"Harvest Close" (2x17) is the seventeenth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein attend the Harvest Close Festival, taking part in sweets and games of skill, and entering the challenging Victory Pit...

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The Mighty Nein in the city of Zadash. Long in the Dwendalian Empire, [they have] made a small name for [themselves] in a few factions. [They have] done a deed or two for the King's Hall here in service of the Crown. [They have] done a deed or two with the Knights of Requital, that involved getting caught up briefly in a manhunt, as [they] were loosely responsible for the death of the High-Richter, the high judge of the local court. Managed to make an introductory trade, a deal if you will, with The Gentleman, this subterranean figure of not the most legal of maneuvers. You delved deep into one of the subterranean river tunnels beneath the city of Zadash for him, managed to clear out and recover materials from a long-buried research facility from the Age of Arcanum.

Upon returning, the deal was solid. [The Gentleman] managed to smuggle out Horris [Thrym], who needed to be away from the town for the time being while this investigation was happening. In doing so, also managed to clear [their] names of the death of the High-Richter. Upon returning back, getting a few deeds done, now waiting for this to blow over, and hearing word that there is no longer a manhunt for a number of [the Mighty Nein] in cahoots to this, [they] begin to prepare for the coming Harvest Close Festival. Now we're getting close to the third of the month of Fessuran, [they've] all managed to prepare in the ways [they] want, got a few things on [their] side. [Caleb has] delved into some of the mysteries of the Beacon that [he] maintain[s]. [Nott] retrieved [her] Forever Alcoholic Flask. That's where we'll begin today.

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 17

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 17

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Carnival GamesEdit

Episode 132 GalacticJonah Nott

Fan art of Nott participating in the carnival games, by GalacticJonah.[art 1]

Although not knowing anything about the new owner of The Leaky Tap, Lauren Schvine, Beauregard actively formed a negative opinion of her and didn't want to get to like her, apparently due to wanting to someday own the tavern herself.[1]
[00:00 - 47:45] missing

There were four soldiers of the Righteous Brand on an elevated platform manning a game called Titan's Grasp.

Titan's Grasp

  • Entry fee is 5 Silver Pieces.
  • Entrants are allowed one (1) swing of the metal bar.
  • If the stone is tipped over, the game is won!
  • The winner gets the current pot.
A soldier of the Righteous Brand relates the rules of Titan's Grasp to the Mighty Nein.[2]

When Yasha participated in the game, the pot had 43 gold in it. After paying for her first two swings, she hit the bar with her first strike. The stone moved slightly and fell back into place. For her second swing, the stone shifted and slammed on to the other side. With that success, she won the pot of 44 gold.

The four soldiers reset the game and put 5 gold back into the pot. Fjord and Molly added both 1 gold piece to the pot, bringing the pot to 7 gold pieces. Jester tried her best to hit the metal bar, and caused the stone to impact with the ground and roll over twice. Jester also won the game and the meager pot of 7 gold.[3]

After the second win, the soldiers took a 30 minutes break to inspect the hammer, the fulcrum, and the stone used for the game, wondering if they had somehow been cheated. However, they could not find anything that would indicate as much. Jester skipped away from the game's setup.

[54:00 - 1:22:48] missing

Arm-Wrestling TournamentEdit

Gunther Prast by OrcBarbies

Fan art of Gunther Prast, by OrcBarbies.[art 2]

On a large, central platform in the middle of the Pentamarket, a number of members of the Righteous Brand were gathered. They were joined by one well-adorned human male wearing ornamental armor, brown hair in a top knot, and a big, thick beard. At this platform people could arm wrestle each other. If someone won the game, they would get to go up against their finest solder, Gunther Prast. They would also ask them if they would be interested at all in joining the Righteous Brand.

Beau played against Kendall, a grizzled-looking beastly man. This game was won by Kendall. Next Kendall played against Gunther Prast, and lost the game leaving Gunther as the winner. Yasha challenges Gunther for a match. After a long, intense duel, Yasha emerged victorious.

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The Mighty Nein Edit

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Inventory Edit

Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Expended 10 copper Fjord Trebuchet
Expended 1 silver Beau mead stand
Expended 1 silver Molly mead stand
Acquired 43 gold Titan's Grasp Yasha
Expended 1 gold Nott Titan's Grasp
Expended 1 gold Fjord
Acquired 7 gold Titan's Grasp Jester
Expended 14 copper Fjord
Acquired 7 gold Titan's Grasp Jester
Expended 10 gold Molly tapestry cart
Acquired 1 platinum dragon tapestry tapestry cart Molly
Expended 3 silver Caleb Eagle Shot
Expended 1 silver Nott
Acquired 1 doll Eagle Shot Nott of king Bertrand Dwendal
Acquired 2 wooden sword
Acquired 2 rat in cages
Transferred 1 wooden swords Nott Beau
Transferred 1 jade bracelet Beau Nott
Transferred 1 rat Nott Yasha
Relinquished 2 pamphlet Jester Allhammer's temple
Transferred 2 pamphlet Jester military stand
Acquired 1 small copper platter Darrow Yasha with "The Stubborn Stock" printed on it
Relinquished 20 gold Yasha the Victory Pit
Relinquished 20 gold Fjord
Relinquished 20 gold Molly
Relinquished 20 gold Jester
Relinquished 20 gold Nott
Relinquished 36 gold Beau
Relinquished 4 gold Caleb
Destroyed 1 wooden sword Caleb Otyugh
Relinquished 1 potion of healing Fjord Beau
Relinquished 1 potion of healing Yasha Jester
Relinquished 1 wooden sword Beau ground

Quotations Edit

Nott: "Do not respond to this message!"

Trivia Edit

  • Sam's giant flask bears a message that has a picture of a pigeon and the words "COOO! COOO! USE MAGE HAND! COO! COO!" in this episode.

References Edit

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