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Gorgons are large quadrupedal creatures covered in natural iron plates. They can attack their targets with their hooves and horns, and additionally exhale a petrifying gas.



Gorgons look like bulls covered in metal armor.[3] The mutated gorgon the Mighty Nein encountered at the shrine to Melora near the Whitedawn Lagoon also had barbed protrusions, and a scoop-like jaw.[4]


  • Armor Class 19,[1] >23 when tightened (Miskath gorgon)[5]


The gorgon can attack with its long horns or with its hooves. It can also exhale a gas that induces petrification; the save DC is 13 and the target gets two chances to save against it before being turned to stone.[1]

The Miskath gorgon the Mighty Nein fought additionally poisoned anyone in melee range of it when it was hit.[6]

Known Gorgons[]

Miskath Gorgon - Clara

Fan art of the Miskath gorgon at Whitedawn Lagoon, by Clara.[art 2]

The Mighty Nein fought a mutated gorgon that had petrified the Stone family, the Clay family, and various other worshipers and pilgrims at the shrine of the Wildmother in the Quoraska Jungle.[7] Beau also became petrified. The party was able to save Beau using willowshade oil,[8] and the other victims using Greater Restoration.[9] The creature was believed to have been mutated by the strange magic of Blightshore.[10]


While the D&D version of the gorgon appears as a bull, in Greek mythology, gorgons were women with terrifying faces and hair made of snakes. Classical gorgons were able to turn anyone who saw them to stone.[11] These creatures in D&D are called Medusas.[12]


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