Goran Vedmeyer was a goliath hired by the Briarwoods in Wildemount to assist in taking over Whitestone from the de Rolos.[2] After the fall of Whitestone, he was given the title of "Duke" by the Briarwoods, lording over the denizens as one of the New Nobles.[3] When Vox Machina liberated Whitestone, Vedmeyer continued living there to serve the community as penance for his crimes against the people. As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer.

Fan art of the New Nobles, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 2]



As with most goliaths, he is a large, hairless, gray-skinned man of immense strength.


While he displayed cruelty during his reign as a noble, he also accepted his defeat and showed respect toward his adversaries. He agreed to serve the city as payment for his crimes and calmly acknowledged his defeat at the hands of Trisha in the arm-wrestling competition during the Whitestone Winter's Crest festival.[4]



Goran Vedmeyer was one of the mercenaries that the Briarwoods brought with them from Wildemount in order to seize Whitestone. When they had successfully taken over, Vedmeyer was given a title, land, and power over the citizens of the town.[5]

"Stoke the Flames" (1x30)

Vox Machina first heard of Duke Vedmeyer from Archibald Desnay, who told them of the New Nobles living within Whitestone. Vedmeyer was supposedly left in charge of the temple of Pelor, but had let it fall into ruin.[6] The party then made a plan for Scanlan to create a distraction at Vedmire's mansion while the rest went to attack Count Tylieri.[7]

"Gunpowder Plot" (1x31)

Fan art of Scanlan using Bigby's Hand to push Vedmeyer off the roof, by David Rodrigues.[art 3]

When Scanlan, in the form of a Polymorphed triceratops, broke into Vedmeyer's estate, he found the Duke waiting with eight armed guards prepared to attack.[8] Scanlan ran into the next room, teleported to the roof, and began setting the building on fire. Vedmeyer chased him to the roof, but through the use of Bigby's Hand the gnome managed to shove the goliath off of the building.[9] Scanlan then used that opportunity to escape from Duke Vedmeyer.

"Denouement" (1x35)

After the fall of the Briarwoods, Vedmeyer, along with Countess Jazna Graben, was presented for judgment by Keeper Yennen. Scanlan offered both of them the chance to help rebuild the city. Vedmeyer accepted, though Jazna refused and was executed.

"Winter's Crest in Whitestone" (1x36)

One of the events during the celebration after the Briarwoods' defeat was an arm-wrestling match. Two Whitestone guards presented the deposed Vedmeyer as their proxy in the competition. He won his first match against an unnamed blacksmith, but was defeated in his second by a guard named Trisha. When she won, she told him, "You deserve that, and much more."

Character Information


When Scanlan Shorthalt attacked his mansion and guards, Vedmeyer was unable to do much aside from chase after the bard as his house began to burn down.[10] Keeper Yennen claimed that Vedmeyer "wields a blade as long as his body".[11]


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