Gwardan is a mostly elven city famed for its metallurgists and smiths, taking advantage of rich mines nearby. It is among the northernmost cities of the Menagerie Coast.

City DescriptionEdit

Anorans RingEdit

The outer, mostly residential ring.[1]

Houses of Sagacity Edit

The area where three temples of worship also provide advanced study to a select student body:[1]

  • House of Enlightenment under Ioun
    IounAlt Icon

  • House of Invention under Moradin
    Moradin Symbol mini

  • House of Enchantment under Corellon
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Korrwa RingEdit

The inner, commercial area.[2]

History Edit

Gwardan was the product of two elven peoples seeking a new home following the banishment of Uk'otoa in the fifth century PD. Elves of the Ki'Nau, who had lived under Uk'otoa, joined an influx of Marquesian elves to settle this unclaimed, metal-rich land at the edge of the Cyrios Mountains.[1] As a result of these desert and tropical origins, elves from Gwardan tend to have darker complexions than those of the more northerly Bysaes Tyl.[3] Yussa Errenis was of Gwardan descent.[4]

When the Clovis Concord was established, Gwardan was the driving force ensuring that each city-state remained autonomous.[1]



With a population of 18,900, Gwardan is the fourth-largest city on the Menagerie Coast. The racial breakdown of the city is 63% elves, 16% humans, 11% gnomes, and 10% other races.[1]

Notable PeopleEdit

Name Type Description
Vasan Atrith NPC Marquis as of 835 P.D.[1]
Darrow NPC Leader of the Stubborn Stock, whose home base was Gwardan[5]


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