Highbearer Vord is the spiritual leader of The Order of Bahamut. Vord is aligned with Scalebearer Yon and Lady Kima. As an NPC, Highbearer Vord is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Vord is initially described as a slender, elven male draped in long white robes that drag a few feet behind him. He has stark white hair that is slicked back against his head and no facial hair. He has frail but handsome facial features. Vord is a very old elf that has aged very gracefully. He wears several well-crafted draconic symbols that end with an image of Bahamut.[2] Later, in "Return to Vasselheim" (1x43), Vord is described as having long, light brown hair that crests down past his shoulders, very elven, soft and ageless features, and a very faint bluish hue to his skin. His eyes have no irises, no pupils.[1]

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Vord instructed Vox Machina to take the Horn of Orcus that they recovered and secure it within the Hall of the Exalted, an ancient and powerfully guarded vault.

After they successfully disposed of the horn, Vord paid Vox Machina for their troubles, and informed them of the location of the Fire Ashari, and of the recent discovery of a lost temple to Sarenrae, which Pike later departed from Vox Machina to rebuild.

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