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House Treshi is a Mahaan family in Jrusar. They are sufficiently powerful to have a controlling influence in three guilds, including a gold guild and a masonry guild[1][2] that pulls from two different quarries,[3] but are primarily mercantile-focused.[4] As of 843 PD, the House had allied with House Kade, a minor Mahaan family new to Jrusar.[5]

The Treshi House Mason's Guild was responsible for the stonework in the alley by the Dreamscape Theater, in which there was a spitting mimic that was eating theater patrons and employees.[6] The Treshi Gold Guild ran the caravan that Cyrus Wyvernwind had been hired to protect.[7] After the caravan was robbed by other hired guards, the guild placed a bounty on Cyrus's head.[8] House Treshi also paid the Underrush family to close the Crownset Caverns in the Underrush Mines. These mines were inhabitated by shade creepers and their Mother.[9]

Seeking to rise within the house, Armand Treshi hired Ira Wendagoth. Ira imprisoned Gurge Kisgregg in the secret room of the Moon tower and tried to force Gurge to pass his curse of lycanthropy onto three volunteers,[10] possibly to make the volunteers more powerful.[11]

After Bells Hells returned to Jrusar from Heartmoor Hamlet, Ariks Eshteross informed them that after Armand was implicated in the Green Seekers' investigation, the other members of the house had distanced themselves from him.[12]

There is a strong implication that the house was involved in regular smuggling operations from various overseas locations via their fleet. Armand Treshi himself took a personal interest in certain of the shipments going to Jiana Hexum, presumably the Potions of Possibility and Cerberus Assembly-owned residuum being transhipped to Paragon's Call in Bassuras.[13]

Known members[]


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