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Heartmoor Hamlet is a village built within the Heartmoor of the Oderan Wilds.


Most buildings in the Heartmoor are only one story tall so as to not sink into the softer ground of the surrounding wetlands.[2]

Points of interest[]

  • Dry Dock Stables

Etan's Square[]

  • Knot Forgotten: an antique store run by Zadro Ichlen.
  • Mosscobble Wares: a large general store run by Ify Mosscobble.
  • Sodden Grange Inn: an inn for travelers, where some locals come to drink. Owned and run by Dobby Kingsman and his granddaughter Parmi.[3]
  • Twilight Mirror Museum: a three-story, strangely curved building with a wildly overgrown courtyard, owned and operated by Evon Hytroga.[4]
  • Witherbough Medicines: a small apothecary run by Timma.

Blue Herald's Hill[]

A small hill with modest temples, surrounded by a relatively dense residential neighborhood. There is an outdoor amphitheater and an open garden with plant life from outside the Oderan Wilds, including rare sky-blue flowers that no one in Bells Hells recognized.[5]

  • Mosslight Manor: Slightly dilapidated but still cozy, it is the home of Estani the astronomer.[6]


As limes were trendy in the Hamlet when Bells Hells visited in 843 PD, they were specially imported from the north bank of the bog.


Notable people[]





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