"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23) is the twenty-third episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. After finishing up some loose ends in the Labenda Swamp, the Mighty Nein head to the town of Hupperdook...

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  • Tonight's sponsor (until their contract expires...hopefully until infinity) is D&D Beyond! The following summary is to be sung to the tune of the theme song from the old "Zorro" TV show:
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"So last we left off: The Mighty Nein had been traversing northward towards the Labenda Swamp - to make good on the first of two jobs they had accepted from the Gentleman, back in Zadash.

"Upon traveling northward, you made a young feathered friend by the name of Kiri, who has been under your protection since.

"You briefly met Cali - who was a dragon-blooded Sorcerer - who joined you for a length of the journey. You managed to discover where the seemingly cut-off and abandoned safe house was. Beneath it, discovered what seemed to have been responsible for it going silent - by what seemed to be an underground tunnel network run by swamp merrow.

"You engaged with them, found a strange altar room where they had kind of amassed everything they had stolen from the safe house, slaughtered the present Shallow Priest and his protectors, took what was necessary and what was of interest from that pile (including an interesting orb), made your way back out, closed the pathway the merrow had to the safe house (thus, establishing its true safety once more), and completing the job of which you are tasked. There you spent an evening resting, and began heading back out to return from the northern center of the Labenda Swamp, towards the town of Berleben, and to where the next leg of your journey takes you..."
Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 23

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 23

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Jester reveals that she can send a message to the Gentleman with the Sending spell, to report that the Mighty Nein has completed their first mission. Fjord advises her to wait until the end of the day, before they go to sleep. Jester asks if the party wants to go after the troll and get the 100 gold off Febron's body? Beau points out that she almost died because of the troll...which she admits was pretty awesome. Fjord reminds Jester that the troll bleeds venomous liquid, to which Jester frankly replies that they'll stay far away this time. Beau asks if they have any "boom-boom sticks" left? Nott answers that they have one left, and suggests blowing up the troll's home. Fjord is down for that plan, and puts it to a vote. Fjord, Beau, Yasha, Nott, and Jester vote "yes", and Caleb and Molly vote "no". However, Caleb defers to the group's decision and changes his vote to a "yes". Molly is apparently along for the ride, though he has known a lot of people who have thrown dynamite in houses.

Molly wants the group to come up with a game plan.
BlackSalander Caleb Troll

Fan art of Caleb burning the Venom Troll, by BlackSalander.[art 1]

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  • Animated D&D Beyond add
  • Spellslingers gag reel
  • Good Fortnight Kevin add
  • How To Play: Pitchstorm
  • Wednesday Club 5-minute one-shot: evil scientist plan

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As the Mighty Nein comes to consciousness the following morning (a much more comfortable sleep than they had at the Keystone Pub), they gather their things and plan their day. Jester, Molly, and Yasha decide to go to The Fungal Fount, while Fjord asks Uma to retrieve the cart and horses. Uma asks how she can do so if she wasn't the one to check them into the stables? Jester tries to forge a "valet ticket", but Fjord insists on going to get the horses. Yasha decides to go with him. Caleb goes for a walk on the edge of town, and Nott goes with him. Beau asks Caleb to take Kiri with him. As Jester, Molly, and Beau go to the apothecary, Beau asks what the party is going to do with Kiri? Beau insists that she can't stay with the Mighty Nein. When Jester asks why not, Beau bluntly replies that Kiri will probably die horribly and brutally due to the danger they find themselves in. Jester insists that they can't just let her go, to which Beau assures her that they will leave her somewhere safe. Molly suggests showing her a map and asking her where she thinks her parents might be...or at least which direction they had been heading. Beau states that they at least have to get her out of the swamp: that it's not a good environment for a young bird. Molly points out that she's already started drinking and apparently has developed an interest in Human flesh. Beau imagines that one day she might run Berleben, to which Jester asks if someday Kiri might become her own "Gentleman". Both Jester and Beau have high hopes for Kiri to become a Myriad mob boss. Jester will ask Kiri to describe her parents so Jester can send a message to them with Sending.

Jester, Molly, and Beau arrive at the Fungal Fount. In exchange for the heart Jester presents, Smithe places two vials on the counter: a Potion of Greater Healing and an unfamiliar sky-blue potion.

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Inventory Edit

Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Relinquished 1 dynamite Nott troll's house
Relinquished 2 throwing star Beau troll
Relinquished 1 oil flask Beau troll's house
Acquired 26 gold troll's house Nott
Acquired 10 silver
Acquired 50 copper
Acquired 1 trolls heart troll Jester
Transferred 3 gold Nott Fjord
Transferred 3 gold Caleb
Transferred 3 gold Beau
Transferred 3 gold Jester
Transferred 3 gold Yasha
Transferred 3 gold Molly
Relinquished 3 gold Molly Horris
Relinquished 3 gold Molly Horris
Relinquished 2 gold Fjord The Drowned Nest
Relinquished 3 silver Fjord The Drowned Nest
Relinquished 2 gold Molly The Drowned Nest
Acquired 1 healing potion the Fungal Fount Jester
Acquired 50 gold
Acquired 1 vial with blue liquid Molly
Acquired 10 dose of sleeping
Acquired 1 good smelling oil
Relinquished 7 silver Molly the Fungal Fount
Acquired 1 stone Berleben Caleb baseball size with a faint ring around it
Transferred 1 scroll of Invisibilty Nott Caleb

Quotations Edit

  • Nott: "Am I able to light the boom-boom stick?"
  • Beau: "It'll look really cool when you're running away from it, though! When it's, like, exploding...!"
  • Liam: "Welcome to Critical Role: where we embrace failure!"
  • Liam: "Fjord 'Madeline Kahns' back to life!"
  • Jester: "Horris, do you have a lot of diamonds on you...maybe some that are worth 300 gold?"
  • Caleb: "I was just curious what it is that you are reading?"
  • Uma: "It's called 'Feathered Leather'."
  • Beau: "The Traveler is my co-pilot, it's okay!"
  • Beau: "It's very like, uh...very diverse biodomes in your eyes."
  • Molly: "There's nothing better than waking up in the morning with no pants and flowers in your hair."
  • Nott: "Where are the EDM gnomes?"
  • Molly: "I am offended, even though you are right."

Trivia Edit

  • Sam's giant flask bears a message in this episode that reads "OOPS. I WORE NEXT WEEK'S SHIRT".
  • The episode title, 'Have Bird, Will Travel' is a reference to the song 'Have Love, Will Travel' by Richard Berry, and famously covered by The Sonics.

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  1. Fan art of Caleb burning the Venom Troll, by BlackSalander (source).  Used with permission.