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Cree and Lucien - Bunchu

Fan art of Cree Deeproots, a blood cleric and practitioner of hemocraft, by Bunchu.[art 1]

Hemocraft is a form of magic in which practitioners use blood to cause harm, to heal, or to otherwise manipulate the life force of others.


Hemocraft is blood magic that uses blood's life-giving properties to bolster one's own powers or to affect the life force of others, either for good or ill.[1] It is considered to be similar to necromancy.[2]

Hemocraft can manipulate the mechanical fluids inside constructed Aeormatons.[3]


Trence Orman by Tifany Gonzalez

Fan art of Trence Orman contacting the Raven Queen, by Tifany Gonzalez.[art 2]

Hemocraft was taught to Trence Orman, a priest of The Raven Queen, by his deity, as a means of fighting back the fiends and undead infesting the Marrow Valley. It is possible that hemocraft had once been more widely known, but if so, it had been forgotten by this time.[4] Orman used this knowledge to teach others, and founded the Claret Orders, a group of hemocraft practitioners who dedicate their lives to hunting monsters. These warriors were able to defeat the threat; unfortunately, their victory coincided with the Dwendalian Empire's own victory over the Julous Dominion in the Marrow War, and the Dwendalians blamed the Claret Orders for the existence of the monsters. As of 836 PD, the Claret Orders have since been a clandestine society in the Empire.[5]

Also as of 836 PD, hemocraft has only relatively recently begun to become known and practiced outside of the Claret Orders. It is looked upon with suspicion in Tal'Dorei[6] as well as in the empire. However, both Caleb Widogast and Essek Thelyss were familiar with it in concept, if not in detail.[2][7]

After the apogee solstice of 843 PD, Morrighan Ferus, who had recently become a paladin and champion of the Raven Queen, used the magic of both her own and her enemies' blood to commune with her goddess in the middle of combat. She stated that the Matron of Ravens remained heavily connected with blood magic.[8]


There are three primary types of practitioners of hemocraft:

  1. Blood hunters, who take part in a ritual that enhances their own blood, imbuing them with magical combat prowess;[9]
  2. Blood domain clerics, who treat their blood as a bridge between the mortal and divine;[10] and
  3. Blood magic wizards, who can use their own blood as an arcane focus.[6]

While their powers differ, all practitioners share some common abilities. All can use their own blood to empower their attacks or spells, but at a cost to their own health. Blood domain clerics and blood hunters can use the blood of a target for tracking or divination purposes, and blood magic wizards can use blood to tether themselves to another.[2][6][10][9]

Known practitioners[]


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