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The Hubatt Corsairs (pronounced /ˈhuːˌbɑːt/) are a collective of ruffians and thieves operating in Jrusar and the surrounding area.[1]


The Corsairs are a tough up-and-coming group focusing on robbing from the rich Mahaan houses and guild leaders of Jrusar, stealing from the rich and redistributing to the poor.[2]


The group that would later call themselves Bells Hells first heard of the Corsairs when they learned Dugger might be involved with them. When they reported this to Lord Eshteross, he told them he was interested in the Corsairs because they seem to be working against the same corruption he was, and that they gift their takings to the less fortunate of Jrusar and the Oderan Wilds. In contrast to the Ivory Syndicate, their violence seems to be directed away from the less fortunate, and much of the unavoidable violence that does occur takes place when the two factions clash. Lord Eshteross warned the party, however, to be careful if they encountered any member of the Corsairs. He asked them to speak well of him if possible, and suggested starting their investigations in the Fownsee Hollow within the Core Spire, or in Elder's Post in the Lantern Spire.[3]

Ephred, the Shadow Baker in Elder's Post told the party to seek the group by approaching the dark-feathered eisfuura named Heron in the Root Trader Alcove and telling him, "You come for the laughter." When they did so, they were escorted up a spiral staircase into a darkened chamber holding about thirty threatening figures, who surrounded the party.[4]

Yash Mangal asked their business, warning them to choose their words carefully. He was suspicious that they might be working for the Chandei Quorum, but when he learned they were investigating Bertrand Bell's death at Dugger's hands, asked for collateral: the names and locations of people important to them. When the party was unable to come up with three names, he accepted fewer. He was forthcoming with what information they had about Dugger, telling them that if they learned any information that would be useful to the Corsairs, to return saying they've "come to loosen the snare."[5]

The party returned to the Root Trader the morning after their encounter with Dugger to speak with the Corsairs again. Yash admitted to them the Corsairs had been worried that Dugger might be working for the Ivory Syndicate and that they would have to kill him,[6] and was somewhat surprised that the party had killed him first.[7] Yash also assured the party that they would no longer be followed and that their collateral family and friends would be safe so long as the Corsairs were not betrayed.[8]

In this second meeting, Dorian told Yash about Lord Eshteross's interest in the Corsairs,[9] after Yash had told the party that the Corsairs did seek out allies that were not aligned with enemy factions.[10] Yash told the party that while Eshteross did not seem like a natural ally given his wealth and power, the Corsairs were willing to consider a discussion with him,[11] although if Eshteross interfered with their goal to uncover the members of the Chandei Quorum they would "remove him from the equation."[12]

During the apogee solstice the Chandei Quorum had difficulty dealing with the problems that it caused Jrusar. Several of the Mahaan houses resorted to making an alliance with the Corsairs, agreeing to pardon some of their higher profiles in exchange for their support dealing with the current problems of the city.[13]

Notable people[]

Yash by ElesirArt

Fan art of Yash, by ElesirArt.[art 1]


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