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You know what I remember? I remember a herd that nations used to part for, I remember a herd that towns used to quake and run from, I remember a herd that was so proud and dangerous, they would never hole up in a shit-stick city like this. But what do I see when I come here? Kevdak prancing up in a place like this and what, bending the knee to a dragon? How far you have fallen. Now, if you have any honor in you at all, you'll take me to Kevdak, and you will see what I have for him. And then maybe, just maybe, you can call yourselves warriors again instead of piss-pot squatters!
Grog Strongjaw to several members of the herd[1]

The Herd of Storms[4], also known as the Herd of the Storm[5], was a roving band of subsistence raiders in Tal'Dorei comprised primarily of goliaths (in terms of race) and barbarians (in terms of class). It was disbanded by Thunderlord Zanror following the Herd's decimation by the ancient black dragon, Umbrasyl.

Grog Strongjaw originated from the Herd of Storms, and his conflict with them formed a major part of his backstory.

Known Members[]

Alphabetical order by first name:


Historically, the Herd of Storms wandered throughout Tal'Dorei as hunter-gatherers and raiders, preying upon weaker individuals and communities. The Herd's culture emphasizes a "might makes right" approach to justice. Codes of personal and collective honor tend to prevent political and social anarchy, although personal challenges, fairly declared, are suitable means for social mobility and political revolution. When appearing weak or violating the bounds of honor, swift and overwhelming punishment may be dealt upon the offender despite familial or other bonds of loyalty.[citation needed]


A small number of barbarians in the Herd of Storms became known as Juggernauts for their ability to smash through defenses, wade into groups of foes with an unbreakable rage, and stand against all attempts to stop them. Those who survived still teach the Path of the Juggernaut.[19]



At some point after the Herd abandoned Grog and a year before the Chroma Conclave attacked Tal'Dorei, Zanror killed the leader of the Rivermaw Tribe and commanded the tribe's members to join the Herd of Storms.[20][21]

After the Chroma Conclave attacked Westruun, the Herd took that moment and we rushed into the town, feasting on the remains of the city until the ancient black dragon named Umbrasyl made his return. He killed a lot of the tribe members, roosted atop Gatshadow Mountain and began collecting tribute and prey from the city. Thunderlord Kevdak swore fealty to Umbrasyl and governed the broken city, preparing regular offerings to the dragon by pillaging from the citizens.[22]


After Grog and the rest of Vox Machina slew Kevdak, Grog appointed Zanror the new thunderlord. Zanror declared that the Herd would defeat the dragon, Umbrasyl. With fearsome and mighty Kevdak defeated, and faced with a foolhardy fight against an ancient black dragon, the Rivermaw Tribe members chose to break free from the Herd of Storms and return to their marshlands. Although initially resistant, Zanror and Worra decided, with Vox Machina's counsel, to allow the Rivermaw to leave the Herd without contest.[23]

After some planning and preparation, Vox Machina and the Herd of Storms ambushed Umbrasyl, losing most of the Herd members to the dragon's acid breath attacks. After suffering serious injuries, Umbrasyl retreated to his lair. Vox Machina pursued, meeting a goliath along the way named Shale—who herself had fortunately survived a scouting mission that ended in the deaths of all of her Herd companions. After helping to slay Umbrasyl, Shale returned to Thunderlord Zanror, who decided (with her counsel) to leave Westruun with the surviving members of the Herd and join the Rivermaw Tribe. The Herd of Storms, Zanror proclaimed, was dead.[24]

Grog and Vox Machina returned to Zanror the next day and Grog explained to Zanror where to find some of Umbrasyl's hoard atop Gatshadow to help with whatever the Herd would do next. Zanror revealed to them his intent to join the Rivermaw. He felt that his people owed the Rivermaw a debt from Kevdak's reckless and vicious actions and that they needed to find a more peaceful life suitable for raising children. [25]

Zanror and Worra's child, Skyhaal, would be one of the first children of the Herd of Storms born after its dissolution.


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