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House Lumas Crest

Fan art of the Lumas crest, by Micaerys.[art 1]

House Lumas is a Mahaan family of the Oderan Wilds living in the Lucent Spire of Jrusar.[1] Their crest, as it appears in Ela Lumas' pin, is of an arced bow strung with four-pointed stars, with a smaller crescent moon matching the arc of the bow into the back of it.[2]

In 843 PD, Ela Lumas was the family's Ginang, its matriarch.[3] Her sons, twins Balan and Zeyar Lumas, who employed Oshad Breshio as a bodyguard for many years, were known for their curious nature and their scientific and geological interests.[4] The family was attacked weeks before the events of "The Draw of Destiny" (3x01), killing the twins and severely injuring Breshio.[5][6]

Known members[]

Lumas twins - C3 intro

the Lumas twins in the red storm, by Kamille Areopagita and Kevin Areopagita from "A Gathering of Heroes" (3x76).[art 2]

  • Ginang Ela Lumas, matriarch[3]
    • Balan and Zeyar, her twin children, deceased.[4] They were researchers at the Starlight Conservatory and kept out of politics.[7] Their fields of study were planar contact, celestial bodies and stars, and the crystal fauna growing deep in the Heartmoor.[8] They had developed a friendly relationship with Roe Estani of Heartmoor Hamlet over their shared academic interests.[9] They had also, as of the time of their deaths, recently joined the Grim Verity and Estani surmised that this may have been the reason why they were targeted.[10]
    • Possibly other children or younger relatives.[11]


  • The family name seems to derive from luma, which means "old", "ancient" or "antiquated" in Tagalog.[12]
  • Matt confirmed that "Ginang" (Ela's title) is from the Tagalog word.[13] Ginang is a polite form of address for a married woman, like "Mrs.", and can refer to a woman of an age and dignity that affords respect.[14]


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