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Only people with little strength like to talk.
An old goliath saying[6]

Goliaths, also called half-giants, are a race of tall, grey-skinned humanoids related to stone giants.[2]


Goliaths are a humanoid race of distant giant ancestry, with a notable relation to stone giants. They average between seven to eight feet tall in height, although some, such as Kevdak, can be noticeably taller. Goliaths are known for their incredible strength and fortitude, being naturally capable of various athletic feats and possessing an inherent ability to resist damage. Goliath males typically lack hair, but females have hair along their scalp. They have grey skin, similar in color to stone.



There is at least one known goliath residing in Issylra, Shore Shanty captain Santy.


Art of a female goliath, as depicted in the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, p. 26.[art 1]

In Tal'Dorei, some goliaths live in isolated mountain communities in the Cliffkeep Mountains and Stormcrest Mountains, primarily as hunters and gatherers.[6] Goliath clans are typically known as "herds", and some herds in the Stormcrest Mountains tame wyverns as mounts.[7] Others roam the Dividing Plains, stealing from the various villages of the region. One notable example of such a group was the Herd of Storms. After its dissolution, many of the former members turned to fighting or thievery, either as mercenaries along the Lucidian Coast or bandits around the Ruins of O'Noa and Stilben.[6] Others joined the more spiritual and peaceful Rivermaw Tribe.[8]

Goliaths have an oral tradition rather than a written one.[6] Despite this, a small number of goliaths have been sponsored by the wealthy of Emon in study, although the motivations of their benefactors are not always genuine.[6]

Herd of Storms

Main article: Herd of Storms

Fan art of Grog Strongjaw landing the killing blow on Kevdak, by David Rodrigues.[art 2]

The Herd of Storms was a roving band of goliath barbarians led by a Thunderlord that roamed the countrysides of Tal'Dorei. By the time of the Chroma Crisis, the Herd, led by Thunderlord Kevdak, had led the Herd down a violent and savage path. After Kevdak was slain during the liberation of Westruun, his son Zanror became the Herd's new leader and the remaining members agreed to renounce their brutal lifestyle and merged with the more peaceful Rivermaw Tribe.[9]

While the Herd was led by Kevdak, it is known that one custom was for the leader to accept a challenge for the title of Thunderlord in single combat to the death, as was the case when his Kevdak's nephew Grog Strongjaw challenged him while the Herd was occupying Westruun.


Fan art of Wyatt Maranoss, the Plank King since 820 PD, by Nguyen Minh Hieu.[art 3]

Goliaths are rarely seen in the cities of Wildemount, many choosing to live, like their Tal'Dorei brethren, in herds in the various mountain ranges that divide the continent, or in the arctic lands of Eiselcross.[10] However, some have ventured into more populated areas. Two notable examples are former Victory Pit champion Jermai Kull and musician Camilla.

Goliaths also have a place within The Revelry, led by the goliath Plank King Wyatt Maranoss. One of the deep scions killed by the party near Urukayxl and the Inkclaw Reef on their way to the peace negotiations was originally a goliath.[11] Zoran Kluthidol was also originally from the Menagerie Coast, although he did not specify where.[12]

Specialized roles


According to goliath legend, stormborn are born beneath a raging storm and grow to become mighty warriors with the ability to command lightning. Stormborn are revered, but this reputation often leads them to be arrogant or reckless.[8] After the dissolution of the Herd of Storms, what few stormborn remain, raised during the ruling of the Herd by Kevdak, are now members of the Rivermaw Tribe.[13]


Goliath brawlers refuse to use weapons, instead favoring their own body strength and skill in fist-fighting. In the Rivermaw Tribe, goliath brawlers are front-line fighters at the head of many battles. Beyond the Dividing Plains, goliath brawlers can be found within criminal organizations and fighting rings, and some work as private bodyguards for important individuals. Brawlers have gained recognition in Emon in the the Godsbrawl Ring at the annual tournments in honor of the holy day of the Stormlord.[13]


Goliaths' compulsive competitiveness translates to the world of sport.

There is a sport popular among goliaths called goatball, in which players stand on stone pillars and hurl goatskin balls at each other; Grog played the game as a youth.[14][15]

In addition to the brawls in honor of Kord or in the Brawler's League, Goliaths are known to compete against giants in the quadrennial Sky Queen's Favor tournament at the stone giant fortress known as Skyanchor Citadel.[16]

Named goliaths

Campaign One: Vox Machina

Herd of Storms



Fan art of Dimble Thaydeen, by BlackSalander.[art 4]

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein


Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

Campaign Three




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