To add a quotation to the list, edit this page.  Start a new line in the quotations section and type three plus symbols, followed by the quotation, followed by three regular keyboard hyphens, followed by the source.  Wikimarkup, {{ep ref}}s, and other templates are allowed in both the quote and the source.  A simple example would be:
+++I would like to rage.
---Travis Willingham{{ep ref|ep=1x01|1:11:11}}

For more information on how to use quotations, see:
  • {{quotebox}} for the floating quotation boxes;
  • {{quote multi}} for dialogue or multiline quotations (which can be used in quoteboxes or articles); and
  • {{quote list}} (ideal for episode and character pages).

Quotations in This List Edit

I would like to RAGE!
I have an Intelligence of six, I know what I'm doing.
Now, if you have any honor in you at all, you'll take me to Kevdak, and you will see what I have for him, and then maybe, just maybe, you can call yourselves warriors again instead of piss-pot squatters!
Grog Strongjaw, to the Herd of Storms[2]

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Join me and my fellows. Come to our aid when I call. And with that, we will chase down dragons, gods, and MORE.

Reflist Edit

  1. See "Arrival at Kraghammer" (1x01) at 0:41:22.
  2. See "Test of Pride" (1x51) at 2:13:00.
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