Halas is a powerful wizard who has been missing for an unknown period of time, possibly hundreds of years. As an NPC, Halas is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Halas is a thin man with light brown skin, long dark hair, and amber yellow eyes.[1]

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Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 5.29.44 PM

Screenshot of the symbol of Halas.[art 1]

Halas created an extra-dimensional manor with about one hundred interconnected rooms. He left magical artifacts around the world to transport people into the manor. He made a deal with a blue dragon to guard parts of the manor in exchange for these objects bringing it food.[2] He brought other dangerous creatures into his manor as well.[3]

Halas disappeared hundreds of years ago, likely during the Age of Arcanum before the creation of the Divine Gate.[4][5]

"The Stowaway" (2x45) Edit

Using Comprehend Languages, Caleb Widogast was able to read the name "Halas" from the symbol on a cloak recovered from the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks. Beauregard realized it is an archaic Zemnian name, but could not remember any specific historical figure named Halas.[6]

Fun Ball of Tricks by BlackSalander

Fan art of Fun Ball of Tricks, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

The Mighty Nein and Twiggy were transported by the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks into Halas's extradimensional manor. They discovered three of the somewhere around one hundred chambers- a stone room with 4 different colored trapped banners, a library with hundreds of locked books, and the blue dragon's hoard.

"Homeward Bound" (2x48)Edit

Yussa Errenis recognized the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks as being a creation of Halas. Yussa knows of Halas and some of his "exploits" but declined to share more with the Mighty Nein.[7]

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Blue DragonEdit

Even though the blue dragon made a deal with Halas to guard the extradimensional manor in exchange for food and gifts, the dragon wishes to someday grow big enough to eat Halas and take the manor for themselves.[8]

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  • Happy Fun Ball of Tricks
    • Twiggy stole the Happy Fun Ball from an unknown location (possibly an auction house) in Port Damali.[9] How it got there is unknown.
  • Set of winter clothes embroidered with his symbol (taken by the Mighty Nein from an extradimensional pocket opened by the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks[10])
  • Magical hand warmer (taken by the Mighty Nein from an extradimensional pocket opened by the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks[10])
  • Spellbook with the name burned out (taken from library by Caleb Widogast[11])
  • Public Debate Records: Forum of Ziedel (taken from library by Caduceus Clay[12])
  • Book on corrupted plant life[13] (taken from library by Caleb Widogast[14])
  • Book on the ice fields of Eiselcross[15] (taken from library by Nott[16])
  • Jar of magical ink (taken from library Nott[17])
    • This ink can be used to copy 500 gold worth of spells onto any kind of paper.[18]
  • Jar of glass beads (taken from library Twiggy[17])
    • Caleb Widogast cast Identify on the jar, later revealing to Nott that they were a type of non-perishable food.[19]

Quotations Edit

  • Yussa Errenis: (in response to whether Halas is good or bad) "At a certain level of arcane practitioning, morality becomes a bit ambiguous; but to the common man, I would say probably not a very... team player."[20]

Trivia Edit

  • While nothing has been confirmed, Halas draws some noticeable parallels to Halaster Blackcloak

References Edit

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