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The Heartmoor is the lowest-elevation place in the Oderan Wilds, where water collects and supports an unusual bounty of plant life[3] and where dangerous creatures such as bog spiders live.[4]


Following the Honored Trails, traveling from Jrusar to the Heartmoor on foot requires five to six days, three to four days on a cart, or two to three days via simurgh.[5]

The Heartmoor's flora is dense even for a jungle; it includes carnivorous vines, glowing flowers, and twisted trees of odd colors. One can also find medicinal plants there.[6] According to Advik, an herbalist named Amarash lives near the Heartmoor and knows a secret family recipe for healing potions. These potions have the same healing properties as regular potions but a different brackish red color to them.[7]

The bog spiders in this area are human-sized and prey on humanoids.[6]


In 843 PD, a handful of weeks before the events of "Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads" (3x06), twins Balan and Zeyer of House Lumas and their bodyguard Oshad Breshio were in the Heartmoor Hamlet visiting Estani, a friend and retired astronomist from Yios in Aeshanadoor. Three unknown black-clad assailants wielding poisoned weapons attacked them, ultimately killing Balan and Zeyer and severely wounding Oshad.[8]

Jiana Hexum requested Ashton Greymoore's assistance in a wager that she would be able to successfully steal a designated item from her rival Evon Hytroga in Heartmoor Hamlet. If Ashton were to succeed, she would settle Ashton's debt to her stemming from an earlier failed burglary attempt on her home by Ashton and their former group, the Nobodies. They agreed to take the offer to the soon-to-be-named Bells Hells for their consideration.


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