Grimgolir is a mountain-based dwarven society on the far eastern side of the Marrow Valley.[2]

The mountain dwarves of Grimgolir are prized for their soldiers and their mines, so much so that they were granted unprecedented autonomy when they were inducted into the Empire.[1]


When Grimgolir was brought into the Empire, jealousy developed between it and Pride's Call as Grimgolir took over military activities and Pride’s Call began to fall out of favor.[3]




In 835 PD, Grimgolir has a population of 19,090. The racial breakdown of the city is 81% Dwarves, 8% humans, 6% halflings, 5% other races.[1]

Notable People

Name Type Description
The Mountain Makers NPC A mercenary group who competed in the Victory Pit during the Harvest Close Festival in Zadash.[4]
Norda NPC Dwarven lawmaster of Trostenwald, native of Grimgolir.[5]



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