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The Gravelway Path[1] leads through the Dwendalian Empire from the Rillway Road to Hupperdook past the Silberquel Ridge.[2]


Rillway Road to Hupperdook[]

The Mighty Nein noticed the road becoming colder as they traveled north. Beside the road, in the fields, they saw an overturned cart with a tan cover over the top.[3] It had some simple grain bags and things that were placed deliberately towards the exits of the two sides of the cover.[4]

Empire Roadmap

A Road Map of the Empire

The fields that surround the road begin to give away to tall grass and trade for scrub land and rocks, as the road approaches the Silberquel Ridge.[5]


  • A caravan of four carts with families from Nogvurot, heading south.[6]
  • Bandits of various sizes. They wore hoods and patchwork cobbled-together hide and leather armors. To cover their faces, they had mismatched green,[7] blue, and black cloth. Some had hand crossbows, two had heavy crossbows, and a few of them had shortswords.


"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23)[]

The Mighty Nein encountered the same group of bandits, led by Zenny, that they had defeated on the Amber Road.



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