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Gus is a half-orc detective and member of the Green Seekers. As an NPC, Gus is played by Matthew Mercer.



Gus is a tall, lanky[6] half-orc man. He is described as ruggedly handsome, with a gray scruff of facial hair.[7] As part of his uniform as a Green Seeker, he wears a dark green cloak.[8]


Gus is known to have a very strong moral compass[9] and is dedicated to his work as a detective.[10]



Gus has been working as a detective alongside his partner Olly for around 20 years,[11] doing work all across Marquet, including Jrusar and Ank'Harel, but they made their start in the Hellcatch Valley.[12] Prior to their appearance in Campaign Three, the Green Seekers were hired to investigate the strange happenings in Jrusar.[13]

"In Too Deep" (3x14)[]

At the masquerade ball held by the Chandei Quorum, Dorian Storm noticed two individuals in green cloaks that he identified as the Green Seekers. They were speaking with the guards at the back of the room, and were admitted to the private chambers beyond.

Later, after Bells Hells' fight with Emoth Kade, the party saw Dorian's brother Cyrus Wyvernwind shackled and being escorted out of the party by the Green Seekers. Laudna cast Darkness on the ceiling as a distraction but it was promptly dispelled. Dorian then threw a smoke grenade at the Green Seekers and ran into the cloud. He bumped directly into Gus and used Charm Person to make him indifferent to Dorian's actions. He convinced Gus to let him leave with Cyrus, and fled.

As the guards cleared up the situation, Olly smacked Gus across the face, knocking him out of Charm Person. The two of them then ran off in search of Cyrus.

"The Tunnels Below" (3x15)[]

The next morning, he and Olly accosted Bells Hells as they left the manor of Ariks Eshteross. They steered the group to a park where, with the help of Gus' spellcasting, they could interview the group about their presence at the ball as two separate groups, at the Moon Tower around the time it collapsed, and at various other events the Green Seekers were investigating. During the conversation, he and Olly admitted that they were blocked from properly searching through the remains of the Moon Tower, but they were able to discover the secret room underneath Vali Dertrana's office. Though both the Green Seekers and Bells Hells were initially suspicious of one another, they established enough of a rapport and agreed to work together.

The group proceeded to the Underrush Mines to investigate strange shade creepers and the mutated people associated with them throughout the city. Gus revealed that he had connections at the mine, and that connection was his ex-lover Ogdes Friez. They had an awkward conversation, and Ogdes told the party he'd be willing to give them access if he received an apology from Gus and his furniture back. FCG stepped in and gave them some relationship counseling, and convinced Ogdes to take them to Foreman Shotan Bruo. Gus and the party interrogated Shotan, Gus dislocating and then relocating his fingers. Before they ventured deeper in the mines, Gus cast a spell on Shotan to convince him to stand guard. In the depths of the mines, the group encountered a swarm of shade creepers, Emoth Kade, and a massive monstrous creature.

"The Shade Mother" (3x16)[]

Alongside Bells Hells, Gus and Olly fought the Shade Mother and shade creepers in the caverns and escaped to the surface of the mines with Emoth, who had been captured during the fight. He helped roll out the sphere containing Emoth, and offered to drop off honorary Green Seekers badges for Bells Hells at Eshteross Manor. Fresh Cut Grass encouraged him again to try to continue to make amends with Ogdes, and Gus and Olly departed to report back to their employer, Orlana Seshadri.

"The Momentum of Murder" (3x39)[]

Gus and Olly were still in Orlana's employ when Bells Hells discovered the murdered body of Ariks Eshteross. Orlana sent them to escort the party to the investigation at Eshteross's manor, where they were cleared of suspicion.



Gus and Olly are detective partners and close friends. They have been working together for around two decades[14] and are very familiar with each other's habits.

Ogdes Friez[]

Gus and Ogdes were in a romantic relationship that lasted for ten and a half months and ended roughly two years ago.[15] Gus stated that he did not regret any part of their relationship and still thought of Ogdes as a good person. The relationship ended over a disagreement about how serious it was intended to be. Gus, for his part, thought he was clear about his priorities and his work taking precedence over their relationship and that he would have to travel a lot as part of that work. Gus ended up leaving and taking some furniture with him and hadn't seen Ogdes since, though he harbored some guilt over how things turned out.

FCG was able to get the two talking to each other again when the party encountered Ogdes at the mine. Later, Gus confirmed that they were now friends, and "talking through their differences."[16]

Character information[]

Notable items[]



  • Invisibility[presumed][20]
  • Tasha's Mind Whip[21]

Appearances and mentions[]


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