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The Gorgynei is a sect of blood hunters with lycanthropy who learned to use hemocraft to tame the curse. As of 843 PD, they live in the Gloomed Jungles of Aeshanadoor in Marquet. The Gorgynei are dedicated to preventing the spread of lycanthropy to others[2] and, according to ally Ajit Dayal, their beliefs regarding lycanthropy are additionally considered "eccentric" by some.


The Gorgynei is a sect of blood hunters with lycanthropy who learned to use hemocraft to tame the curse.[3] The Gorgynei swear not to pass their lycanthropy on to others.[4] Some consider them "eccentric" for the way that they think about living with lycanthropy. Ajit Dayal, an ally, describes them as doing "many misunderstood but good things for the people and societies around them that shun them".[5]

Individuals of the Gorgynei locate one another by moving far from the cities at dusk and howling as loudly as possible once the sun set low enough to touch the mountains.[6]

They worship an entity called Sahyaadon, who protects the hunter and the prey alike and helps them control their bestial side. There is a nearby temple called Zha'Vrollo dedicated to Sahyaadon.[7]

Each year the group welcomes three to four new arrivals, but also has to say goodbye to three or four of their members. Their leader Annaline noted that maintaining a society was challenging in the face of their day-to-day struggle.[8]



The Gorgynei had settled in the Oderan Wilds by the early 830s PD.[9][fn 1] Gurge Kisgregg, who was bitten by a werewolf in Wildemount, sought their aid around 833 PD.[10] Some time later, they rescued Ajit Dayal and his wife from vine monsters in the Oderan Wilds while the two were traveling from Evishi. In return, Ajit provided them with equipment and supplies for a time after and spoke with them regularly about lycanthropy.[11] Gurge left the group in about 836 or 837 PD after a falling out with its leadership.[3][12] Afterward, the Gorgynei left the jungles of the Oderan Wilds and, finding the open spaces of the Hellcatch Valley unsuitable, moved on to live in the Gloomed Jungles of Aeshanadoor,[9] creating the hidden village of Barinak where all lycanthropes were welcomed, even if they were unable or unwilling to learn the discipline of hemocraft.[13]

In recent years, they have made an accord with an individual within the Court of the Lambent Path, in which the Gorgynei are permitted to continue to live secretly in the Gloomed Jungles in exchange for maintaining the safety of the roads. They hunt and bring trophies of any unnatural things killed to their contact at the Court in return for coin.[14]

Campaign Three[]

In 843 PD, Gurge sought to connect Chetney Pock O'Pea with Ajit in the expectation that Ajit could direct Chetney to the Gorgynei.[3] Gurge encouraged Chetney to find the Gorgynei, though he advised Chetney to not mention him to them.[15] Following Gurge's recommendation, Gurge spoke to Ajit, who told Chetney where to find the Gorgynei and how to draw their attention.[6]

When Chetney and the rest of Bells Hells reached the Gloomed Jungles of Aeshanadoor in which the Gorgynei were said to live, he and the party howled at dusk, and were shortly confronted by a group of five members of the pack. When Chetney said they were seeking Divaasheela, their leader Annaline told him that was a code name used for her, and took them with her to their village of Barinak. There, Chetney was told more of the history of the group and his possible paths to learn more about how to control his gift.[16]

Known members[]


  • Gorgynei comes from the Persian word for werewolf (گرگینه).[25]
  • As part of their diet they eat mistfuzz tuber, which is less frequent in other regions of Marquet.[26]



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