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"Hunted at Sea" (2x100) is the one-hundredth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein are back! Faced with a pursuing dragon turtle, the Mighty Nein must rely on luck and cunning in order to battle their enormous, determined foe...



They all play Dungeons & Dragons - at last! Thanks to everyone for their patience and thank you to the production team for all their hard work to get them back here.


  • Because the show is prerecorded, no givewaway at the break tonight.
  • There's no sponsor tonight, but Sam has no purpose in life unless he speaks at the top of the show... so he wrote a poem. Thanks, Sam! We love you, too.
  • Marisha reminds everyone about the State of the Role video explaining their safety measures and what's going to be happening in the near future.
  • Taliesin's episode of Narrative Telephone will be broadcast on Tuesday, 7 July 2020 at 4:00 pm PDT.

This isn’t an ad, there’s no sponsor today,
Just some friends and some dice here to laugh and to play. It’s scary outside, filled with hard news and strife,
But in here, Fjord sails us through a fantasy life. Where we battle for gold and drink from a flagon,
Unless we get snapped up by a turtle or dragon. We know that reality’s been quite pernicious,
But you made it this far, and we’re so glad you’re with us. Us in our studio, you safe at home,
And though we sit by ourselves, we don’t feel alone. We’re surrounded by love of all colors and races,
By pride, by black lives, by critters in all places. So thank you. Thanks to the techies, the staff, and the crew,
But most importantly, thank you to you. While we were gone, you patiently wait.
You guys are our antidote. You let us create. And so, I raise a glass, and though we can’t clink ‘em,
We can still toast, and we can still drink ‘em. We love all you critters, and I’m happy to say,
Tonight you’re going to watch a really great TPK. It’s been a while, but in case you forget,
You can always ask, “Is it Thursday yet?”

Sam's poem.
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  • "I believe it's time to jump into tonight's episode of... Critical Role!"

Previously on Critical Role[]

So, last we left off, the Mighty Nein, who had long been trying to bring some semblance of peace between the two warring nations of the Kryn Dynasty and the Dwendalian Empire, had finally allied with some unique allies, made for some strange bedfellows, as you accompanied armadas to meet in the southern reaches of the Lucidian Ocean, south of Wildemount. There, you helped watch the proceeding completion and success of these peace negotiations. Prisoners of war were traded, the last (as far as they’re aware) beacon was given back to the Kryn Dynasty, and you all decided to make your way towards Rumblecusp in preparation for the coming date of Traveler Con, over a week from now– or over a week from the moment we start this session. At the time, about two weeks out.

The Dragon Turtle - Olivia Hintz

Fan art of the Dragon Turtle, by oliviahintz.[art 1]

You had begun traveling southwest, beneath the island Urukayxl, where you once fought your way into an ancient temple and unlocked one of the various seals of Uk'otoa.[1] You went around the Inkclaw Reef, continuing toward this island Rumblecusp, and it was on this fourth day of your journey that Caduceus began to notice something off the stern. It appeared to be a land mass of some kind, but after– well, on the fourth day, it was noticed. That doesn’t mean it was there for four days. You noticed it seemed to be keeping pace. No, in fact, it seemed to be gaining on your ship. As word got around, you all began to realize that this wasn’t an island or a land mass at all. Instead, this was a massive creature, beneath the waves, a domed shell, itself covered in spikes, armored scales. You saw massive fin-like limbs pushing through beneath the water, as its snout - pointed, angry - emerged from the water, this gargantuan dragon turtle was rocketing through the waters in the direction of your ship. And, my friends, that is where we are picking up.

Part I[]

The Dragon Turtle - BlackSalander

Fan art of the Dragon Turtle, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

The dragon turtle is approximately 200 feet off the stern and gaining on the ship. There is no land in sight. Fjord reminds everyone that he's been casting Water Breathing on the whole party every night at 2:30 am, so they can all breathe underwater, and Caduceus casts Water Walk as well. They do everything possible to make the ship move faster and the turtle move slower to give themselves more time to prepare. Veth, Yasha, and the crew (Orly, Marius, Gallan, and Shelda) man the cannons on the lower deck, while Jester, Caduceus, and Caleb remain above to cast spells at the creature.

As soon as the dragon turtle comes within range, they turn the ship and fire the cannons, hitting it. Caleb then hits it with a Fireball, discovering that it is resistant to fire damage. The turtle continues to swim toward them as fast as it can and dives beneath the surface, making it more difficult both to see and to hit, but Jester succeeds in damaging it with two Guiding Bolts and Caleb hits with Disintegrate.

Jester's ''Polymorph'' - Heart of Pack

Fan art of Jester's Polymorph, by HeartofPack.[art 3]

The now-wounded turtle disappears beneath the ship and then impacts it from directly beneath, causing significant damage to the hull, but Jester's Polymorph succeeds (to her surprise) and she turns the creature into a regular sea turtle. The party turns the ship and sails as fast as possible away, but Caduceus is able to perceive that it is still there, staying with them, in its temporary sea turtle form.

They decide to try another Polymorph into a different, slower sea creature, but in order to get within range, they will need to go overboard using their Water Walking abilities, hanging onto ropes trailing from the stern of the ship as it travels. Caduceus jumps in first, both to locate the now-harder-to-see turtle so he can point it out to Jester and Caleb, and to cast Bane on it to make it more susceptible to Polymorph. He is successful at both tasks, and Jester maintains her concentration on her Polymorph while Caleb first locates it and then successfully Polymorphs it into a sea slug.

All three then climb back into the ship and they set off again, under full sail and sailing directly before the wind for maximum speed, as well as using Control Waters for additional bursts of speed. There is no sign of the creature, but they maintain that course (more directly due north than is their intended destination, Rumblecusp) overnight in an attempt to mislead the creature, before eventually turning more to the west towards Rumblecusp Island.

They continue sailing, mostly uneventfully, for three additional days, doing some repairs to their damaged hull. Gallan tells them of a dragon turtle that legend says had an arrangement with the Revelry to help guard Darktow Isle. Caduceus confirms with the Wildmother that the creature is still pursuing them, but is intelligent and can possibly be reasoned with. Veth builds what she thinks is a depth charge, but her low tinkering roll makes it unlikely to be entirely successful in use.

Jester's conversation with the dragon turtle - Maleny Lopez Alvarez

Fan art of Jester's conversation with the dragon turtle, by Malény López Alvarez.[art 4]

On the day before they will reach Rumblecusp, Jester climbs into the crow's nest and uses Sending to contact the turtle, apologizing for attacking it and asking if it's looking for its mate, the Darktow dragon turtle. The turtle responds that it needs no mate; it takes what it wants, and ships carry treasure. Another Commune by Caduceus tells him that the turtle is actually slightly off their course and is not going to reach them before they make port.

In the morning, they see in the distance the jungles, beaches, mountains, and gently smoking massive volcano of the island of Rumblecusp.


Part II[]

Rumblecusp - Katy Grierson

Fan art of Rumblecusp, by Katy Grierson.[art 5]

The island appears deserted, with no other people or ships in sight. Jester begins calling out to the Traveler without response. They gather supplies and the crew and move everyone onto the beach in case the dragon turtle finds the ship. When there is still no response from the Traveler, Jester sets out a Commune ritual while Caleb changes Frumpkin into a bird of paradise and sends him up to scout the island. From the Traveler, Jester learns that there are dangers on the island and that she is still his favorite, but he seems very distracted and hurries off with an apology.

From above, almost at the base of the massive central volcano, Frumpkin finds a clearing holding a small village. It is built across the ground and up into the trees themselves, connected with vine bridges and ropes, and holds about a dozen visible humanoid figures of all races wearing pieced-together, scavenged, and worn clothing. They are busy crafting, building, tanning-- a quiet, busy day. Frumpkin also explores the peak of the mountain and sees it is solid, with no caldera visible. The group decides to head toward the village, but first Jester paints a sign reading "Traveler Con 3000" and hangs it up on the beach as a greeting before they go.

Yasha eating the purple flowers - MadCookiefighter

Fan art of Yasha eating the purple flowers, by MadCookiefighter.[art 6]

As they walk through the jungle, they encounter strange flowers in purple and orange. Yasha picks a purple one, smells it, and then feels compelled to consume it, but a high constitution roll means its only effect is some indigestion. She picks an orange one instead and presses it into her book, but Veth takes and keeps two clippings of the purple ones.

The fog has not dissipated as the day wears on, and they all experience a sense of constantly being watched, although nothing is visible. Jester leaves a little trail of Traveler statues as they walk. Eventually, Beau notices footprints of a large, probably predatory, beast. Caleb sees a shape pressed against a tree that shifts and curves out of sight. Caduceus attempts to speak to it to assure it they mean no trouble, but there is no response and they see a second pair of eyes to the other side. A large, panther-like creature with two tentacles (a displacer beast) emerges from the shadows, along with the second one and a third from behind, surrounding them and slowly closing the circle.

The Were-bears - BlackSalander

Fan art of the were-bears, by BlackSalander.[art 7]

Suddenly, a massive bear wielding a great-axe bursts out of the jungle with an earth-shattering roar and attacks the displacer beast with blow after blow. The other two beasts withdraw into the jungle and disappear as a second bear, slightly smaller than the first, leaps out and rips the head off the wounded beast. The two bipedal bears turn to the party and their forms shift and withdraw into a half-elf female who introduces herself as Jaina, and a human male named Pono.

Jaina - OrcBarbies

Fan art of Jaina, by OrcBarbies.[art 8]

They are friendly, but neither of them can remember how long they've been on the island or where they came from before they arrived there. They note that time is kind of a weird thing on the island and that none of the inhabitants can really remember their previous lives. Pono does remember that he was not always a were-bear, but that "circumstances got out of hand". They warn the party not to eat the flowers, and are excited that they are there on behalf of a god - however, their god is not the Traveler but a great fire god named Vokodo, and their community is the Vo. Vokodo both exists within, and is, the volcano. The give gifts, mostly gems and other shiny things, to Vokodo as part of the blessing cycle where Vokodo provides what they need to survive. There are three main leaders of the approximately seventy Vo people: Terra, who is in charge of the hunters, Lukash, who is in charge of construction and organization, and Viridian, the spiritual leader.

The party along with Pono and Jaina reach the village, an idyllic series of treehouses and huts built of scavenged and native materials, partly in the trees themselves and connected by bridges grown from intricately woven vines. A crowd gathers, happy to see the new arrivals. An orc figure, Lukash, steps out and welcomes them, as a half-elven woman whose left leg is made of green knotted vines slowly descends on a lowering vine from above and introduces herself as Viridian.

Featured Characters[]

The Mighty Nein[]

Viridian - Nikki Dawes

Fan art of Viridian, by Nikki Dawes.[art 9]





  • Laura: I have too many dice to choose from right now, and I’m freaking out.
    Travis: It's finally happened.
  • Veth: With all due respect, I will not leave my post.
    Yasha: Let’s go.
    Veth: Okay.
  • The Dragon Turtle: “I need no mate. I take what I want.”
    “Ships carry treasure. I take what I want.”
    “I have your scent. I take what I want.”
  • Veth: Beau, I’m grateful for you noticing all this stuff, but I’m taking point. So, I mean...
    Beau: Well, I’m behind you and you’re so short, so I can just see--
    Veth: I know, but you’re kind of making me look like an asshole a little bit for not--
    Beau: Well, look, you were--
    Veth: – you’re seeing everything. And I’m not seeing anything.
    Beau: My successes don’t deter from you as a person.
    Veth: I just feel like a failure a little bit.
    Beau: You don’t– Don’t compare yourself to me. It’s an impossible task.
  • Jaina: “We are of the Vo community, and we all worship the great fire god Vokodo of which this island is home to, as the center of Exandria. This here is where all life is given birth, and all time comes to rest. I’m glad you’ve made this journey. There’s something quite beautiful here.”
  • Vo Villagers: “We grow under his joy!”


Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Crafted 1 Homemade depth charge Veth Very possibly defective
Expended 10 gp worth Charcoal, incense, and herbs Caleb To summon Frumpkin as a bird of paradise
Acquired 1 Orange flower Rumblecusp Yasha Pressed into Yasha's book of flowers
Acquired 2 Purple flower clippings Rumblecusp Veth Possible negative effect when consumed
Expended 1 Quasit chunks Jester Thrown at the displacer beasts
Expended 1 Firecracker Beau Thrown at the displacer beasts
Relinquished at least 1 Dick Traveler statues Jester Rumblecusp jungle Left along the trail as the party traveled


  • This episode was the first to be streamed following the 16-week break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was pre-recorded live in the Critical Role studio two weeks prior to airing.[2]
  • The audience for the Thursday night stream topped 112,000 concurrent viewers.
  • Sam's flask has some artwork, incorporating the words "Worth", "The", and "Wait", and including pictures of three dogs belonging to the cast: Riggy (Rigatoni), Omar, and Sprigg.


  1. See "Dubious Pursuits" (2x40)
  2. In AWNP:Unplugged Episode 6 recorded in "late June" and airing 30 June 2020, Liam, Sam, and Travis comment that the session has already taken place.


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