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I have an Intelligence of six, I know what I'm doing.
Grog Strongjaw[35]

Grog Strongjaw is a goliath barbarian/fighter and a member of Vox Machina. He is played by Travis Willingham.

When he was young, Grog was exiled from the Herd of Storms by its leader, Grog's uncle Kevdak, for taking pity on a helpless old gnome the tribe was attacking. He was then taken in by that same gnome, Wilhand Trickfoot, and raised alongside his great-great-granddaughter Pike.

During his adventures with Vox Machina, he became the wielder of the legendary Titanstone Knuckles, acquired by taking down his uncle, to fight against the Chroma Conclave. He forged the Prime Trammels and was the wielder of the Sword of Kas in the fight against Vecna.


"Right, listen up. If you have ale, then you have a friend in Grog Strongjaw. A goliath of towering height and size, this barbarian has an appetite for the two great loves in his life: combat, women, and ale. Wait...

Easily the brains of the group, Grog is often consulted for his vast knowledge of shapes, colors, and shiny things. Also ale.

In his early years, armed with his two-handed great axe, Grog often enjoyed proving his might amongst the ranks of his family's wandering herd. But after coming upon an unsuspecting elderly gnome in the woods, he objected to the killing of such an innocent life. A creature of impulse, Grog felt only pity for this terrified little thing. His disobedience cost him dearly. Beaten bloody and banished by the herd leader, his uncle Kevdak, Grog was abandoned and left to die.

Exiled from his herd, it was then that the relative of the very gnome he fought to save, saved him. It was the kindness of a gnome cleric named Pike that healed Grog, bringing him back from death's edge. And they have remained close friends ever since.

Most nights, Grog can be found challenging entire taverns to wrestling matches! Or accompanying Scanlan to the nearest house where you pay for, er, lady favors. Also ale."[36]



Dj Crumrine Grog one year break

Fan art of Grog getting the bear tattoo on his back, by DJ Crumrine.[art 3]


Official Grog Pop! figure.[art 4]

Grog, being a goliath, is grey-skinned with tattoos all over his upper body and his bald head. He weighs upward of 645 pounds[37] and stands at 8 feet, 7 inches tall.[38] After having a phylactery removed from his body, a scar formed on his chest which remains a mark of the lingering darkness within him.[39]

After donning the Belt of Dwarvenkind, Grog has grown a thick black beard, a feat thought to be impossible for him due to male goliaths having no body hair. After joining the Slayer's Take, Grog has the brand of the guild on his right arm.

During Vox Machina's one-year break, Grog took the skin with the bear tattoo which he had flayed from Kevdak's chest and had it tanned. He then got an exact copy of it tattooed on his back, as a symbol that Kevdak and the events surrounding him are now behind him.

When he enters his rage, his eyes appear to glow a red coloration, as shown in the Vox Machina Campaign Intro.


Jokes have been made occasionally about Grog being smarter than most barbarians when the group plays, as Travis does mathematical calculations faster than the other players. Travis has jokingly called his character "Professor Grog".[40]

Grog's low intelligence score has proven problematic for the group in the past. He has been completely incapacitated by creatures that made psychic or intelligence attacks, particularly when an intellect devourer's attack put Grog into a catatonic state.[41]

Because of his low intelligence, Grog is illiterate and cannot read or write in any language. After being unable to read any of the runes written in Giant within the City of Brass, Grog expressed a desire to learn how to read, and asked for Pike to help him learn the Common alphabet.[42] Since then, Pike has managed to teach Grog how to read words in Common that are up to five letters long.[43]

Grog has shown himself to be rather impulsive, as seen often when he charges ahead of the group into an unknown area of a dungeon or map. He was also the only chaotic-neutral group member at the start of the campaign, and he is often more aggressive and less merciful than some of the other characters. He does not like being bested in single combat, as seen in "Hubris" (1x17). He is willing to cheat to win, as seen when he drank a potion of Stone Giant Strength to defeat the half-orc Kern in "The Rematch" (1x23). Despite this, Grog has a sweet, happy side that often comes out when he is around his friends.

Grog is physically the strongest member of Vox Machina and often attempts to take the majority of damage, acting as the party tank, due to his high armor class and constitution.



Official art of First official portrait of Grog, by Kit Buss.[art 5]

Before Campaign One[]


Grog was raised in the Herd of Storms, a band of nomadic raiders consisting mainly of goliaths. When Grog was younger, he and his group encountered a helpless old gnome and attacked him, but Grog took pity on the gnome and protected him. Because of this, Grog was beaten nearly to death by the leader of the herd; his uncle, Kevdak, exiled and left for dead. His father, Stonejaw Strongjaw, watched and did nothing to help his son. However, the gnome he had saved, Wilhand Trickfoot, sent his great-granddaughter Pike to his aid. She saved him from death, and Grog was welcomed into the Trickfoot home. He and Pike became best friends.[44]

Vox Machina: Origins[]

Series I
Grog was a member of The Wing with Scanlan Shorthalt, Vash, Arnicor and Thurista to recover an artefact from a temple in the swamp near Stilben. They fought a giant frog as well as the cult of fish-like people who inhabited the temple. They cut off the ruby eyes off of the statue of a fish god, then headed into town. Vash, the party wizard, identified some of their loot, but couldn't identify a vial of clear liquid they had found in the swamp. The party headed to an alchemist's shop to ask about it, but were met with assassins of the Myriad, who said they had interfered with their plans and demanded the vial. The assassins killed Vash before the rest of the party managed to kill them.

Grog followed his party to a tavern. There, he noticed Scanlan was talking to Tiberius Stormwind and joined them. The dragonborn expressed interest in the vial, which he recognized as a potion of Aqua Caedis, and bought it from Scanlan.


Grog attacks Iselda, by Olivia Samson.[art 6]

Later, Grog and Scanlan overheard an alchemist mention the Mockingbird, a ship arriving in the morning with a shipment. They walked in and Scanlan put him to sleep with magic so they could take a book he was guarding. As they investigated the room, Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia jumped out of the shadows and attacked them, asking for the book they just got. Grog and Scanlan fought with the twins, but they were interrupted by a group of assassins who walked out of a mirror - the same ones that they had fought and killed earlier. Grog, Scanlan and the twins worked together to fight the assassins. Mid-battle, Tiberius walked in with Keyleth, and joined them in the fight. After all the assassins were killed, Iselda also walked out of the mirror and attacked the party. Grog tried to fight her, but he was trapped in a magic bubble that only dissipated once Iselda retreated.

Grog followed Scanlan when he decided to go help Vex instead of leaving for Whitestone with Arnicor and the cleric, and they met up with Vex'ahlia, Keyleth, and Tiberius at the docks. There, Scanlan pointed to the Mockingbird, and they all witnessed an explosion as Vax'ildan jumped out of a hole in the side of the ship, where he was being held captive. The group decided to work together this time, and boarded the Mockingbird. Grog fell overboard before they even made it on deck, but later reappeared, covered in seaweed, when the others were about to be overpowered by Iselda. Grog killed her by pushing her into a magical sygil that had been carved in the floor, and she burned alive. The group escaped through the previously made hole in the side of the ship. Afterwards, they all headed to a tavern together.

Series II
As was also shown in "The Story of Vox Machina" (Sx06), after doing some odd jobs in Stilben for a while, Grog left the group and traveled back to Westruun. After not hearing from him for a while, the rest of the party traveled there as well and met Pike Trickfoot for the first time. She told them that Grog had been acting strangely and had marched on his own through the Bramblewood Forest towards Gatshadow Mountain. Deep within the mountain, they discovered a mind-controlled Grog, the reanimated corpse of his father, Stonejaw Strongjaw, and a dying mage attempting to become a lich. The party slew the mage, but not before he embedded his phylactery into Grog's chest.[45]

The party later realized the phylactery was going to activate very soon, and split up to find ingredients for a ritual that could save him. Grog went with the twins in search of the heart of a nymph. While in the Frostweald, they found a pond where a nymph, named Nahla, lived. Instead of attacking him, she invited Grog to follow her into the pond, which was a portal to the Feywild. After a while, Grog returned looking quite satisfied with himself while holding the item the group needed. He refused to tell the twins what happened on the other side.[46]

With the help of Eskil Ryndarien, the phylactery was successfully removed from Grog, although it left behind some lingering necromantic energy.[47]

The Story of Vox Machina and other pre-stream events[]


Art of Grog being controlled by a lich along with the reanimated corpse of his father, Stonejaw, by Wendy Sullivan Green.[art 7]

At some point, Grog inadvertently almost killed Trinket when he hit the bear's backside with the flat side of his axe, causing Trinket to charge through a heavily trapped area of a dungeon. Vex was not amused.

Grog was the one who decided to keep one of the penises of the trolls, that his teammates shot off, as a souvenir; it was later used as a distraction in an encounter.[48]

Grog has previously been mentally dominated by another opponent, which caused him to turn against his group and almost kill a few of the party's members.[citation needed]

During a mission, Grog was fighting an umber hulk just like in "Into the Greyspine Mines" (1x02). He ended up getting confused and, in an attempt to bull rush the creature, he fell 170 feet to the cavern floor. He was knocked unconscious and almost killed by the impact.[49]

Grog and Scanlan managed to intimidate a group of hostile mages in a fighting pit when Scanlan summoned a pony, that Grog abruptly decapitated and smeared its gore on his body while screaming.

Grog was responsible for a blue dragon, Brimscythe, turning against Vox Machina when he found a treasure room and went into a "rage loot";[50] when the dragon emerged, Grog paused to acknowledge it before he continued looting the room. Grog's choice almost cost some members of Vox Machina their lives, but it also significantly increased their party funds.

Grog convinced the group that in order to find good security for their new keep, which they named Greyskull Keep, the potential guards would have to fight each other to the death.

On the road from Emon to Kraghammer with mission to aid Kima, Grog successfully prevented a fight between a roving band of goliath barbarians, led by his uncle Kevdak's son, Zanroar, and Vox Machina after he recognized his cousin. The truce was only temporary, though, and Grog left with the understanding that their next meeting would almost surely be their last—though this later turned out not to be the case.[51]

Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

Arc 1: Kraghammer and Vasselheim[]

"The Temple Showdown" (1x11)
Grog fell in the battle against K'varn, but was brought back to life thanks to Pike's Revivify spell.

"Hubris" (1x17)
When Vox Machina arrived in Vasselheim, they visited The Crucible, a brawling arena in the Braving Grounds District for the first time. Grog (under the ring name "Phillip") fought a ferocious bout against Kern, the reigning champion of the arena. After a long and evenly matched battle, Grog appeared to have won, but Kern's half-orc endurance allowed him to come back for a finishing blow. After losing his pride, and Vox Machina's gold, Grog prepared himself for a rematch.

"The Rematch" (1x23)
Grog returned to the Crucible and fought a furious rematch with Kern. This time, Grog benefitted from the help of Scanlan and a Potion of Stone Giant Strength. Even with such boons, the fight still proved difficult, as Kern's training endowed him with the multiclass abilities of a monk. Grog, barely remaining conscious thanks to his Relentless Rage, finally defeated Kern.

As the battle ended, it appeared that Grog had earned the approval or respect of a mysterious monk, Earthbreaker Groon. Vox Machina decided to meet Groon, so they entered the Trial Forge to seek an audience with him. At first, Groon was in a meditative trance as the Earthbreaker, instructing Grog to ask his questions, but Grog didn't really have any questions so instead offered Vox Machina's service. Groon emerged from his trance, smiled, and accepted Grog's piety—then revealed that dark times were ahead.

Arc 2: The Briarwoods[]

Grog portrait - Ameera

Fan art of Grog, by Ameera.[art 8]

"Winter's Crest in Whitestone" (1x36) Grog approached Percy and asked about the sword that he recovered from the body of Sylas Briarwood, offering to trade the Dragon Slayer Longsword for it. Percy agreed, and when he handed it over, the sword immediately spoke to Grog, offering him power which Grog immediately accepted. The sword called itself Craven Edge.

Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave[]

"Return to Vasselheim" (1x43)
Grog returned to the Trial Forge after the Chroma Conclave attacked, and Groon put Grog through a trial intended to show the goliath that he should trust his friends rather than the dark blade, Craven Edge.

"Best Laid Plans..." (1x50)
Craven Edge caused Grog's body to suddenly fall dead in the snow. Scanlan pointed out that his soul might be inside the sword. Pike cast Revivify, and the ritual was successful. When he came to, the party confronted him about the sword, and decided it would be best to get rid of it. After Pike severed Craven Edge's connection to Grog with a Greater Restoration spell, Keyleth banished the evil sword to the Dread Emperor's realm using Plane Shift. Due to the conflicting statements about the Dread Emperor's realm, it is unclear if Craven Edge is now in the Astral Plane, in a pocket dimension, or somewhere else altogether.

"The Kill Box" (1x52)
Grog challenged his uncle, the leader of the Herd of Storms, Kevdak. With the help of Vox Machina, he landed the killing after being released from Raven's Slumber by Vex'halia, spliting Kevdak in half with his axe as he fell onto him from above. He fell unconscious from the fall right after, but was promptly revived by Scanlan's Healing Word and lifted into the air by Bigby's Hand. Grog declared Kevdak defeated, and encouraged the herd to aid Vox Machina in their battle against Umbrasyl.

My herd, hear me! Fallen is your mighty leader Kevdak, the very goliath swine who would have domesticated you like a common household cat; would have made you bend the knee to a mere dragon! I show you this! (pulls out a dragon tooth from the Bag of Holding and tosses it into the square) I would tell you that under the correct rule—under the turn of power to this herd—dragons would bend the knee to the Herd of the Storm! Where is Zanroar?!
Grog Strongjaw to the Herd of Storms[52]

Grog was given Kevdak's Bloodaxe and his Titanstone Knuckles, one of the Vestiges of Divergence. Grog then claimed that he would return the Herd of Storms to power; he chopped off the head of Greenbeard, the herd's seer, and had Zanroar released, declaring that he was to be the one rule the herd. Later, Grog looted Kevdak's body, taking his skull and cutting his bear tattoo off of his skin to store in the Bag of Colding.

"Heredity and Hats" (1x60)
While visiting the city of Syngorn, Grog tried to act formal when Vox Machina meets with city officials, and mispronounced the phrase "good day" as "bidet".


Fan art of Grog pulling a card from the Deck of Many Things, by Hugo Cardenas.[art 9]

"What Lies Beneath the Surface" (1x81)
While looting Thordak's lair, Grog found the Deck of Many Things. Grog pulled a card from the deck, which was at first misread by Matt as the Key card, and awarded him a rare magic weapon: Dancing Sword. The mistake was corrected in "Deadly Echoes" (1x82), and was retconned when Grog saw a medusa-like visage within the blade, felt a rush of pain in his mind, and dropped the sword which turned black and rusted. The card Grog pulled was actually Euryale, and he had been cursed to a permanent penalty to all his saving throws. The curse could only be removed by a god.

Vex took the deck back from Grog, and when attempting to draw a card herself, was warned by Percy of its dangerous nature.

"Deadly Echoes" (1x82)
Grog tried to trade the Periapt of Wound Closure to Vex in order to get his deck back, but Vex tricked him by giving him a leather pouch with rocks inside. Vex made Grog promise not to pull anything from it: he could only keep it in its little pouch.

Arc 4: Taryon Darrington[]

"A Bard's Lament" (1x85)
In the rematch against Grog, this time in a one versus one battle, Earthbreaker Groon initially showed to be impossible to hit. Instead of attacking Grog, he simply moved around and examined him, giving cryptic hints. Frustrated at his inability to hit him, Grog eventually just placed a finger on his torso, confirming that Earthbreaker Groon was present. Eventually, Groon managed to drop Grog down to 0 HP, but Grog used his Relentless Rage in order to stand back up. Groon, impressed by Grog's endurance, attacked him again but another Relentless Rage allowed Grog to keep fighting, causing him to win. When he won the fight, Grog's Titanstone Knuckles also reached their Exalted state.

When Scanlan woke up after his resurrection and yelled at everyone for not knowing him or his story, Grog was one of the only ones who didn't talk back at him, and simply asked what his mother's name was, saying he was sorry he didn't know. He immediately recognized that Scanlan's accusations had some truth to them, said that he meant a lot to them, and told Scanlan that whatever he wanted to do was up to him. As Scanlan got up to leave, Grog tossed his salt-lick rock to Scanlan, to remember them by. While Vex and Vax lamented his departure, Grog simply said that the only thing that mattered was that Scanlan was alive, and that they had to give him time. He later asked Percy if he could send anyone after Scanlan and Kaylie, to keep an eye on them.

"Daring Days" (1x86)
Vex admitted to Grog that she had secretly kept his Deck of Many Things. She gave him back the real one, feeling guilty for having lied to him. Grog completely failed to understand happened and got very confused by her confession.

"One Year Later..." (1x95)
Grog got bored in the peace that followed Thordak's defeat. Among other things, he went looking for Scanlan, but did not find him; he also got a copy of Kevdak's bear tattoo done on his back, "because that shit's behind me," and made Kevdak's skull into a mug. He then returned to Vasselheim and defended his title in the Crucible. He also did some contracts with the Slayer's Take, but did not find it as exciting as fighting ancient dragons.

While drunk late at night in the streets of Vasselheim, Grog found a random, also drunk, stranger and convinced that stranger to pull a card from his Deck of Many Things. The stranger pulled a card, said, "I wish that I was a powerful lord of the Quadroads," and then ran off in a carriage that suddenly appeared for him. Grog never got the stranger's name. Though Grog was extremely tempted to draw another card for himself after that incident, he convinced himself to wait until he could return to Whitestone and try it with Pike. Finally, Grog made a visit to the Frostweald, visited the nymph he knew there, and gave her a palm-sized ruby that he found in his bag.

Arc 5: Vecna[]

The Core Anvil - Lap Pun Cheung

Fan art of Grog working at the Core Anvil, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 10]

"The Core Anvil" (1x108)
Vox Machina made their way into the Core Anvil, the abandoned workshop of the Allhammer. Using the strength of the Titanstone Knuckles, Grog forged three Prime Trammels out of the beads of divinity provided by Ioun, Pelor, and the Raven Queen, which were then completed by Percy's engravings.

"Dark Dealings" (1x112)
After Vox Machina retrieved the Sword of Kas from within Thar Amphala, it was given to Grog to wield in the final battle against Vecna.

"Vecna, the Ascended" (1x114)
During the final confrontation with Vecna, Grog was banished to another plane twice by the god. When he was finally brought back, he attacked Vecna with the Sword of Kas, opening three wounds in his chest. Hanging onto Vecna's chest, Grog managed to shove Pelor's divine trammel into one of the wounds before being banished again. Keyleth attempted to place the second trammel, but failed. When Grog reappeared, Pike passed the third divine trammel to him, and he drove it into another chest wound.

When Vecna banished Scanlan, who held the Tome of Isolation, Grog broke Vecna's concentration with a hard blow, allowing the Rites of Prime Banishment to continue. Grog hung onto Vecna's body until the lich was successfully banished.

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115)
After Vox Machina returned to Whitestone castle to finally rest, Grog stepped out to the front courtyard, checked that no one is watching, and pulled out the Deck of Many Things. Just as Pike returned from the forest, she saw him draw a card, The Void, and fall to the ground. Grog was left catatonic, his soul drawn from his body, with an open deck of cards in his hand.



Fan art of Grog Strongjaw, by Kerri Aitken.[art 11]

"The Search For Grog" (Sx42)
Vox Machina discovered that Grog's soul was held captive on the plane of Pandemonium, sealed within a stone. The party tied Grog's body to the back of Trinket and carried it with them as they searched for his soul and fought with the Empyrean guarding it. When the stone made contact with Grog's body, he regained consciousness.

"The Search For Bob" (Sx45)
After returning to Whitestone, when Grog inquired about the current location of the Deck of Many Things, Vox Machina lied that it had been left behind on Pandemonium. Pike cheered up the disappointed Grog by offering to make him a homemade (and decidedly NOT magic) Deck of Many Things.

"Dalen's Closet" (Sx47)
Grog took it upon himself to taste-test the food for Vex and Percy's rehearsal dinner, making sure at least half of them weren't poisoned. The bride and groom put him in charge of clearing a path down the aisle and laying down petals. Grog teared up when they asked him. He swears that he will practice his petal-throwing skill all night.

During the rehearsal dinner, Grog was the only one, along with Derrig and Trinket, to remain conscious as the rest of the wedding party suddenly dozed off. While he fought off the vampires attacking them, he didn't notice that Vex and Percy were being taken. When Sylas tried to escape in bat form, Grog struck him down with his Bloodaxe, forcing him back into the ground for Vex to deal the final blow.

Grog Strongjaw - Wesley Griffith

Official art of Grog in 836 PD, by Wesley Griffith.[art 12]

As revealed in "The Chapter Closes" (1x115), Grog returned to Vasselheim to turn himself in for punching a guard in a certain potion merchant's shop. However, he was recognized as one of the saviors of the city and forgiven of his crime. The merchant was initially indignant at Grog's release, until Grog offered him 8,000 gold to become his own personal reading tutor. He agreed. While in the city, Grog helped Earthbreaker Groon rebuild the temple of Kord, and occasionally had Pike join him in the Crucible to defend their titles there. He also adventured with Pike, and moved in with her into Wilhand's home. When Scanlan asked him for permission to accept Pike's proposal, Grog accepted. He gave Scanlan a black sapphire for Pike, and carried Scanlan down the aisle at the wedding.

Grog's next great challenge was to improve his mind. He eventually learned to read and write, and also studied numbers. He organized the Luncheon of Champions, an event taking place in Whitestone every four years on the Day of Challenging to which he invites the greatest warriors of Exandria to a massive brawl, followed by food and drinks.[53]

Uncle Grog and the De Rolo kids by Wesley Griffith

Fan art of Grog telling tales to the de Rolo children, by Wesley Griffith.[art 13]

Grog's bellicose personality caused him to end up in prison on more than one occasion (being released thanks to the intervention of Vex and Percy). At some point he tried to find love, without success.[54]

As of 843 PD, Bertrand Bell believed Grog was in Whitestone.[55] However, during Bells Hells' multiple trips to the city and castle, they did not encounter him there.

The Legend of Vox Machina[]

Season One[]

Briarwoods arc[]

Grog participates in a drinking contest with his friends and wins. However, he becomes angered by the taunting of another group of mercs, and after enough goading from Vax, he chops off the hand of one of the mercs. It delves into a bar fight, which enrages the bar keep enough to kick Vox Machina out. Although the group are in a funk after being kicked out, Grog happily plays with the hand he severed before Scanlan shows everyone a help wanted sheet that would earn them money. They meet the council of Tal'dorei, who hire them to kill the unknown beast attacking innocent lands. As they seek out on their mission, they learn it's a blue dragon called Brimscythe. Grog impulsively decides to fight the dragon despite being woefully unprepared, which leads to him being easily struck down by the dragon. Brimscythe defeats the party by sending rocks down on them. They survive, but Grog is severely injured, before being healed by Pike. Grog initially wants to abandon the mission, but after finding a village they passed through had been ravaged, he has a change of heart and wants to kill the dragon.

The party returns to Emon, informing Uriel that while they did survive the fight, the dragon was still at large. Uriel made the decision to bring the fight to the dragon, dismissing Vox Machina from the palace. Vex'ahlia then reveals she felt the presence of someone working with the dragon in the council, meaning one of them was a mole. Scanlan claims the mole is probably Allura, with Grog agreeing. Vex shoots them down claiming it to be Fince, with Grog conceding he didn't actually get anyone's name. Vex then assigns Grog & Scanlan to the task of looking for Fince, much to Scanlan's boredom. Grog steals a keg of ale and chugs it to pass the time until Scanlan notices Fince going past them. The two quickly follow him and watch as he enters a mansion whilst drawing a blade, locking the door. Scanlan rushes off to tell the others just as Grog asks him to get him a sandwich. Scanlan caves to the request before getting the others. As Grog enjoys eating his sandwich, the other party members try different ways of getting the door open. After a couple failures, Vax takes a toothpick off Grog's sandwich and uses it to pick the lock. As they go inside, they look seek Fince and finally catch him stealing documents from Krieg's cellar. He tries to explain himself to the party until Krieg murders him. The party gives chase to him, landing themselves in a room filled with magic. Grog suddenly becomes infatuated with a pornographic painting, much to Keyleth's disgust. She throws a book at him, which bounces off his head and reveals a hidden portal.

They go threw it, revealing a huge treasure trove. They become ecstatic as Grog helps fill the party's bag of holding with various valuable items, until Vex comes to her senses and informs the party that this is the dragon's hoard. Krieg shows back up and reveals to have actually been the dragon all along. Another fight ensues and Brimscythe begins to manhandle the party in battle, giving Grog a heavy shock with his lightning. When they have a moment, the party devises a plan. Scanlan creates an illusion to trick the party. With Brimscythe hoodwinked, the party each play their part in killing the dragon with Grog delivering the final blow by axing Brimscythe in the skull before taking one of the dragon's teeth as proof that they killed him. Scanlan credits him on this. They then run as fast as they can as the place began to collapse. They return to the council, who congratulates and thanks Vox Machina for their victory, giving them a deed and key to their new keep as a reward.

The morning after their first night in the keep, Grog is eating breakfast with his friends. He quickly punches Vax in the crotch, proudly announcing, "7 to 2!" Lady Allura quickly shows up to call for their audience. Grog smashes the door open when she calls for them. She informs them that Sovereign Uriel expects them at his banquet. As Grog listens to Allura, Vax suddenly elbows him in the crotch as a delayed retaliation, much to Allura's intolerance. Scanlan points it out as a three pointer. They eventually make it to the banquet the following night. Begrudgingly leaving their weapons at the main booth. Grog and the others disperse as they get inside. He and Pike pick up a few glasses of champagne, which confuses Grog as he was planning to get drunk. Nevertheless, he chugs down two of them.

After that, Grog and the others reconnect just in time to see Percy in a state of anger and paranoia, explaining that the Briarwoods, who just showed up to the banquet took everything from him when he was a teenager. Upon learning they would be staying over night, Vax offers to sneak into their room. Scanlan suggests a safe word for Vax in case things go south, which Grog suggests should be "Jenga". The party, excluding Vax then attend Uriel's table. Grog notices Percy grimace as he sees the Briarwoods were also attending the table, understanding things were going to be intense.

As they all sit down. Grog suggests Percy says hello to the Briarwoods to break the ice before landing a punch on them, with Pike shooting the idea down. Grog eats improperly as dinner goes on and Percy remains on edge. After Percy has an outburst from a lie about the de Rolos spewed by Delilah, the party takes him away to talk in private. Percy tells them the Briarwoods killed his entire family and conquered Whitestone, surprising the party. After learning who the Briarwoods really were, the party decides to leave and save Vax, as he was in the room they would be staying in.

After Vex sensed Vax was in imminent danger, Grog throws the guy who made them leave their weapons out of his booth. They collected their weapons and ran out of the building to save Vax, who was just about to be killed by Sylas. Grog runs into battle to face Sylas head on. Sylas draws his personal greatsword, Craven Edge and slash Grog a few times with it. Grog gazes in awe not only as the blade absorbs the blood drawn from him, but also increases its size. The two continue to square off until Delilah calls for their carriage driver. The couple then take off. As Percy gets ready to shoot the driver for his working for the Briarwoods, the party is stopped and seized by Uriel's guards.

Grog and the others are taken before Uriel who reprimands them for attacking the Briarwoods and thus, ruining the banquet. Lady Allura calms him down, promising to handle the party accordingly, by putting them under house arrest. Grog and the others are then confined to their keep and their weapons are taken away by Captain Jarett's men. Grog angrily objects to just having to sit in the keep, but the decision was made. So Grog decided to entertain himself by lifting a makeshift weight bar. He then suggested beating up the guards and escaping, but Vax shot the idea down. Percy instead finds a secret opening in the room that leads to a hallway, which leads to a way out, but Jarett catches them and has them separated. Grog is locked away with Pike in the latter's shrine.

Grog checks in on Pike to see if she's okay. Pike claims she was trying to meditate. Grog then looks around for something to eat. He then finds an urn and starts eating the contents out of it until Pike tells him their her ancestors' remains. Grog then picks up Pike's holy symbol. Understanding Pike speaks to the Everlight through it, he tries to speak through it himself, hoping for a reply. Pike soon breaks into tears, telling him ever since the symbol was cracked, it feels like the Everlight doesn't listen to her anymore. Grog suggests simply apologizing to her in that.

They hear a commotion outside and decide to investigate. The door was locked however, and Grog was reluctant to break Pike's shrine until she gave him her permission to do so, as it sounded serious. The party reconnects and they realize that Delilah had sent wraiths their way. Understanding they were under attack, Jarett gives them weapons to fend off the wraiths.

The wraiths gain the upper hand at the start of the battle as they were in darkness and could not by hit by their victims. That comes to a change however, when Keyleth conjures light, rendering the wraiths vulnerable. The party could finally hit and destroy them. Once they did, this convinced Jarett to let them go and stop whoever it was who sent them.

The party begins to leave in the morning but Pike remains behind as she needs to reconnect with the Everlight. Grog offered to stand by her side the whole time, but Pike insisted this was a journey she had to do on her own. She assures him she would still be there even if she was gone. Grog tearfully hugs her goodbye before reluctantly leaving.

They then devise a plan for getting what they need in order to start their journey. Grog takes part in stealing a humble horse carriage. Grog then begins to feel distressed. Grog moped and wept, still upset about Pike's absence, even admitting Pike was stronger than all of them. He was not worried about her, but how they would fare without her.

Vex has Percy stop the cart when she feels a disturbing presence. It turns out to be monstrous canine creatures sent by Delilah. They capture Scanlan as he had Delilah's book. The party chases after them all the way to a cliff. Noticing a couple of the monsters chasing them as well, Grog & Vax fight them head on. Both monsters hop into the carriage. Grog nearly gets swallowed by one of them, but he rips the creature in half before he could be eaten. He then tosses the other one out after it bit Vax. The party then notices how dangerously close they are to the cliff and they all jump out, losing their carriage and stuff they bought from Gilmore in the process.

When they find a spot to make camp, Grog watches Scanlan use a scroll he looted from Brimscythe's cave. He watched with fascination as the gnome turned into various things. Later that night, Grog suggests the party goes around explaining the craziest thing they have ever killed. When it was Grog's turn, he spoke about a desert monster he fought and killed it by prying its jaws open and biting its tongue out. When Percy is asked what the worst monsters he faced were, he answers that its the Briarwoods, and that they would be seeing them soon. Grog calls him a buzzkill.

When they finally make it to Whitestone, they see it in the desecrated state that it is. Percy later gains their attention by pointing to seven corpses hung from the Sun Tree, each corpse dressed as a member of Vox Machina, showing them the Briarwoods were anticipating them. Though unsettled by this, the party had to move on as a resistance member called them over to hide with them as a zombie giant was heading their direction. When the resistance member notices Percy's attire, she asks if he's another member of it. The party is later taken to Keeper Yennen, who is amazed to see Percy again and seeing him as a leader now. Grog scoffs at this, claiming Percy's size was insufficient for him to be a leader. Yennen takes them into a secret hideout. When Grog sees that there are ale barrels, but finds them empty, he becomes furious.

The party later try to devise plans to rescue Archibald Desnay. after Yennen informed Percy he had been captured. Grog's plan was just to kill everyone and leave. Since Grog's idea was one of the bad ones, Vex devised her own plan. She, Keyleth, and Grog would take the front door of the building the Briarwoods' men were keeping Archie in. Grog tosses a few Briarwoods guards while Keyleth picks up the keys to the prison. The party reconnects and they save Archie, only to be stopped in their tracks by Sir Kerrion Stonefell. Grog helps fight against the guards Stonefell had on hand and they eventually won.

They all flee from the prison, returning to Yennen's hideout. After Percy explains the origin story of his pepperbox, Grog asks why it had writing on the barrels. When Keyleth tried to put life back into the Sun tree, she accidentally starts a fire, prompting Vax to put it out with a barrel of liquid. When said liquid was revealed to be ale, Grog restrained himself from acting violently. Later, the party run off on a rescue mission for Cassandra, while spying on Professor Anders when they find the building the two are located in. Grog laughs when Scanlan suggests he lures the guards away from Anders' house, but the party later relents and lets him go.

Upon seeing a sign that Scanlan's solo mission was a success, the party runs to enter Anders' home. Vax tries to see if there is a trap first, only for Grog to dismiss the idea and impulsively bust the door open, where guards were pointing bows at the party. The guards released their arrows into Grog, only igniting the goliath's wrath in the process, which gets most of the guards killed.

When Grog catches up to Percy, he notices Anders had brought empty suits of armor to life. Grog eagerly fights one of them, only to realize he cannot lay a dent on the construct. The party later learns they need to disassemble the armor by going for their joints. Grog turns to Anders himself, ready to kill him, only for Anders to possess Grog with his silver tongue. On Anders' orders, Grog attacks his friends. This escalates when Vex tries to kill Anders to break the possession, but Anders possesses her, Keyleth, & Vax in the same manner. When it seems he has the upper hand, Percy eventually manages to shoot Anders' tongue out, restoring his friends' minds before killing Anders. After that, they reconnect with Scanlan outside, who warns them of a hoard of zombies heading their way.

They made a run for it to Archibald's hideout. They were not safe there for long however, as zombies burst through the door and attacked. They managed to slay the zombies, but Scanlan got bit. Since it would spread, Grog offered to amputate the arm, but Scanlan accepted it only as a last resort. They eventually move out of the hideout, where they find a zombie giant heading their way. Percy uses a rifle to destroy the giant in one shot, much to Grog's amusement. Unfortunately, Duke Vedmire showed up with two more giants, ordering them to kill Vox Machina. The party split up, not ready to fight them, before meeting back up at the Sun Tree. Try as they may have, more zombies showed up, making the denizens of Whitestone lose hope. But after a rousing speech from Percy, Grog encouraged everyone to kill everything.

Killing all the zombies was still no easy task. And when things seemed hopeless, Pike returned, coolly greeting the party. Grog gratefully embraced her. But upon noticing she was glowing he asked if she was a ghost, but she quickly explained that she was in astral projection form. Now the fight was much easier. Grog had Scanlan throw him at one of the incoming zombie giants. When Grog landed on top of the undead, he bisected it by chopping it from the head all the way down. When the zombie hoard finally lets up, Vox Machina, along with Cassandra hunt down the Briarwoods. They go through an underground dungeon on the way. A prisoner calls out to them asking to be freed in exchange for helping them find the Briarwoods, but Percy only turns his pepperbox on the prisoner.



Grog calls Keyleth's sabretooth tiger form "Minxie", after the two of them (Keyleth in her cat form) attempted to intimidate somebody and Keyleth pretended to be Grog's pet.[56] Keyleth and Grog have worked together on other occasions as well, such as creating a special combo attack referred to as the "Fastball Special", where Keyleth turns into a brawny creature, like an earth elemental, in order to have enough strength to throw Grog at a large opponent.

Grog was present when Keyleth was on the brink of attacking Raishan when the dragon revealed herself in the guise of Seeker Assum and explained to her the value of patience.[57] When Keyleth, struggling with her anger at Raishan, asked Grog how he manages to keep his rage in check, he answered: "Family."[58]

Lady Kima of Vord[]

Grog became infatuated with Lady Kima after the party freed her from a torture rack in Emberhold and she subsequently borrowed Pike's mace to bash the duergar who tortured her into "hamburger meat."


Grog and Pike are very close friends due to Grog protecting Pike's great-great-grandfather Wilhand Trickfoot, and Pike having saved his life after his uncle Kevdak banished him from his tribe and ordered the other tribe members to beat him near to death. The two often joke when working together, and Pike will often defend Grog from jokes made by other team members. After her death and resurrection, she has become more violent and bloodthirsty, sometimes even impressing Grog.


Grog and Scanlan Shorthalt were best friends, occasionally pursuing the same things. After he left Vox Machina though, relations between the two have been strained. Grog seems to feel that he has been replaced by the "Bardbarian".


Grog and Vax'ildan have a rather antagonistic relationship, the two of them occasionally playing pranks on each other. Aside from that, they are close friends who have each others' backs.

Character information[]


Grog's quest is not exactly known. However, it has been stated by Travis that he wants revenge on his uncle Kevdak for nearly killing him, which he managed to fulfill in "The Kill Box" (1x52).[59]

One of Grog's short term goals was to beat the half-orc Kern, also known as "The Hammer", who beat him in the Crucible—a quest he has since fulfilled.[60]


  • Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Intimidation, Survival[61]
  • Tools: Smith's Tools,[62] at least one other set of artisan's tools[63]

Notable items[]

Current items[]

Viktor Engholm - Craven Edge - Grog

Fan art of Grog with the Craven Edge, by Viktor Engholm.[art 14]

Former items[]


Grog has a few abilities that allow him to inflict more damage in combat and demoralize the enemy. The primal path of his rage is that of the berserker—his rage is a means to an end, in which his thrill is derived from the chaotic nature of battle. He later multiclassed into a Battle Master fighter similar to his uncle Kevdak, gaining use of Second Wind, the Great Weapon Fighting style, the ability to use Action Surge, and a variety of combat maneuvers.


Fan art of Grog Strongjaw, by David Rodrigues.[art 15]

Goliath abilities[]

  • Mountain Born
  • Natural Athlete
  • Powerful Build
  • Stone's Endurance

Additional features[]

  • Beard Growth (Belt of Dwarvenkind)
  • Darkvision (Belt of Dwarvenkind)
  • Dwarven Resilience (Belt of Dwarvenkind)
  • Elemental Resistance (Fire/Cold/Lightning) (Titanstone Knuckles)
  • Enlarge (Titanstone Knuckles)
  • Siege Damage (Titanstone Knuckles)


  • Great Weapon Master (taken at level 12)[87]
  • Tough[88]
  • Mobile[89]
  • Mage Slayer[90]

Barbarian abilities[]

  • Rage
  • Unarmored Defense
  • Reckless Attack
  • Danger Sense
  • Primal Path: Path of the Berserker
    • Frenzy
    • Intimidating Presence
    • Mindless Rage
    • Retaliation
  • Extra Attack
  • Fast Movement
  • Feral Instinct
  • Brutal Critical (3 dice)
  • Relentless Rage
  • Persistent Rage

Fighter abilities[]

  • Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting [91]
  • Second Wind[92]
  • Action Surge[93]
  • Martial Archetype: Battle Master
    • Combat Superiority
    • Student of War: Smith's Tools[94]


As a 3rd-level Battle Master, Grog knows three combat maneuvers and has four Superiority Dice, which are d8s.

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "I would like to rage!" (Grog's catchphrase)[98]
  • "I have an intelligence of six, I know what I'm doing."[99]
  • "You owe me a cask. Of. Ale"[100]
  • "How about-- All of the dragon's teeth and three of the vials of blood?" (Grog's attempt at haggling)[101]
  • "...Vax." (after having half his beard shaved)[102]
  • "Do you have a female setting?" (to his cursed sword Craven Edge}[103]
  • "In my anger." (when first asked where he finds his strength)[104]
  • "In my friends." (when asked again where he finds his strength)[105]
  • “Vox Machina! Fuck shit up!”[106]
  • "FOR STRONGJAW!" (During his HDYWTDT on Kevdak)[107]
  • "Bidet." (Grog trying to sound fancy)[108]
  • "Standing there, with one hit point, acid melting my flesh, I would like to pull out the Deck of Many Things."[109]
  • "Vox Machina, fuck shit up! And I would like to rage! With my bonus action, I will smash the Titanstone Knuckles together."[110]
  • Grog: (responding to Keyleth asking how he keeps his rage at bay) Right, it all comes down to one word, really. Family. Right, before I was a part of this group, I had no family. Pike took me in, I met all of you. And I had a purpose. So before that, I would be down to fuck up anything up, anytime, no problem. I still kinda am. But I realized that if I fly off the handle too soon, it screws over my family. That's no good 'cause I care about you. Most of you. You're gonna get yours. It's coming, and I'm going to help you. And I'm going to high-five you when it's done. But until then, you keep that shit tucked inside. Let it build. And then, when the time is right, you let her have it. And I'll throw you into the fray, when the time is right.
    Keyleth: Promise?
    Grog: Yeah, I promise.[111]


Grog PillarsOfEternity

Grog's portrait in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.[art 16]

  • "Grog" is a term for any alcoholic beverage, originally referring to a drink made with water and rum.
    • Travis didn't have a name for his character when he arrived at their first home game, so when Matt asked him for one he made it up on the spot.[112] He cited his love of the game Monkey Island, where "Grog" is a popular pirate beverage that is 'one of the most caustic, volatile substances known to man'.
    • "Grog" itself originated from the nickname of Vice Admiral Edward Vernon (who first introduced the drink), Old Grog or Old Grogram, which itself stemmed from how Vernon wore a coat of grosgrain (also known as grogram) cloth.
  • As of June 2022, Grog had highest constitution score of any player character and the second highest strength score after Zerxus Ilerez.
  • Grog formerly had the lowest intelligence score of any player character. However, starting in December 2019, that distinction belonged to Buddy the Ogre with an Intelligence of 5, which has not been surpassed so far.
    • Occasionally Travis forgets himself and "Grog" says something clever, usually played off as a random moment of cleverness. However at least once it has resulted in Grog suffering pain and the DM assigning psychic damage for "attempting to think too hard."[113]
  • Grog officially puts Kashaw Vesh to shame when it comes to genital size.[114]
  • Grog was the first player character to die after the stream began, and the second overall, after Pike.
  • In the Critical Role Major Arcana Tarot Card Set, he represents VIII - Strength.
  • In the 2017 video game "Mass Effect: Andromeda", there is a krogan warlord named "Strogjaw Grog". Strogjaw Grog is the leader of a refuge for exiled scavengers known as "The Flophouse" on the scorching desert moon of Elaaden.
  • In the Vox Machina Origins comics, Grog's title of "Grand Poobah de Doink of All of This and That" is erroneously written as "Grand Poobah of de Doink."[citation needed]
  • Travis compared Grog to Joey from Friends, at least when it comes to their love lives.[115]
  • Grog's design as a large, muscular man with pale skin, a bald head, facial and body tattoos, and thick black beard coincidentally gave him a resemblance to Kratos in the 2018 video game God of War. Additionally, Kratos also has the special ability to "Spartan Rage" in the game. Many Critters were quick to point out these resemblances across various social media such as Twitter and Reddit, with quite a few posts directed straight to Travis Willingham.
  • Grog is included in the Critical Role Pack DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
    • A screenshot on the DLC's Steam page shows Grog built in-game as an Island Aumaua.
  • According to Matthew Mercer, in The Legend of Vox Machina Marisha Ray and Laura Bailey were the ones who recorded most of Grog's burps, as they were the cast members who demonstrated the most ability to do so.[116]
  • In "The Legend of Vox Machina Kickstarter is LIVE!", Sam Riegel wanted to voice Grog during Travis' nightmare.[citation needed]
  • Grog currently holds fifth place for highest damage in a single turn, achieved during "The Search For Grog" (Sx42) with two critical hits with the Bloodaxe plus Enlarge dealing 152 points of damage total.[117]

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