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"Homeward Bound" (2x48) is the forty-eighth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein dock in Nicodranas and reenter the Empire, finding secrets waiting for them in Felderwin...



The cast is already in "top form" tonight, if you couldn't already tell.


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Previously on Critical Role[]

"Last we left off: The Mighty Nein - after finishing their journey to the secondary temple of Uk'otoa's sealing - managed to deliver the second of the collected orbs and bring him one step closer to his release.

"You then exited back to your ship, in which another ship was found to be giving chase...apparently notified of your presence from the large geyser that erupted from the ocean, due to the unsealing. A short chase then commenced, leading to a much shorter battle.

"But, all said and done: hearing rumors about possible dangers continuing to push deeper into the Empire from the Xhorhasian hordes, you began to make your way back towards the direction of the Empire. Getting your things in order, you have made your way back through the Swavain Islands, and you are just now entering the port of Nicodranas..."

Part I[]

Return to Nicodranas[]

Wharfmaster Ignus waves down the Balleater as it comes up to the dock at the Restless Wharf, and looks through a spyglass to check the ship's banner and name. Jester has the forged ship registration and other relevant documents ready. Caleb suggests disguising themselves. Using Mask of Many Faces, Fjord gives himself a bald head, a red-haired soul patch, and very expensive-looking red-and-gold flowing clothes. Caduceus gives himself his "standard shaggy redheaded mess". Jester turns herself into a human with black hair instead of blue hair. Nott wants to experiment with what it would be like as a goblin, but with pink skin and (at Jester's suggestion) tiny dragonfly wings. Caleb makes himself six inches shorter, with brown hair, no beard, and brown robes like "the simplest student". Jester puts makeup on Beau, while Beau brushes her hair and grabs one of Avantika's sleeveless coats. Jester also does Yasha's makeup, giving her red lipstick and putting her hair up in a top-knot.

Fjord introduces himself to Ignus as "Captain Tristan" of the Balleater. Jester gives Orly the forged documents, who gives them to the Wharfmaster, and they check out. Orly reminds Jester that if they ever need anything, she has "some of that fancy magic word stuff". Jester confirms she will definitely use a Sending spell if they need anything. Orly wishes them safe travels, and puts on Fjord's captain's hat. Nott informs Orly and Marius that one of the cannons is broken and she "found it that way". The Mighty Nein then make their way into Nicodranas.

It is early afternoon, and it is a busy time of the day. No one pays any particular attention to the Mighty Nein. A number of naval vessels are on the outskirts of the harbor, but otherwise, there doesn't seem to be any noticeable increase in the Zhelezo guards. Caduceus announces to the group that he has something he has been wanting to take care of for a while: he wants to find a blacksmith to try to get the broken sword he bought from Pumat Sol[1] repaired as a thank you to Fjord for doing a good job taking care of himself and not getting distracted by bad thoughts.[2]


Beau, Caduceus, and Fjord go to look for a blacksmith. The Zhelezo they ask tell them to go to Port Zoon for quality work, but in Nicodranas Ingots and Hammers is the best. The smith Dreef is confused by the sword hilt Caduceus shows him. After about five minutes checking a book, he tells Caduceus he cannot work with this type of weapon. It is Uthodurnian, an isolated dual society north of the Dwendalian Empire where elves and dwarves live together, making for a unique style of forging.[3] Dreef points out that it's funny Beau uses bo staffs. Caduceus thinks it would be even funnier if there was a bow on Beau's bo staff. Dreef gets a bow to make that happen while Caduceus and Fjord laugh.

Caleb, Jester, and Nott go to a bookshop called Front to Back, owned by Rusan. Caleb and Nott are surprised when Jester has trouble finding a bookshop, questioning whether she went out at all as a child. Jester says she did not go out much, but her mom, The Traveler, and Bluud all played with her so it was cool. Caleb requests a larger amount of paper than the store has at the moment. While Rusan goes to fetch more paper, Jester draws on the store's sign: a penis by the word "front" and a butt by the word "back".[4] Caleb also buys a romance novel and a book on the history of Nicodranas. Jester buys books on cooking pastries and mushrooms. Jester casts Sending to Caduceus for the rest of the group to meet them at the Lavish Chateau.

Marion Lavorre by Elaine Tipping

Fan art of Marion Lavorre, by Elaine Tipping.[art 1]

The Mighty Nein visit with Marion Lavorre. They check in on Nugget, who is about halfway grown. Jester agrees to take him when they leave. Marion tells them the commotion they caused commandeering The Mistake was written off as two groups of criminals attacking each other. She was very relieved to hear Jester's message via Sending because the ghost story about the blue tiefling has taken hold. Fjord praises Jester's bravery during their time on Darktow Isle, and asks Marion about the Tidepeak tower. Marion has never met the owner of the Tidepeak or been to it; but she has heard Yussa Errenis, the wealthy mage who lives there, is kind of a hermit. He seems to look out for the welfare of the people who live in the Open Quay and do all he can to keep independent of the Clovis Concord.[5]

Caleb stays at the Lavish Chateau with Frumpkin and Nugget to read and copy spells while the rest of the party goes to do more shopping. At the Seafloor's Bounty, a general store, the party buys some potions and Nott buys a large flask of oil from an elderly female gnome named Sheila Bobsnopper.


As the sun begins to set, the Mighty Nein (minus Caleb) go examine the Tidepeak again. Fjord and Beau note that the balcony on the tower looks different than the last time they saw it. They decide trying to get in via Blink is not safe because they do not know how thick the wall is or what is inside. Any other method they have of getting up to the balcony would probably get them arrested. Fjord goes to look at the nearby storefronts and finds a fish mart still open.

Wensforth - BuckMoonArt

Fan art of Wensforth, by @BuckMoonArt.[art 2]

Caduceus walks around the tower while Jester knocks on a random spot on the wall, and a very well dressed male goblin opens a previously invisible door. Beau asks about making an appointment to see Yussa. The goblin replies the next available appointment is in 17 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days. Caduceus tries to persuade him it's an emergency; the goblin is not convinced. Beau tells him they have information about the war. The goblin suggests they come back in the morning; maybe Yussa will have a few minutes for them. He closes the door.[6]

In the meantime, Fjord buys a giant red snapper from the fish mart, but learns nothing useful and completely misses seeing the goblin. He initially doesn't believe it could really be as easy as knocking and making an appointment and thinks the others are being sarcastic. Caduceus assures Fjord it really happened. Nott warns the party they should not trust the goblin and doubts they can say anything that will get them inside the next morning. The Mighty Nein head back to the Lavish Chateau to rejoin Caleb. They enjoy a fancy dinner, including the giant red snapper.


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Part II[]

Disparate Goals[]

After an evening's rest at the luxurious Lavish Chateau and a fine breakfast, the Mighty Nein begins their second-to-last day in Nicodranas by dashing back to the wizard's tower. On the way, Caleb asks why the tower and its inhabitants are important to the party, and Beau, Fjord, and Jester admit that they just want to see inside -- it could be really cool. Nott is looking to get a powerful mage friend (and if he doesn't offer any magical spells after they ask nicely, maybe they can steal a couple of books). Caduceus has legitimate questions involving the Blooming Grove. Beau points out that what is an emergency for Caduceus might not be an emergency for such a powerful spellcaster.

Fjord suggests Yussa might know ways to counteract Uk'otoa. Beau is still confident in her plan to share their testimony on the attack in Zadash against the Cerberus Assembly by the Xhorhasians. Fjord and Nott like that plan. Caleb agrees with Beau, believing that it is inevitable that the war between the Dwendalian Empire and Xhorhas will eventually spill south into the Menagerie Coast. He asks what the plan is for once they get in, admitting he is curious as well, but he reminds the party about "calculated risks" and he doesn't want to "run willy-nilly towards folly, like we did with the boat". Beau emphasizes that Yussa has access, and making an ally of him in some way could be useful... even in ways that the Mighty Nein aren't aware of yet.

Nott points out that they have a lot of questions about many unknowns (for example, the dodecahedron), and if Yussa can check off even just one of those boxes, it will have been worth the trip. Also, if Yussa can be made an ally, he'll be able to check off more than one box. Caleb is worried about Yussa turning them over to "people we are not interested in being turned over to", but he does see Nott's point, so he just asks everyone to be careful.

Yussa Errenis[]

Yussah by Fl0werb0ys

Fan art of Yussa Errenis, by fl0werb0ys.[art 3]

At Tidepeak, Jester replicates the knock she used yesterday. A new voice responds, "Can I help you?". The balcony from the first time the Mighty Nein saw the tower is back. Standing there is an elven man drinking a cup of tea. He asks the party to share the dangerous information they claim to have. Caduceus says he'd be happy to but they're feeling exposed, then offers him rare tea made from one of the first families to be buried in the Blooming Grove. Yussa tells him to choose one person to come in with him as a previously invisible door appears. Caduceus chooses Beauregard.[7]

Before going into the tower, Caduceus asks Jester for the dodecahedron and the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks to show Yussa. Jester objects to showing the dodecahedron, but is happy to let someone look at it for luck before going in. Beau and Caleb point out that he can probably hear them talking right now, so he knows about it anyway. Jester reluctantly hands over the Happy Fun Ball, but makes Caduceus promise not to lose it. Caduceus says he won't give it up unless it's for something better. Fjord tells Beau he trusts her to make good decisions, but Nott objects to Caduceus's choice, saying Beau "ruins every situation she's put in" and is "very abrasive". Caduceus explains his choice, saying between him and Beau they "cover everything very well." Beau asks Caleb if she can bring Frumpkin along, but Caleb is reluctant, and Beau walks inside.[8]

Caduceus and Beau walk into a simple sitting room. Caduceus immediately begins to brew tea. In a much more calm and polite tone than she normally uses, Beau tells Yussa they are a mercenary group out of Zadash hired to bring him information of the attack on the Zauber Spire. Beau claims their mission was a joint effort by the Hall of Erudition and The Cobalt Soul. At this point, the tea is ready. Yussa pauses Beau's explanation to try the tea. Upon drinking it, he remembers hearing of the Blooming Grove before and compliments Caduceus. He has no reaction to being told the tea came from dead bodies.[9]

There are strange things happening all across Exandria at any given time. To find the threads that truly tie them, that takes an insightful mind.

Beau says they are here to offer information and discuss an alliance. Yussa already knows about the attacks on the Zauberspire and Felderwin. Beau switches subjects and tells Yussa they were on the sea searching for information on behalf of the Dwendalian Empire. They believe Uk'otoa could be playing a role in the war. Beau informs him Uk'otoa may be returning, and there is reason to suspect some Xhorhasians are worshiping it, but Yussa seems unconcerned.[11]

Caduceus presents the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks. Yussa wants to know where they got it, but wonders what they think it has to do with the war. Beau identifies the source of the Fun Ball as a little girl who thought it was a toy. Caduceus points out that many magical objects and powerful magic users seem to be going missing recently.[12] He also wants an opinion on the Blooming Grove dying. Yussa is already aware of the Savalirwood's corruption. As far as he knows, it has been happening for centuries and is not expanding any faster. Yussa recommends warning King Bertrand Dwendal of the Empire about the corruption if it is indeed spreading faster.[13]

Caduceus and Beau describe the dodecahedron and a little bit of what it can do. Yussa becomes even more suspicious that these "mercenaries" are carrying two powerful artifacts they do not understand. Yussa asks Beau about why she is coming to him, not the Empire, and where her loyalty lies. Beau responds that it depends. Yussa wonders why he should trust someone whose loyalty can be bought and changed. Caduceus vouches for Beau's loyalty, saying that the Mighty Nein as a group are loyal to each other. Yussa wants to know what the Mighty Nein think they can gain from an alliance with him. They respond that they want someone who can help them understand their artifacts. Beau's assurance that they are looking for alliances outside of political powers seems to convince him.

We all know corruption runs rampant in both the Empire and the Clovis Concord. I don't want anything to do with that...I just want the truth.
Beau convinces Yussa to form an alliance with the Mighty Nein[14]

Yussa grants the rest of the Mighty Nein permission to enter the tower. Once they are inside, Yussa asks their names for the first time and formally introduces himself as "a practitioner of the arcane arts in seclusion". He informs them the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks is extremely dangerous. The longer they have it, the more likely it becomes they will be killed exploring it or someone even more dangerous will take it from them. He wants them to leave it with him. Caduceus does not want to give up the ball without getting something in return because he promised Jester he wouldn't. Yussa offers them a deal: they leave the Happy Fun Ball with him in exchange for allowing Caleb to memorize his teleportation sigil. Whenever they come back, they will be under Yussa's protection. If Caleb learns the spell Teleportation Circle in the future, he may use it to come back to Tidepeak.[15]

The party agrees. As Yussa takes the ball, Caleb asks if he knows where it goes. Yussa responds that he does, and he also knows of the mage it belonged to and his reputation. Yussa tells the Mighty Nein they can earn more trust from him by bringing back more artifacts and information. He may ask them to find things for him every once in a while as well.

BlackSalander Dodecahedron Beacon

Fan art of The Beacon, by BlackSalander.[art 4]

Yussa asks to see the dodecahedron they mentioned before. Caduceus and Caleb do not want to show it to him unless they have his assurance he will let them leave with it. Yussa agrees, but only after agreeing with Jester's observation that he could probably kill them all if he wanted to.[16] After Jester hands it over, he casts a spell Caleb recognizes as Identify, then casts another unknown spell. He then spends a few moments staring at the dodecahedron and gets a Fragment of Possibility.

To his own surprise, Yussa knows nothing about the beacon and does not even recognize its school of magic. Whatever magic is in the beacon blends arcane and divine. He advises taking it out only for short periods of time and when absolutely necessary. Jester's haversack should protect it from divination from this plane. Caduceus says showing the beacon is a sign of trust that they believe Yussa is on the side of good. Yussa says he is not on the side of good; he is on the side of balance. Mention of maintaining balance reminds Jester of The Traveler. She excitedly asks Yussa if he has heard of The Traveler. Yussa is very confused when she gives him a figure of The Traveler and a pamphlet.[17]

While the rest of the party enjoys magically summoned biscuits, Caleb follows Yussa to a dark, windowless room further up the tower holding the teleportation sigil. Yussa notices Caleb memorizes the symbol quickly and is impressed. When asked where he trained, Caleb lies "mostly on my own". Caleb apologizes for his friends' persistence trying to get into the tower. He admits he knew coming here was dangerous, but did it for them. Yussa tells Caleb that he would not be where he is today if he had never made allies. He further advises that anyone can be useful if you find out what their skills are. Caleb thanks him for the advice.

The Mighty Nein leave Yussa to the rest of his day.

Journey to Felderwin[]

Once outside the tower, the Mighty Nein excitedly ask Caleb what happened in the room. He answers vaguely that he and Yussa talked about the others. Nott excitedly congratulates Beau on convincing Yussa to let them in. Beau asks Caleb why he is not excited about having met Yussa. Caleb tells Beau they are lucky they are not dead and she cannot make her way by lying to everyone. Caduceus interjects, telling him they did not lie to Yussa. He compliments Beau on her negotiation skills and on being honest.

The Mighty Nein discuss where to go next. Nott is concerned about her friend Yeza (the halfling she helped escape from her own goblin clan) who lives in Felderwin. Caleb tells Jester she should spend more time with her mother, or she will regret it. Jester does not want to stay when there could be people in Felderwin in danger. They decide to spend one more night in Nicodranas then go to Felderwin.[18]

Caleb apologizes to Beau for seeming angry with her when she asked to bring Frumpkin into Tidepeak. He explains that Yussa probably would have realized Frumpkin was a familiar and not a normal cat. Beau reiterates once again that she did not directly lie to Yussa and is frustrated when Caleb still does not seem to believe her.

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 32 to 48x

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 32 to 48

The next morning, Marion Lavorre says goodbye to the Mighty Nein and gives Jester a gift- a gold necklace with a small ruby. Jester gives her mother a jar of honey from Bisaft Isle and promises to send messages as much as possible.[19] Jester forges papers saying they were in Nicodranas to retrieve a new pet for Starosta Kosh of Alfield. The guards become suspicious of Jester's claim that she worships The Platinum Dragon and do a thorough search of the cart, but eventually allow them entry into the Dwendalian Empire.

During the journey, Jester attempts to train Nugget to Blink directly to her, but he is too excited to be outside to take much notice. Nott refines some of the oil she bought into alchemist fire. Caleb reads the romance novel he bought from the Front and Back then gives it to Jester. Caduceus tells Fjord about his Divination spell that confirmed Vandran was still alive and "making amends". Fjord thanks Caduceus.[20] Beau asks Jester to cast a Sending spell for her. She describes Dairon to Jester, but says Dairon was a former roommate. Beau is honest that she is worried about Dairon having gone to Bladegarden but implies that she and Dairon have slept together.[21] Dairon responds to Jester that she is safe and recovering in Bladegarden.[22] Jester assures Beau that even though Dairon sounded hurt she still sounded way into Beau.

One night, Caleb pulls Beau aside to apologize again for being rude to her at the Tidepeak tower. He explains that he felt very nervous because Yussa Errenis is powerful enough to find them again any time he wants. It was a huge risk for him to expose himself to someone powerful not knowing what their allegiances are. Caleb wants to stay with the Mighty Nein, but he cannot keep taking unnecessary risks. Caleb admits he is constantly worried anything he does will lead to Trent finding him. Beau tells him the Mighty Nein are his friends and will protect him. Caleb becomes frustrated, telling Beau that all of them will die if Trent finds him. Beau becomes frustrated as well. She thought she did a good job negotiating with Yussa and thought Caleb would be excited to meet a powerful mage. Caleb wanders away.[23]

After eight days of travel, the Mighty Nein reach Trostenwald. Caduceus asks people about Gustav Fletching and finds that he has not been seen since being released from jail.[24] After two more days travel, the party arrives in Alfield. In addition to the normal Crownsguard presence, about one hundred Righteous Brand soldiers are stationed in Alfield. They check in with Bryce Feelid, who tells them about the attack on Felderwin. Bryce tells the Mighty Nein the attack on Felderwin came from underground. The Kryn Dynasty soldiers burned fields and destroyed a few buildings then left. Bryce believes Felderwin was targeted because it supplies a lot of food to the Empire.[25]

In the next three days between Alfield and Felderwin, Jester gifts Caduceus the cookbooks she bought. Caleb finishes his book on the history of Nicodranas and copies several more spells out of the book from Halas's library.

Brenatto Apothecary[]

Arriving in Felderwin, the Mighty Nein see that one fourth of the fields they remember from when they passed through before are now burned. Continuing towards the town, they see an elven woman in green and black clothes talking with several Righteous Brand soldiers. As they move closer, there is a flash of blue light. An elven male wearing deep blue robes appears out of nowhere and joins the conversation. After a few moments, they walk out of sight. Caleb recognizes them both as members of the Cerberus Assembly. The woman is Vess DeRogna, Archmage of Antiquity. The man is Ludinus Da'leth, Archmage of Domestic Protection. Caleb lies down hiding in the cart and doesn't say anything.[26]

The Mighty Nein continue toward main part of Felderwin. Two buildings that Nott recognizes, the Glassy Grass Inn and Brenatto Apothecary, have both burned down. Nott casts Disguise Self to look like an elderly female gnome. She searches through the ruins of Brenatto Apothecary for buttons. Crownsguard walking by ask her if she knew Yeza Brenatto. When Nott asks about Yeza, they tell her they have not found a body. Yeza's son Luc survived the attack and is now staying with a woman named Old Edith. Nott asks about the attack. They tell her the Kryn Dynasty attack was unlike anything they had ever seen. One hundred Crownsguard and fourteen civilians were killed. Some guards seemed to mysteriously slow down during the battle. The Kryn came up from tunnels, set several buildings on fire, then went back through the same tunnels they came from. They collapsed the tunnels behind them. The Crownsguard tell Nott they are sorry for her loss and walk away.[27]

Nott, clearly distraught and worried, orders Jester and Yasha to break open the basement door, which is strangely locked. After trying and failing, they realize the door is magically sealed. Jester casts Dispel Magic and opens the door. The Mighty Nein head downstairs.

The Chair by HitokiriChibi

Fan art of The Chair, by HitokiriChibi.[art 5]

There seems to have been a struggle in the basement room. Several pieces of furniture have been destroyed and there are blade marks on the walls. An undamaged chair sits in the center of the room. It looks like it was placed there after whatever struggle took place. Most of the party fixates on the chair.

Nott ignores it and picks the lock on an iron chest in the corner of the room. Inside the chest is a retractable silver tripod that seems to be made to hold something.[28] The chest also contains a vial of a strange grey substance that appears to be between liquid and gas[29] and a pages of notes that are mostly burned.

Only two pages are still legible. Jester and Nott read the notes describing experiments with a "dunamis field" causing large areas around the laboratory where people felt sometimes sluggish and sometimes moved mysteriously faster. Intelligence from captured Kryn Dynasty operatives indicates that they have been experimenting with Dunamancy and its ability to manipulate gravity, entropy, and time. Cerberus Assembly researchers have distilled one vial of dunamis and hope to use Yeza to make more. The notes say that Trent Ikithon (Caleb's former teacher) has some pupils that show signs of being able to use Dunamancy.[30][31]

Angry and shocked, Nott turns on Caleb and says it was "your people" that were doing these experiments. Beau and Caleb try to subtly signal Nott to stop talking because Caleb has not shared that he had a previous connection to Trent Ikiton with anyone except them. Nott angrily yells "fuck him!" and says she has to go see Edith. Caleb throws up in the middle of the room. Caduceus comforts Caleb, telling him Nott's anger is not about him. Before leaving the party looks over the room again. Many of the party fixates on the chair again. Eventually finding nothing, they clean up as best as possible and leave the basement.[32]

Luc Brenatto[]

They walk to Old Edith's house. Nott casts Disguise Self to look like a halfling woman before knocking on the door of the house.

Luke by my2k

Fan art of Luc, by my2k.[art 6]

When Edith opens the door, Nott immediately asks for her son. Edith looks surprised to see Nott's halfling disguise and tells her she was presumed dead. Edith brings a halfling boy of about 5 or 6 to the door. Luc Brenatto recognizes Nott's disguised form as his mother but is confused. His father told Luc goblins killed his mother. Luc says he thinks his father is probably dead too. Luc says he hasn't been hurt. Yeza put him in his room when "the mean lady with the pointy ears" (presumed to be Vess DeRogna) would come by. When Nott asks if Luc had been getting the packages she sent, Luc says he has been getting presents but did not know who they were from. When soldiers from Xhorhas attacked, Yeza told Luc to hide. He ran to Old Edith. Luc tells Nott "don't die" before going back inside the house.[33]

Edith promises to take care of Luc. Nott gives her two hundred gold to help. Edith addresses Nott as "Veth" and tells her that Luc is a good boy. She closes the door. As the Mighty Nein begin to think about what to do, they notice Vess DeRogna and Ludinus Da'leth walking towards the ruins of the apothecary.

Featured Characters[]

The Mighty Nein[]





  • Jester: (to Caleb, at the paper merchant) Slam poetry, right now! Anything that comes to your mind!
    Nott: (vocal accompaniment)
    Caleb (nervously): I am pink. I sometimes stink. I need to think. I want to get out of this store right now.
    Nott: And get a drink?
    Caleb: Yes!
    Nott: A-wicka-record scratch!
  • Caduceus: (about the powerful magic items in the Mighty Nein's possession) Things are becoming misplaced that should not be misplaced. I feel like the fact that we have this means that a powerful magic-user is no longer available.[34]
  • Yussa Errenis: So what you are saying is you are a band of unaligned, roving mercenaries in search of alliances outside of the political interests of this current conflict?[35]
  • Beau: (convincing Yussa to form an alliance with the Mighty Nein): We all know corruption runs rampant in both the Empire and the Clovis Concord. I don't want anything to do with that... I just want the truth.[36]
  • Yussa Errenis: At a certain level of arcane practitioning, morality becomes a bit ambiguous.
  • Yussa Errenis: (after looking at the dodecahedron) I'd be worried if this was something dangerous that I knew and understood well. I find it far more concerning that this is something I know nothing of.[37]
  • Yussa Errenis: I did not say I'm on the side of good and right. I am on the side of maintaining a balance in which society can exist.
  • Yussa (advice to Caleb, based on Yussa's past companions): I followed them into sometimes stupid and unnecessary circumstances. Many of them died helping me. Many of them I outlived. But I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't at least trust in the power of others. ... Use who you need to, but know everyone can be useful if you can mete out their skills.[38]
  • Caduceus: I watched Beau tell the truth. It was very impressive. You're not very good at it, but it was very impressive.
    Beau: Thank you.
    Caduceus: I could tell you were struggling.[39]
  • Marion Lavorre: (warning the Mighty Nein to take care of Jester) You know not the vengeance I will bring upon you and the army of men, women, and in between, that will do what I tell them to.[40]
  • Caduceus: (to Fjord) It's a very particular flavor of goodness that comes from those who are offered so much temptation. I have some faith in you.[41]
  • Caleb: (failing to reach an understanding with Beau) The problem with friends is you have to care about them.[42]
  • Beau: (after Caleb walks away) Wow...WOW! Fucking cool, Caleb![43]
  • Caduceus: It never even occurred to me that you could get a book about cooking. That's so great.[44]
  • Nott: (angrily lashing out at Caleb) It's your people that that have done this to my people! And we have to find them both.[45]
  • Caduceus: (comforting a panicking Caleb) You're not at fault here. You're the solution here. You know that, right? We're here to... we're here to fix this. Don't let her anger... It's not about you.[46]


Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Expended 3 gold Caduceus Ingots and Hammers for information on broken sword hilt
Expended 4 silver Jester Front and Back for cook books
Acquired 1 pastries cook book Front and Back Jester
Acquired 1 mushrooms cook book Front and Back Jester
Expended 25 gold Caleb Front and Back paper for copying spells
Expended 4 silver Caleb Front and Back history book and romance novel
Acquired 1 The Salty Sea Front and Back Caleb romance novel about forbidden love between a Clovis Concord navy sailor and a Revelry pirate
Acquired 1 history book Front and Back Caleb history of Nicodranas
Expended 60 gold Beau Seafloor's Bounty for healing potion
Acquired 1 healing potion Seafloor's Bounty Beau
Expended 60 gold Fjord Seafloor's Bounty for healing potion
Acquired 1 healing potion Seafloor's Bounty Fjord
Expended 60 gold Caduceus Seafloor's Bounty for healing potion
Acquired 1 healing potion Seafloor's Bounty Caduceus
Expended 40 gold Nott Seafloor's Bounty for large oil flask
Acquired 1 large oil flask Seafloor's Bounty Nott
Relinquished 1 studded leather armor Nott Seafloor's Bounty sold for 15 gold
Acquired 15 gold Seafloor's Bounty Nott sold studded leather armor
Expended 4 silver Fjord Open Quay Fish Market for giant red snapper
Acquired 1 giant red snapper Open Quay fish market Fjord
Transfered 1 healing potion Caduceus Caleb
Expended 1 giant red snapper Fjord Nott eaten for dinner at the Lavish Chateau
Relinquished 1 Happy Fun Ball of Tricks Caleb Yussa Errenis
Transferred 1 Hand made figure of The Traveler Jester Yussa Errenis
Transferred 1 Hand made pamphlet about The Traveler Jester Yussa Errenis
Acquired 1 gold necklace with a ruby Marion Lavorre Jester
Transferred 1 jar of Bisaft Isle honey Jester Marion Lavorre
Crafted 2 alchemist fire Nott crafted from large flask of oil
Transferred 1 The Salty Sea Caleb Jester romance novel about forbidden love between a Clovis Concord navy sailor and a Revelry pirate
Transferred 1 pastries cook book Jester Caduceus
Transferred 1 mushrooms cook book Jester Caduceus
Acquired 1 vial of dunamis Brenatto Apothecary basement Caleb
Acquired 1 silver tripod Brenatto Apothecary Mighty Nein
Transferred 1 doll of King Bertrand Nott Lu Brenatto
Transferred 200 gold Nott Old Edith


  • Caleb could choose to add Teleportation Circle to his spellbook at wizard level 9 when he gains access to 5th-level spell slots.
  • While investigating the basement of Yeza's apothecary, the party kept coming back to the chair. Matt insisted several times that it was nothing but a chair. Fixation on the chair has become a running joke in the fandom.
  • The party returned to Nicodranas on 27 Duscar 835.[47]
  • Sam’s flask says "Sam Riegel: He Makes Shit Happen"


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