Gruumsh, the Ruiner is the chaotic evil god who commands hordes of barbaric marauders across Exandria to destroy, pillage, and slaughter.


His creeds push orcs and other savage creatures to devour the world. His most devout servants in Tal'Dorei are the Ravagers, a chaotic band of orcs and goblins who slaughter innocents across the Dividing Plains.

His primitive representations can be found in his worshipers' communities. They depict Gruumsh as a hulking, behemoth of an orc. His missing eye has shifted, the single prominent eye is now central to the face like a Cyclops.

Commandments of the Ruiner

Commandments of the Ruiner

  • Ruin. Conquer. Kill.

  • The weak exist to be crushed by the strong. Be the strong.

  • There are no emotions but fury and joy. The rest are weakness.


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