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"Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo" (Sx35) is the thirty-fifth special episode of Critical Role and sequel to "Trinket's Honey Heist" (Sx27). As of July 2023, it is no longer available to watch on the Critical Role YouTube channel.



  • This very special one-shot is to thank the Critters for donating to their 826LA Charity Drive earlier in the year.


It has been exactly seven months and 28 days since the Hazel Festival in Westruun. It's been a hot year this year in Whitestone, almost as if the city is making up for lost time from its dreary history. As the sun is setting over Whitestone Castle, the air is still hot and sticky from the humidity. Vex and Percy have a few bags packed and are waiting by the front door, a floppy brimmed sun-hat resting on the pile. The happy couple are getting ready to leave for their annual Vox Machina summer reunion vacation in Dalen's Closet.

Part I[]

After being left behind by Vex and Percy with nothing but a promise of treats when they return, Trinket roams around the castle, eventually stumbling into Tova in the cellar. The High Bear Nation has need of him and the team he had six months ago. The ninja bears that crashed into the cellar back then are part of the Bear Acuda, whose leader Hattori Bongo has taken control of the High Bear Nation's main honey depot, Fort Lox. One of their people, Kody Yak, was able to message back that Bongo is attempting to make the fort his new criminal headquarters, meaning no shipments of honey have been coming in or out. Trinket meets briefly with the bears that will be looking over the castle in his absence, then goes to rummage through Vex's room and Percy's workshop for anything useful he can bring along. With a rope and a potion in paw, he treks up into the Parchwood in search of his companions.

The gang finds him. Together they move up to a patch of bamboo while discussing their plans, and roles are assigned. Cookie will be the Face, Waffle the Brains, Peddy the Driver, Las Vegas the Muscle, and Trinket the Thief, taking after his Mama and papa-in-law. The bears backtrack to Whitestone to get some hats from breaking into a local haberdashery and two doses of honey from the castle. They travel through the woods for the rest of the night.

In the morning, they come upon a clearing in the woods where a wedding is being set up. This turns out to be Vinnie the Pooh's manor. Pooh has more information about Fort Lox, but he's only willing to share it if the Sweet Brothers do him a favor in return: find out what's going on with the smugglers that were supposed to get him Xhorhasian smoked salmon for the wedding. They take an unattended drink cart and hit the road. They find the smugglers are being held up by a group of polar bears hoping to find beta playtesters for their game. In return for letting them go, the Sweet Brothers take a crack at the game: Don't Break the Frozen Water.


In the ad, Matt is Pumat Sol and also Pumat Sol.

Part II[]

The Sweet Brothers return to Vinnie the Pooh's office. As they successfully allowed the smugglers to come home with the salmon, Vinnie tells them about a secret tunnel entrance north of the fort, which will be guarded and have a five-digit code lock. When they find it, they first have to get around or through a guard; when he wakes up, violence remains the only option, and Peddy removes him from the board. He had the code in his pocket, which they put into the keypad for the secret door to unlock. Peddy builds a large tandem bike and calls it Good Tidings, and they set off, though their noise attracts two more ninja bears. They kill one quickly and intimidate the other into saying where the honey is being kept and more information on Kody Yak. They break the Yak out of his cell, and find a gun and bullets among the storage crates.

After that, there's nowhere to go but Bongo's office. Trinket picks the lock and opens the door, and they find... Hattori Bongo was waiting on them, having watched their every move. He has a vial of balootonium, enough to blow up the whole fort. Trinket pickpockets this vial right before Waffle and Peddy blow up Bongo into a thousand pieces. To deal with the remaining two ninjas, Trinket throws the potion he found earlier, a potion of fireballs, and lobs it at them, killing them outright. This pushes him fully to criminal. When the fire catches up to them and the bike crashes, Trinket gives in to the ways of crime and lawlessness and runs the other way with the balootonium. The other bears give chase, and Las Vegas jumps around his neck, shoving a bunch of honey into his mouth. This brings Trinket back to himself.

As they are scooping up the spoils of their mission, Tova comes in to congratulate them, adorn them with accolades and honey for life, gives them new suits, and make them hired members of the High Bear Nation.

Featured Characters[]

Player Characters[]

Non-Player Characters[]


  • Las Vegas: "Give him some Bear-nadryl."
  • Peddy: "You don't need all those riches and luxury. You just need the bare necessities."
  • Peddy: Yeah, thank you bear-y much and bear-well.
  • Las Vegas: "You're dis-koala-fied."
  • Cookie: "Like a Mast-bear of Ceremonies? What're you--"
  • Cookie: "Let's find that Pooh hole."
  • Trinket: "Let's case the joint and get our bearings."
  • Cookie: "I'm going to bear-kour across the wall [...]"
  • Trinket: "Sorry, it's just hard to bear all this violence around me."
  • Cookie: "While they do that, I'm going to practice my capo-bear-a moves."
  • Las Vegas: "I've been doing Bear-90-X."
  • Peddy: "Hey, listen, he's got the right to bear arms, it's okay."
  • Trinket: "If it gets real bad and anyone's hurting, we'll all sidle up and form a bear-rier, to protect them."
    Peddy: "A bear-ricade."
  • Peddy: "Oh yeah. I was bear-n ready."
  • Peddy: "He committed bearikiri."