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Haldur "Hal" Lorelei is a nobleman and the head of House Lorelei. He was played by Liam O'Brien in "Liam's One Shot: The Song of the Lorelei" (Sx36).


Raised by his aunt, Katerine Lorelei, was taught to be a kind and just nobleman.[3]



Haldur Lorelei was born out of wedlock and never knew his mother, Geneviève Lorelei, due to her whirlwind romance with a drow the family did not approve of and was tried to forget. Instead he was raised by his aunt, Katerine Lorelei who loved him with all her heart, raised him well and led him through the Taming.[4]

Lord and Lady Lorelei's first dance by Micaerys

Fan art of Haldur and Rosalind dancing at their wedding, by Micaerys.[art 2]

He married a woman named Rosalind and they had many children together. When their eldest daughter, Aurra, was six, they had Haldur's drow father as a guest in Castle Lorelei for at least a portion of the summer, although the dark elf spent part of that time disguised.[5]

Rosalind died giving birth to twins, Lawrence and Benicio. Hal, now a widow, loved and raised his children with the help of Katerine. Further heartache awaited him, when Aurra, who was meant to inherit his title and lands upon his death, chose to eschew the Taming and instead roam the wilds, forsaking civilised nobility entirely.[6] In a similar way, the second-born, Lucius, focused on his faith, and while Hal supported his worship to the Moonweaver, his eldest son's disinterest in being the heir left the middle child, Portia, as the heir presumptive.

"Liam's One Shot: 'Song of the Lorelei'" (Sx36)[]

Many years later, in 835 PD, Haldur contacted his family members to come to their ancestral home, wanting to discuss family matters and also see all his children together again. However, while he was waiting for them, his drow father came to his home, this time with darker intentions: seeking revenge for the death of his lover, the Xhorhasian attacked Castle Lorelei with a small army of undead, killing everyone in the keep,[7] including Hal's aunt, Katerine, and mutilating Lord Lorelei (cutting his hand) before taking him to the mausoleum as captive, waiting there for his grandchildren to arrihe. Once in place, the drow reanimated his loved one's remains using necromancy and turned Lady Geneviève Lorelei's corpse into a dark undead entity, the Iron Woe.[8]

Later, Haldur's children found them and in the battle that followed Lord Lorelei nearly died when his youngest son, Benicio, pulled him away from the drow, but since the captor had the flail on the captive's neck, its barbed edges teared his throat and he begins to bleed profusely.[9] Aurra healed her father soon after, and Hal tried to make the battle stop, but no one listened to him.[10] Eventually, the Iron Woe was destroyed,[11] and the Kryn soldier was killed.[12]

When the siblings brought Haldur to his chambers, he explained the whole situation and the truth behind his own mother's death, telling them to learn from such a dark incident in their family history, asking them to help him seal the tomb again in the coming weeks,[13] and expressing how much he loved his children (receiving with humor Portia's commentary about loving her more).[14] After such intense events he fell asleep, leaving his offspring thinking about the future of House Lorelei.[15]


His father[]

Geneviève's Drow Lover by Kendra Wells

Official art of Haldur's drow father, by Kendra Wells from "Liam's One Shot: The Song of the Lorelei" (Sx36).[art 3]

Lord Lorelei never knew his father during his childhood, since he was taken by the Kryn back to Xhorhas when Hal was just a baby. However, during his adulthood, already married and with two children of his own, he not only met the dark elf, but had him as a guest in Castle Lorelei for a portion of the summer, even if the dark elf was disguised;[16] this suggests that there was enough cordiality to facilitate their coexistence, at least for a time.

The next time the drow came back, however, he returned with darker intentions, attacked his son's home, killed his aunt and staff, and cut one of his hands, although he didn't kill him, waiting instead for the Lorelei siblings to come back home. Despite the damage done and the Kryn agent's resentment towards the Lorelei family, Haldur still didn't want him to be killed, reason why he (unsuccessfully) tried to stop the battle between his father and his own children when they came to rescue Lord Lorelei.[17]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • (after his children started fighting their grandfather) "Stop!"[18]
  • Portia: (after Haldur told his children he loved them very much) But you love me most.
    Haldur: Some days.[19]


  • His name derives from the Old Norse name Hallþórr, composed of two elements: hallr (flat stone or rock) and þórr (thunder).
  • He's the only known lord of the Dwendalian nobility that is part drow.
  • At the end of the episode, Liam said he did not anticipate Haldur surviving the events of the game.[20]



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