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The Greying Wildlands lie north of Xhorhas and the Dwendalian Empire in Wildemount. It is a lawless realm harboring a curse that has kept it unconquered by human hands.[3]


Wildemount, Version 20,4

Map of Wildemount

The Wildlands is bordered to the south by the Dunrock Mountains. One of the main thoroughfares into and out of the Wildlands goes through the ravine at the Quannah Breach, which opens up into a widening valley. There is a large forest called the Savalirwood that begins about halfway through Shadycreek Run.[4][5]

Towards the north of the Greying Wildlands is a large mountain range called the Flotket Alps.[6] Caduceus's dreams indicate that somewhere in this region is a snowless mountain, Kravaraad, which holds the Kiln, a shrine he seeks.

The Greying Wildlands is bordered by two seas, The Frigid Depths and The Emerald Gulch.[5]

Crystalsands Tundra[]

The Crystalsands Tundra is an area of white dunes[7] located in the northwest of the Greying Wildlands.[5]

Flotket Alps[]

The Flotket Alps is a mountain range in the north of the Greying Wildlands. The Alps are tall mountains with jagged peaks and spires that come to dangerous points, all coated in snow and ice, densely forested in pine.[9] Amidst all the snow-capped peaks is one snow-free mountain, named Kravaraad.[10]

  • Kravaraad,[5] a craggy black volcano[11] that is the location of the Cinderrest Sanctum or Burning Lodge, home to the Underforge[12] of The Wildmother, a gift to The Allhammer.
  • Mythburrow,[5] home to Gelidon, the Nightmare in Ivory.[13]
  • Uthodurn:[5] a city north of the Ivory Lake and southwest of Kravaraad in the Flotket Alps of the Greying Wildlands. A rare haven for both Dwarves and Elves.
  • Uraliss,[5] former farming outpost of Uthodurn, located on the border of the Flotket Alps and the Rime Plains, but was abandoned after numerous difficulties.

Rime Plains[]

The Rime Plains occupy the southeastern area of the Greying Wildlands.[5] In the northern edges near the Flotket Alps are dangerous, bloodthirsty orcs.[14]

  • Boroftkrah: a mobile town located at the southern edge of the Rime Plains and at the base of the Eastern Dunrock Mountains. It has a large population of orcs and half-orcs, who survive by hunting on the plains.[15] It is the hometown of Wursh[16].


The Savalirwood is a cursed forest surrounding Shadycreek Run in the southwest of the Greying Wildlands. It was once a green forest but is now a greyish purple ashen color, shrouded in superstition and mythology. The deeper in, the more dangerous it gets.[17] The nature of where it draws its life and its color is very unnatural.[18]

Environment and Society[]

Greying Wildlands are deserts of ice and snow: dense, desiccated forests, rolling mountains, and icy tundra. The empire has struggled to expand into the region, leaving its denizens to focus on their own survival in the harsh territory, where wandering outlanders and barbarous hunters stalk the unchecked wilderness.[22]




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