Goliaths are a race of humanoids.


Culture Edit


Most folk of giant blood ignore the political nonsense of the smaller folk. As the old goliath saying goes: “Only people with little strength like to talk.” Goliaths are of giant ancestry—however distantly—and keep many of the old stone giant traditions. As goliaths keep no written history, it’s unclear why they are so small compared to their massive stone giant cousins, but it is undeniable that the two races are somehow related. Living in small, solitary villages along the Cliffkeep and Stormcrest mountain ranges, goliath communities maintain an advanced hunter gatherer lifestyle. Some have ventured down into the Dividing Plains to roam as nomadic raiders, taking what they wish from the unprotected few, but the sundering of the Herd of Storms sent many wandering without purpose—quite a few have turned to mercenary work along the Lucidian Coast to regain their sense of belonging. Others are sought for their unrivaled might and find a home in bandit clans that ravage the Ruins of O’Noa or the outskirts of Stilben. A small number of goliaths have been taken under the wing of the wealthy elite and given advanced study within Emon; some out of charity, others for these nobles’ own cruel amusement. Most other people of Tal’Dorei meet goliaths not with animosity, but with curiosity. Many people of Westruun are still apprehensive about dealing with goliaths because of Kevdak and the Herd of Storms’ brief occupation of their city, but they are doing their best to work through their instinctive fears.[1]

Herd of StormsEdit

After the fall of Kevdak and the Herd of Storms, the scattered groups of wandering outsiders took to a slightly less violent way of life, instead focusing on forgotten spirituality and survival in the wake of the Conclave's attack. However, some bands of roving warriors now grow either brash, or desperate, leading to savage attacks and raids on outlying camps and caravans.[2]


Countless goliath legends tell of heroes born beneath a raging storm. These stormborn grow to become peerless warrior, blessed with preternatural skill with a blade and the uncanny ability to command lightning itself. As warriors destined to become mythic heroes, stormborn fight with reckless abandon and are often distressingly prideful. Little do they know that destiny is a fickle thing, and that the songs of defeated stormborn (or worse, tyrannical ones) are rarely sung by the bards. Though the fearsome Herd of Storms was broken at Westruun during the Chroma Crisis, most of the goliaths that made up the herd still roam across the Dividing Plains. Many joined with the Rivermaw Tribe, a vast, nomadic community of goliaths, humans, and other free folk of the plains. What few stormborn remain are now part of the Rivermaw. The next generation of storm-children, those who lived through the reign of Kevdak and Umbrasyl, have just entered adulthood. They are ready to forge new legends.[2]


Some prideful goliaths are so assured in their own strength that they refuse to use weapons. Most goliaths learn how to fist-fight from a young age, but goliath brawlers go so far as to eschew weapons even on the battlefield. Goliath brawlers loyal to the Rivermaw Tribe usually lead the charge on the battlefield, using their exceptional speed and brute strength to throw the enemy vanguard into chaos. Beyond the Dividing Plains, goliath brawlers can be found within criminal organizations as muscle, in underground fighting rings, and as personal bodyguards. In Emon, the most famous goliath brawlers have made a name for themselves within The Godsbrawl Ring, representing The Stormlord in the annual holy tournament.[2]

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