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During dark times, the need for distraction, inspiration, and solace grows even more necessary. It was Drassig’s rule that drove a group of bards, dancers, and storytellers to come together to give hope to the local populace. This band took the name “The Golden Grin” as their secret faction and traveled across the realm to offer escapism and entertainment, all while planting the seeds of discontent, rebellion, and heroism.

Since the fall of Drassig, the Golden Grin has been present in the background, watching and guiding society and the power of the individual however it can. Members, or “Grinners,” have included spiritual leaders, artists, musicians, innkeepers, and even The White Duke himself. Little is publicly known about the Golden Grin besides myths and rumors, and the members only perpetuate this mystery.[1]

Goals[edit | edit source]

The Golden Grin (or simply the Grin) exists to enlighten and inspire, keeping ears and eyes out for the murmurs of tyranny and cruelty, seeking to stamp them out. The idea that each person is capable of great things permeates the mantras and beliefs of the Golden Grin, and many who join are less about acting to change fortune, and more about cultivating the downtrodden to rise and improve themselves.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The Golden Grin claims no formal allies and nor will its members reveal themselves as such outside of extenuating circumstances. They approve and elevate groups that work with the people’s best interests at heart. Some members do occasionally find their way into higher government, granting a higher vantage point and platform to disseminate the ideals behind their cause. While some may not agree with their rather anarchistic views, Grinners are generally regarded as good and just when revealed.

Enemies of the Golden Grin are those who oppress and abuse free expression and living. They also have a general mistrust of powers that tend to control or regulate the population too heavily, even with the seemingly best of intentions.

Members[edit | edit source]

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