The Grudge Gang is the overarching, loose network of mercenaries that sell swords and do not affiliate directly with any of the other political powers. They’re all just outside of the system within the town of Shadycreek Run.[1]


The Taskers are a small subset of the Grudge Gang that have taken it upon themselves to keep the peace to a certain extent.[2] They have no established uniform, but they wear chain shirts with one leather shoulder pauldron that is painted blue, to have some sort of consistency.[3]

The Taskers consist of 30 to 35 people. They are not a massive group, and they’re stretched thin, but a lot of them have friends within the Grudge Gang, and people they’ve worked with before. They can usually call upon friends if need be, especially if they have some coin on their side and they have a specific endeavor they need to do.[4]

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