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The Golden Scythe was the premier mercantile and financial institution in the flying city of Avalir[1] during the Age of Arcanum.[2]


The wealth of the Golden Scythe was based on the hoard of the dragon Sha'korzhan, who used to guard the top of the mountain that became the flying city of Avalir. Guildmaster Nydas Okiro was able to summon its spirit by tossing in the air the first coin taken from its hoard.[3]

During the events chronicled in Exandria Unlimited: Calamity, business for the Golden Scythe and for Avalir as a whole had never been better.[4] Among its other endeavors, the Scythe produced hodmedods (small automata capable of menial tasks) en masse and sold them to private purchasers. They could be customized with different colors, house crests, or advertising.[5][6] They also were the creators of carrowhulks, large automata capable of moving cargo,[7] and had recently received an order for 200 magic wands to be provided to the Magisterium.[8] In addition, four massive prototype "taxmen" automata had been produced under contract for the city.[9]

The Guild's most massive central warehouse and headquarters had a massive golden statue of a roaring dragon glowering over the entrance,[10] and contained an immense, quarter-mile long room holding fleets of arcane engines, keyed to emblems, the arcane equivalent of server banks upon which all of the engines not existing in the bodies of their various constructs were kept.[11]

The Golden Scythe was heavily involved in the festivities surrounding the imminent Replenishment. They were the sponsors of the Parade of Beasts[12], and its Guildmaster Nydas Okiro brought a magical lapis lazuli tree to the celebratory party of Patia Por'co, carried by 700 of the guild's hodmedods.[13]

However, secretly, the Guild was having a cash flow problem. Prior to the Replenishment party, Nydas and his captain of the sailor marines discussed having to delay payment to the Stormbringers, a group of mercenaries who had aided the Golden Scythe in dealing with an issue off the coast of Issylra.[14]

Known members


  • The colors of the Golden Scythe are red and gold.[18]


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