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The Hall of Erudition is the Soltryce Academy's branch within the city of Zadash.


The campus is built of white and grey marble, with heavy stone towers and walkways that weave between them. There are beautiful exterior courtyards with trees and trimmed hedges and little cobblestoned walkways. The architecture is loosely inspired by elvish design in the way that everything connects and has an organic flow from one place to the next. The main entrance is at the top of a heavy staircase about twenty feet wide, which slowly tapers until it comes to arched double doors surrounded by a carved ivory spiral.[2]

The centerpiece of the campus is a large ivory and marble tower, the Zauber Spire (German: Magic/Spell Spire). It has large blue banners and looms over the northern section of the Tri-Spires district. The tower's top floor is a domed cylinder of glass allowing a view of the entire city.[3]


Campaign 2[]

On the night of the pre-harvest gala on the 28th of Sydenstar 835 PD, the Zauber Spire suffered substantial damage as a result of a raid by Xhorhasian drow who sought to retrieve a stolen relic.

"Midnight Espionage" (2x12)[]

Attack on the Zauberspire - Lap pun Cheung

Fan art of the attack on the Zauber Spire, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 1]

Accompanying a very loud high-pitched whining sound, a growing black spherical mass emerged out from the lower third of the tower around 35-40 feet up. As it expanded, so too did the whining get louder and louder. Suddenly folding in on itself, the sphere vanished, taking with it all the stone that made up that part of the tower, and leaving a gaping hole in the side of the tower. The stone around it cracked and collapsed as the tower began to fall. It was caught tilted in mid-collapse by a pulsing blue colored force field.[4]

Two figures leapt out of the tower and were pursued by two spellcasters that took flight from the top of the tower and cast down bolts of energy at the thieves, striking down one of them. This mage was a robed human man in his 70s with long greyish hair. He had a staff in hand and was wearing a large ornamental mantle.[5][6]

"Whispers of War" (2x18)[]

Having been restored to its previous glory, the Zauber Spire was no longer tilted but once again stood proud within the Tri-Spires District.[7]


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