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Hollow Ones are those who were resurrected by strange necromantic magic, brought back without their soul but still with a sense of self.[2]


Hollow Ones appear the same way as they did in life. While spells or abilities that detect undead will correctly identify Hollow Ones as such, they otherwise look like living creatures.[2]



The magic of Blightshore is the most common origin of Hollow Ones, and so many arose after the Calamity. They are mostly found in Wildemount, and are wholly accepted in the society of Blightshore,[2] even making up a small but significant minority of the population of Rotthold.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

Hollow Ones, as revived undead, do not age and are immune to any aging effects. They are also more likely to come back from unconsciousness unaided. And while they do appear no different than living creatures unless specifically detected by spells intended to identify undead, they can use the strangeness of their resurrection to rattle others around them, making them feel a vague sense of unease.[1]

One notable Hollow One, Laudna, is not only detected as undead, but also is subject to other abilities that affect undead, such as Turn Undead.[4]

Notable Hollow Ones[]

Jamedi Cosko by Megzilla87

Fan art of Jamedi Cosko, by Megzilla87.[art 2]


  • Insects appear to be aware that Hollow Ones are undead, as they did not bother Jamedi on Urukayxl.[7]
  • Mechanically, Hollow One is not a race but a "supernatural gift". It bestows additional qualities onto a character in addition to their base racial traits.
  • Matt played a Hollow One, Leiland, on Dimension 20's Escape from the Bloodkeep before it was published in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. Brennan Lee Mulligan also played a Hollow One, Deadeye, on Not Another D&D Podcast before its publication.[8][9]
  • If Laudna can be used as an example of all Hollow Ones, their organs work so slowly that they only need to use the toilet once a month.[10]


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