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Gurge Kisgregg (pronounced /ˈɡɜrdʒ ˈkɪzˌɡrɛɡ/) is the man Chetney Pock O'Pea first came to Jrusar to meet. Although Chetney characterized him at first to Bells Hells as someone who might be able to secure him employment as a master craftsman, his real reason for contacting Gurge was to learn from him how to control his lycanthropy. As an NPC, Gurge is played by Matthew Mercer.



Gurge is around six feet tall and has oily dark brown hair. His nose appears to have been broken at some point.[2] According to Chetney, he smells terrible.[3]


Gurge is gruff, sarcastic, and lacks most social graces.[4] He primarily wishes to be left to live alone in the wilderness.[5] The people living among the Steps of Jrusar think highly of him, but those living within the city itself are wary. Generally, his reputation in Jrusar is one mostly of superstition.[6]



Gurge is originally from an unspecified part of Wildemount,[7] and was a member of the Claret Orders until he was cursed with lycanthropy.[8] He left for Marquet circa 833 PD[9] to seek the aid of the Gorgynei, a group of lycanthropes who have managed to harness and tame their abilities.[10] While with the group, he saved Ajit Dayal and his wife from a vine monster in the Oderan Wilds; Ajit remains grateful and feels indebted to Gurge and the Gorgynei as a result.[11] Gurge left the Gorgynei in about 836 or 837 PD after a falling out with its leadership,[12][13] and he has since been living somewhere in the Oderan Wilds surrounding the city of Jrusar.[14] He only goes into the city for meetings.[15]

He was approached by Chetney Pock O'Pea, newly afflicted with lycanthropy, in 843 PD for help. After giving Chetney basic help, Gurge sought to connect Chetney with the Gorgynei for further aid. He went into the city to speak to Ajit, who better knew the Gorgynei's current location.[16] Once in the city, he was kidnapped by the Wardens of Jrusar, who were paid by Artana Voe for their help; Artana, in turn, was hired by Vali Dertrana under the employ of Armand Treshi.[17] He was then imprisoned in the Moon Tower in a secret room beneath Vali's office and forced by Ira Wendagoth to pass lycanthropy onto three volunteers.[18]

Campaign Three

Chetney hired the then-unnamed Bells Hells to find Gurge and brought them to the Smolder Spire to investigate the residence Gurge rented at the outskirts of the Smolder Spire. After picking the lock on the door, they discovered that the place ransacked, much of the furniture was clawed, and someone attempted to clean blood sprayed across the floor.[19] They asked the wardens about Gurge, but the wardens were not forthcoming. Fearne Calloway, through a combination of Wild Shape eavesdropping and Charm Person, learned that Gurge was captured by Artana.[20] Artana, in turn, informed them that she was paid by Vali and that she took Gurge to the Moon Tower.[21] Chetney found a hidden staircase in Vali's office, and the party discovered Gurge imprisoned there by Ira.[22]

The party called out to Gurge as they spoke with Ira, and Gurge answered them sarcastically. During combat, Dorian cast Shatter, freeing Gurge from his cage, and he transformed into a wolf and joined the fight. Gurge went along with the group after Ira teleported out of combat and the group escaped from the Moon Tower shortly before it exploded.[23]

In the Weary Way Tavern, Gurge told the party the story of his past with the Claret Orders and the Gorgynei. He had been captured and forced, under torture, to bite and infect three volunteers brought to him by Armand Treshi.[8][18] Gurge slept in the room with the party, exhausted from his imprisonment,[24] but left in the morning and told them not to try and find him again. Before leaving for home in the Wilds, he earnestly urged Chetney to seek out the Gorgynei for further help, though advised Chetney not to mention his name to them, and expressed his sympathies that Chetney was afflicted with the burden lycanthropy at all.[25]


  • Hunter's Bane (Hemocraft Die: d6)
  • Blood Maledict (1/rest)
  • Fighting Style
  • Crimson Rite
  • Blood Hunter Order: Order of the Lycan[26]
    • Heightened Senses
    • Hybrid Transformation
      • Feral Might
      • Resilient Hide
      • Predatory Strikes
      • Bloodlust
  • Extra Attack

Appearances and mentions


  • Gurge: (to the party after being rescued) I do appreciate your helping out and helping this man. And you know what? That's great. I hope you take this kind thing you've done and it helps absolve your soul of some past sin that some wayward deity might hold over you. If that's what people do these days, I don't know. I'm going to go back to eating squirrels.[27]


  • His name "Gurge" is derived from the Persian word for "wolf".[28]


  1. Order of the Lycan is his mechanical subclass, not the narrative sect of the Claret Orders he belonged to.


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