City DescriptionEdit

Anorans RingEdit

The outer, mostly residential ring.[1]

Houses of Sagacity Edit

The area where three temples of worship also provide advanced study to a select student body:[1]

  • House of Enlightenment under Ioun
    IounAlt Icon

  • House of Invention under Moradin
    Moradin Symbol mini

  • House of Enchantment under Corellon
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Korrwa RingEdit

The inner, commercial area.[2]



With a population of 18,900, Gwardan is the fourth-largest city on the Menagerie Coast. The racial breakdown of the city is 63% elves, 16% humans, 11% gnomes, and 10% other races.[1]

Elves from Gwardan, as opposed to those from Bysaes Tyl, have darker complexions. They originally came from Marquet.[3]

Notable PeopleEdit

Name Type Description
Vasan Atrith NPC Marquis as of 835 P.D.[1]
Darrow NPC Leader of The Stubborn Stock, Gwardan was their home base[4]


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