking ahead. Fjord slips and makes a noise, alerting the first gnoll, which comes to investigate. He and Nott kill it quickly, but not before it can signal the rest of its pack.

Three more gnolls come to investigate, prompting another scuffle. They are shortly joined by their pack leader, which charges ahead to kick Beau into a well in the floor. Shakäste holds the leader at bay with Command so that Jester and Nott can take him down. Beau climbs out of the well. With the largest threat eliminated, the remaining gnolls go down quickly.


Part II

Manticore, Priest, and Baby

Jester checks the body of the fallen pack leader and distributes the gold she finds. Nott carefully notes where Shakäste puts his gold. While Shakäste is distracted by sending the Duchess ahead to scout, Nott lifts his pouch off his belt. Although Shakäste does notice, he chooses to say nothing.

Fan art of the manticore, by KageSatsuki.[art 2]

Fan art of the manticore fight, by Linda Lithén.[art 3]

The next, and final, chamber of the mines contains two bound, human captives and some manner of human priest wearing gnoll bones. As Shakäste watches through his hummingbird's eyes, the priest offers a third captive to the object of his devotion: a mother manticore and her newborn cub. The manticore consumes the human captive before much of anything can be done.

The party concocts a plan to sneak in, free the remaining captives, and run, collapsing the tunnel behind them, but their plan goes off script when the manticore sees them entering the cavern. Before Nott can finish untying the captives, combat is joined.

As the party focuses their fire on the manticore mother, Fjord gets paralyzed by the enemy priest. Badly hurt and helpless, he is only saved from the manticore's attack by Nott running ahead to threaten the cub. A single strike from Nott's sword kills the cub and attracts the mother's full wrath.

Beau runs in to drag Nott out of the manticore's range, although a final parting bite puts Nott unconscious. Meanwhile, the priest takes Jester out with Inflict Wounds. The fight only begins to turn around when Shakäste breaks the priest's concentration on the spell paralyzing Fjord. This allows Fjord to use a healing potion to revive Jester, who in turn revives Nott. Nott then uses Hideous Laughter to momentarily incapacitate the manticore.

While the manticore is helpless with laughter, the party focuses damage on the priest. Caleb strikes the killing blow with a Fire Bolt, and the sight of the priest's burning head triggers a flood of memories that make him withdraw into himself. Shakäste lands two final blows on the badly hurt manticore, finally killing it with a bolt of radiant flame down its throat.

The Saviors of Alfield

Fan art of Molly kissing Caleb's forehead, by Zoe Roellin.[art 4]

With all the enemies handled, Molly douses the flames on the dead priest's head and calls Caleb out of his withdrawn state. The rest of the party searches the room for any valuables. Molly and Fjord remove the manticore's head as a trophy.

Shakäste chooses this moment to address Nott's earlier thievery; he casts Fog and, out of the mist, whispers, "This was a bold move you made, and we wouldn't have made it. We wouldn't have succeeded without you, so I say you earned that gold. But make no mistake, be careful where you put your fingers." Nott replies with, "Yes, fog monster."

They leave the mines at last, returning to Shakäste's shack to reunite the final two captives with the other survivors. From there, they recover their cart and load it up with the manticore head and recovered bodies. Along with all the survivors, they travel back to Alfield to report to Watchmaster Bryce. Bryce asks what name to call their group, but they put off the question with "The TBDs".

Crownsguard:  "Halt! Who goes there?"
Mollymauk:  [singsong] "All hail, the conquering heroes!"
Jester:  "The saviors of Alfield have returned!"
Mollymauk:  "Huzzah!"
The party proclaiming their return from the mines.[2]

Featured Characters

Player Characters


  • Jules
  • Petrov




Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
acquired 2 sets of gnoll ears holding chamber Jester
1 set of hyena ears
1 boom boom stick (TNT) Shakäste
acquired 4 set of gnoll ears hallway beyond holding chamber Jester 1 was from the pack leader
acquired 1 Fleshrender (glaive) gnoll pack leader Jester
3 gold Shakäste
3 gold Molly
3 gold Caleb
3 gold Nott
1 gold Beau
3 silver Jester
transferred 1 pouch Shakäste Nott Nott stole the pouch, although Shakäste noticed and later told her she had earned it
expended 1 potion of healing Fjord Jester
acquired 1 Goggles of Night Yeenoghu priest Beau
1 Glove of Blasting allows user to cast Scorching Ray
acquired 1 Ring of Water Walking manticore nest Fjord
1 Wand of Smiles
1 set of large manacles
acquired 1 manticore head manticore party
transferred 1 pouch Nott Caleb Nott gave the pouch she stole from Shakäste to Caleb, saying it was "book money"


  • Matt: "The shaft curves to the right..."
    Travis: "It's usually to the left, but whatever..."
    Sam: "Not from her perspective."
  • Sam: "No, no! You can't have a better accent than all of us!"
  • Marisha: "I'm in love...what?" (after Khary describes Shakäste's appearance)
  • Shakäste: "I tend to look over the people who happen to be around here."
  • Laura: "You couldn't have rolled that for me?!?" (when Matt rolled a successful Wisdom saving throw against Jester's Toll the Dead, but rolled a failed Dexterity saving throw against Shakäste's Sacred Flame)
  • Shakäste: "I would like to materialize the all-inspiring sass of Estelle Getty..." (Shakäste summoning his Spiritual Weapon)
  • Shakäste: "This is what your problem is: maybe next time you'll eat something less human-like, baby."[3]



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