Gunther Prast is a soldier in the Righteous Brand and a member of The Last Line. As an NPC, Gunther Prast is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Gunther was a massive man, about 7 feet tall and 350 pounds. He was clean shaven with a very short hair and receding hairline. At the Harvest Close Festival he wore Righteous Brand's silver and red armor.[1]

Gunther was more than 6'11" tall.[2][3]

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"Harvest Close" (2x17) Edit

Returning from his lunch break[4], Gunther returned to challenge and subsequently win an arm wrestling match against Kendall. Becoming the current champion he was challenged by Yasha, who after a tough match managed to defeat Gunther before promptly and wordlessly walking away.[5]

Gunther, having spent much time on the front lines of Xhorhas, discerned from the style of Yasha's clothing that she had come from Xhorhas.[6]

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  • Two war-hammers.[7]

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