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This page is about the festival celebrated in the Dwendalian Empire. For the Mighty Nein campaign episode, see Harvest Close.

The Harvest Close Festival was a holiday celebrated in the Dwendalian Empire and in Tal'Dorei on the 3rd of Fessuran[1].

Fan art of Jester at the Harvest Close Festival, by adragonswinging.[art 1]



In the weeks and days leading up to the Harvest Close, strands of linen all of the colors of autumn affixed between street arches and lantern poles.[2]

Pre-Harvest Close Gala

A week ahead of the Harvest Close festival, the Silken Tarrace[3] held a Pre-Harvest Close Gala in Zadash. The Gala was a smaller and more formal occasion where the wealthy folk of the Tri-Spire could mingle and be merry.

The Tri-Spire was decorated to reflect the autumn and coming festivities. Bunches of flowers were affixed to the tops of lampposts, and additional streamers of bright reds, browns, and yellow-golds[4] were placed around a central courtyard[5] to replace the usual white silk banners.[6]


Transformed for the festival, the Pentamarket was filled with large silk banners and streamer that flapped gently in the wind. In the colors of autumn, these banners seemed to dance to the music of the many small bands of bards, poets, and musicians that filled nearly every street intersection with the sound of drums, ocarinas, flutes, and cheer.

Among the many games of skill and chance that had been set up, conversation, laughter, and the chuckles of children was readily heard.

Wafting through on the autumn air, the smells of spices and incense washed over the festivities as various baked goods, cooked meat pies, and roasted vegetables were sold out of the food carts and ovens[7] that lined the corners of the streets.[8]

Soldier's Spirit

On a large, central platform in the middle of the Pentamarket, a number of members of the Righteous Brand were gathered around a central table as Recruiter Leopold Wanstiker enticed those in attendance to a life of service in the military.[9][10]


  • There was no entry fee.
  • Entrants were allowed to duel against an opponent.
  • The duel was won if the hand of the other player was on the table.
  • The winner got to play against the finest solder, Gunther Prast, and was made an offer to join the Righteous Brand.
Recruiter Leopold Wanstiker relates the rules to the Mighty Nein.[11][12][13][14]

Eagle Shot

In an alcove in a small park, there were Opal and Trunce[15] of the Crownsguard manning a game called Eagle Shot. At the back of this alcove of trees, there were three archery targets that were placed slightly off from each other at different distances. There was a rack with different bows and a whole cache of arrows that were set to the side for use in this target archery game.[16]

Eagle Shot

  • Entry fee was 1 Silver Piece.
  • Entrants were allowed three (3) shots with a shortbow and arrow.
  • If the arrow hits one of the three bullseyes, a prize was won!
  • Prizes
  • A pet rat could be won for the closest bullseye.
  • A finely crafted wooden sword could be won for the middle bullseye.
  • A haphazard, stitched doll of King Bertrand Dwendal could be won for the furthest bullseye which was 100 feet back.[17]
A crownsguard relates the rules to the Mighty Nein.[18]

Candied Fruit Stand

This stand was occupied by an older woman with a big smile and rosy cheeks. She sold sweet fruit that had been coated in sugar. She sold candied apples that had a sticky syrup exterior and caramel apples for 2cp each.[19]

King's Vault

Mila[15] was running a shell game called King's Vault.[20]

King's Vault

  • Entry fee is one (1) silver piece or one (1) gold piece.
  • Placing the entry coin under one of three silver cups, it along with the empty ones would be quickly rearranged in an attempt to confuse the watching entrant of its position.
  • The entrant was allowed one guess as to which cup covered the coin.
  • If the correct cup was chosen, the game was won!
  • The winner doubled their entry, getting their coin back plus one.
A half-elven woman relates the rules to the Mighty Nein.[21]

Titan's Grasp

Four soldiers, Renaldo, Shek, Finn, and Simona[15], of the Righteous Brand stand on an elevated platform manning a game called Titan's Grasp. Sitting atop the platform was a large, cubed stone, two feet by two feet. Wedged beneath its center was a cylindrical metal bar that acted as a fulcrum.[22]

Titan's Grasp

  • Entry fee was 5 Silver Pieces which was added to an initial prize pot of 5gp.
  • Given a large hammer to use, entrants were allowed one (1) swing at the metal bar in an attempt to tip over the stone.
  • If the stone was tipped over, the game was won!
  • The winner got the current pot.
A soldier of the Righteous Brand relates the rules of Titan's Grasp to the Mighty Nein.[23]

Mead Stand

This stand was near the outskirts of one of the large arena structures which had seen no use for a while. The vendor was an older man, with a curled and unkempt chin-beard that looked like part of it wasn’t growing on the right side. For a silver piece, he sold 3 kinds of mead in dark jugs:[24]

  • A tasty, though not so strong mead.
  • A strong thick mead that had an acrid smell and an initial sour vinegary taste but with a sweet aftertaste. This mead was dubbed Barbarian Pee by Beau.
  • A mid-tier mead that had aspects of the other two.

Tapestry Cart

This long and thin cart had many tapestries hung over the side on display. It was managed by three individuals. One was a half-elf man in his mid-30s with a bit of chin scruff and very short hair, who made some of the tapestries himself.[25] Some of the tapestries for sale included:

  • A celebratory tapestries in the colors of autumn.
  • A small pressed imperial crests that could act as good luck charms when hung over doorways or just as general interior decor.[26]
  • An interpretative tapestry with an embroidered symbol of the Platinum Dragon. Made over a span of two months it consisted of several different silver dragon heads woven into a pattern among a sky-blue field. Almost seven feet end to end, this tapestry cost 10gp and was purchased by Mollymauk.[27]
  • Smaller, almost doily-sized renditions of the embroidered tapestry of the Platinum Dragon.


Two Crownsguards, Wesset and Cipes[15], were operating a game called Trebuchet. There was a line set up, from which a ten feet long small, thin carpet led to an open foot and a half wide wicker basket.[28]


  • Entry fee is 5 copper Pieces.
  • Entrants were allowed three (3) swings overhead with a sandbag while they faced away from the basket.
  • To help with their odds, small children were allowed to play from the halfway mark while being swung towards the basket by the crownsguards.
  • If a sandbag got in, a prize was won!
  • Landing a sandbag into the basket got the entrant a fresh strawberry.
  • Getting all three sandbags into the basket got the winner a candied apple.
A crownsguard relates the rules to the Mighty Nein.[29][30]

Victory Pit

Main article: Victory Pit.

The Victory Pit served as the staging ground for a fighting tournament during the festivities.


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