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The Green Beetle Breastplate is a piece of armor owned and worn by Caduceus Clay and temporarily lent to Jester Lavorre.


The Green Beetle Breastplate is made of a greenish-blue pearlescent metal fashioned to appear like beetle chitin,[5] and is covered in lichen.[6] It initially granted an AC of 14 plus the wearer's dexterity (max of 2), in line with a typical breastplate.[7][8] Later, Pumat Sol enchanted the armor to have a +1 bonus to AC at Caduceus's request.[9]


The armor was created for Caduceus by his sister Calliope at some point prior to her leaving the Blooming Grove.[10] He took it with him when he first joined the Mighty Nein, and wore it throughout the campaign as his primary armor.

Prior to leaving for Eiselcross, Caduceus brought the armor to The Invulnerable Vagrant for Pumat to enchant it.[11] While in Aeor, the party found a set of Aeorian Protective Chestplate, which Caduceus chose to wear instead for a time, and he lent his breastplate to Jester.[12]

When the Mighty Nein parted ways, Jester returned the breastplate to Caduceus, who gave her his Shield of Retribution in exchange.[13]



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