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Greyskull Keep was the home of Vox Machina. It is located in the Republic of Tal'Dorei, just outside the slums of Emon on the southern side.[1]

After first saving the city of Emon, Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei II and the Council of Tal'Dorei rewarded them with the construction of Greyskull.[2] It took six months to build.[3] Following the Whitestone Rebellion, Sovereign Uriel agreed to make Greyskull Keep the Whitestone Embassy in Emon. During the Chroma Crisis, Vox Machina abandoned the keep and relocated to Whitestone Castle.


Greyskull Keep is on top of a grassy hill surrounded by a river to the south of the city. A massive gate blocks the entrance to the courtyard of the keep, usually guarded by at least one person at all times. An iron bell is situated at the top of the keep to alert everyone inside of new arrivals.[4]



Fan art of the basement level of Greyskull Keep, by Son of Joxer.[art 1]

The basement of Greyskull Keep features a small holding cell for storing prisoners, as well as Percival de Rolo's workshop. Percy's workshop includes several workbenches and a forge.

Ground level[]


Fan art of the ground level of Greyskull Keep, by Son of Joxer.[art 2]

Temple to Sarenrae[]

A temple to Sarenrae is located near the bottom of the keep. The roof is about two stories in height, with an opening at the top to allow light to shine on the altar at the end of the room. On the two walls that lead up to the shrine on either side are windows ordained with colored glass. There are trees and bushes in pots along the sides, and wooden benches set up in rows facing the altar.[5]

Dining room[]

A communal dining area that consists of four large round wooden tables.

Upper level[]


Fan art of the upper level of Greyskull Keep, by Son of Joxer.[art 3]

Sleeping quarters []

Section of the keep where the rooms of the various members of Vox Machina and their staff reside.

  • Tiberius's room: Tiberius once mentioned that he had a dirt bath with various minerals from the earth to clean his scales. It is unknown if Vox Machina has done anything to his room after his departure.


Room where a large part of Vox Machina's finances are kept.

Notable people[]

Prior to completion, Vox Machina hired staff to take care of the place. They also hired guards, using Grog's idea of having each guard pull a straw and fight to the death to determine who was strong enough to defend the keep. Guards (aside from the captain) were generally paid 100gp per month, while servants were paid 50.[6]



Former staff[]

  • Jarett Howarth:[8] Former captain of the guard. Now works in Whitestone.
  • Cordell:[8] Deceased. Male half-orc guard; wore scaled armor and wielded a two-handed sword; part of the night shift.
  • Natibe Kurios:[9] Presumed dead. Guard. Male elf rogue; master of spying and infiltration.[9]



Critical Role[]

While visiting Emon, Vox Machina discovered that Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei II, his wife, and his children were all under the influence of a demonic force that had infiltrated the throne. They managed to save Uriel and his family, putting an end to the threat.[10][11] As a reward for their heroism, Uriel offered Vox Machina a place on the Tal'Dorei Council and announced that he had commissioned the construction of their keep.[2] Lord Riskel Daxio oversaw the planning for the keep's construction,[12] which took place over a period of six months.[3] Vox Machina spent much of their downtime between adventures here. After attending a dinner at the Cloudwatch Palace, then battling with the Briarwoods, the party took prisoner their driver Desmond Otham for questioning.[13][14] The party then traveled to Whitestone to clear their name and liberate the city.

After Vox Machina returned to Emon and reinstated to the Tal'Dorei Council, the Chroma Conclave attacked the city. The party was present during the initial attack and fled to the keep via Keyleth's Transport via Plants and took some refugees from the surrounding farmlands, then briefly battling Vorugal before Thordak told him to move on.[15] During their fight with the dragon, the keep was damaged when Vorugal landed on the roof, but was repaired when Pike Trickfoot summoned a "deva-like entity" of Sarenrae to repair the damage.[16] Vox Machina rescued Shaun Gilmore, Sherri, and the rest of the Tal'Dorei Royal Family minus Uriel who was killed during the attack, relocated the refugees, their staff, and themselves to Whitestone, abandoning Greyskull Keep for the rest of the Chroma Crisis.[17]

Following the completion of Keyleth's Aramenté in Vesrah, Vox Machina spent a brief amount of time in the keep, finding their staff had returned there after Thordak's defeat in the Siege of Emon. After this, they went to Zephrah for Keyleth's coronation as Voice of the Tempest, ultimately returning to Whitestone.

Post Campaign One[]

Now retired from adventuring and after the events of "Dalen's Closet" (Sx47) with Percival de Rolo and Vex'ahlia's wedding, the party moved away from the keep and Emon in general. Greyskull Keep was transformed into a museum dedicated to Vox Machina and their adventures.[18]

The Legend of Vox Machina[]


Screenshot of Vox Machina's keep from "The Feast of Realms" (LVM1x03).[art 5]

After defeating the blue dragon Brimscythe, Vox Machina was rewarded with a title deed and key to an unnamed keep where they could live and be kept on retainer in case other threats to Emon should arise.[19] The keep was somewhat derelict, overgrown with vines and crumbling in some places, and had no staff.[20] Scanlan Shorthalt mentioned selling it but was met with disapproving looks from Sovereign Uriel, Kima of Vord, and Allura Vysoren. The next day, Lady Allura visited the party at breakfast and informed them about a feast to be hosted by Uriel to discuss matters. After the altercation with the Briarwoods at the feast, the party was sent to the keep and told to remain under house arrest supervised by Jarett Howarth. There, they were attacked by wraiths and all of Jarrett's men were killed. Eventually, thanks to Keyleth's light, they were able to defeat all wraiths[21]

Vox Machina were at the Cloudwatch Palace assisting Sovereign Uriel's abdication from the throne when the Chroma Conclave attacked the city. Shaun Gilmore, also present, told the party to meet him at his shop, Gilmore's Glorious Goods. After a brief encounter with the green dragon Raishan, the party reached the now destroyed shop to find a badly injured Gilmore inside. He teleported everyone to Greyskull Keep. Vox Machina, reunited with Trinket, greated refugees fleeing the city just before the white dragon Vorugal attacked the keep. While Keyleth tried to prepare a portal to Whitestone, the dragon destroys the keep and kills a lot of refugees. The portal now ready, Vox Machina, Gilmore, and a few remaining refugees go through and arrived at the base of the Sun Tree where Keeper Yennen and Cassandra de Rolo were discussing.[22]



Castle Grayskull, on which Greyskull Keep was modeled.

  • Greyskull Keep was named by the cast after Castle Grayskull from the TV show and comics Masters of the Universe. A fan sent the cast a model of Castle Greyskull to be used as Greyskull Keep,[23] though the model was not used on the game board.
    • The keep as it appears in The Legend of Vox Machina as so far been unnamed, likely due to copyright concerns.


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