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Gryffin Earandil is an Eladrin half-elf sorcerer. She was played by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in "Critical Role: Bar Room Blitz" (Sx21).



Gryffin is a noble woman with dark skin, fiery eyes, and spectacular blonde hair. Wearing an elegant blue and white gown and golden jewelry, she looked entirely out of place in The Ass Sailor.


Normally dignified, elegant, and refined, with a very high manner of speech, Gryffin would switch to a brusque Jersey accent during every wild magic surge.



Gryffin came from a city called Illyria, which only came into contact with the mortal world during the totality of a solar eclipse. She was a princess there, her mother (the queen) was a sorcerer and was killed, along with her partner, by Gryffin's evil uncle, who also banished the grandmother of the princess.[7] That uncle also cursed Gryffin with wild magic and kicked her out of Illyria during one of its brief appearances in the Material Plane.[8]

Gryffin was left to find her own way back home and thought that the girl Holly, with fey connections (since she was from Illyria as well),[9] might know where her city would next appear.

"Critical Role: Bar Room Blitz" (Sx21)[]

Gryffin had arrived at the Ass Sailor eager to meet with Frankfurt and Holly to ask her about Illyria's next appearance. She is probably the friendliest character in the Ass Sailor at the time, trying to make polite conversation with a hostile Clothesline and being overcome with joy to meet Kingston LaForge, who turns out to be her literary idol. However, before she can speak to Holly, Clothesline attacks her in order to start a bar fight. In the ensuing fight with Clothesline she set much of the bar on fire and repeatedly shifts into a completely different personality as her wild magic overtakes her.

She eventually manages to make it through the melee to Frankfurt, and agrees to team up to protect Holly, only for Holly to be snatched moments later by the salamander Garello. Pursuing him into the dungeon below the bar, Gryffin repeatedly showed herself to be one of the only characters genuinely motivated by concern for the kidnapped girl. She managed to convince Kingston to stop attacking Frankfurt (who had once slept with Kingston's wife) in order to rescue the girl.

In the ensuing fight with Garello (who was trying to kidnap Holly to another plane) Gryffin acquitted herself admirably (having quickly discovered his vulnerability to cold damage) and slew the salamander by bisecting his head with an ice spear. However, while she rescued Holly, she was unable to speak with the girl before she vanished and the entire party was arrested for their roles in the bar fight.

Some time later, Gryffin was stuck in a police interrogation room, protesting her innocence and asking in vain if they knew anything regarding Holly or Frankfurt that could help her return to Illyria.



Frankfurt is the paladin who had directed Gryffin to the Ass Sailor. Later, Gryffin tried to put aside the tension Frankfurt had with Kingston when they were in the middle of rescuing Holly from her kidnapper.

Kingston LaForge[]

Gryffin is an enormous fan of Kingston's writing and is extremely excited to meet him and get a book of his poetry signed by the man himself. For his part Kingston is initially pleased for the attention but rapidly tries to use Gryffin as a tool in his vendetta against Frankfurt, but fails miserably.

Character information[]


Fire Resistance[10]

Sorcerer Abilities[]

  • Font of Magic
    • Flexible Casting
    • Sorcery Points
  • Metamagic (two options)
  • Sorcerous Origin: Wild Magic
    • Tides of Chaos
    • Wild Magic Surge
  • Spellcasting (Charisma-based ability)

Sorcerer spells[]

As a level 4 Wild Magic sorcerer, Gryffin can know five sorcerer spells at a time. Gryffin can change a spell when she levels up.

Spell level Spell Notes
0 (cantrip) Fire Bolt[11]
0 (cantrip) Light[12]
0 (cantrip) Prestidigitation[13]
0 (cantrip) Ray of Frost[14]
1st Chromatic Orb[15]
2nd Enlarge/Reduce[16]
2nd Misty Step[17]

Wild Magic Surge[]

Gryffin utilizes an "extended" version of the Wild Magic Surge table. The following options are known:

09. Poisons an enemy. 86. Expends her highest level spell slot.

Notable items[]

  • Snuffbox of Jump
  • Wand of Entanglement[18]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Her name is a tribute to Grey Griffin, since Mary is a huge fan of her.[19]
  • Gryffin is an alternate version of the character which Mary Elizabeth McGlynn plays in the home game she shares with Brian W. Foster. The only difference is that, unlike in the home game, the Gryffin in "Critical Role: Bar Room Blitz" (Sx21) retains her memories of what happens during her wild magic surges.
  • Gryffin's alter ego, brought on by wild magic surges, is the direct opposite of her elegant and proper usual personality (based on Queen Elizabeth II from The Crown),[20] appears to be named Jersey, speaks in a heavy and aggressive New Jersey accent, and makes constant fourth-wall-breaking references to places and establishments in New Jersey. Both Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Liam O'Brien are from New Jersey.
    • Mary said that if Zahra Hydris met Gryffin she would try to find out more about solar eclipses for her, but if she met Jersey she would probably consider her too crazy and would try to kill her.[21]
  • McGlynn previously played Arshes Nei, a different orphaned half-elf sorceress, in the English dub of the first OVA adaptation of Bastard!!, a series largely based on D&D.


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