Gruumsh, the Ruiner is the chaotic evil god who commands hordes of barbaric marauders across Exandria to destroy, pillage, and slaughter.

Worship[edit | edit source]

His creeds push orcs and other savage creatures to devour the world. His most devout servants in Tal'Dorei are the Ravagers, a chaotic band of orcs and goblins who slaughter innocents across the Dividing Plains.

His primitive representations can be found in his worshipers' communities. They depict Gruumsh as a hulking, behemoth of an orc. His missing eye has shifted, the single prominent eye is now central to the face like a Cyclops.

Commandments of the Ruiner[edit | edit source]

Commandments of the Ruiner

  • Ruin. Conquer. Kill.

  • The weak exist to be crushed by the strong. Be the strong.

  • There are no emotions but fury and joy. The rest are weakness.

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