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The Golden Grin, or simply the Grin,[1] is a secret society, originally founded in Tal'Dorei, that promotes freedom and self-expression.[2]


During the time of the Kingdom of Drassig, a group of bards and other performers joined together in opposition, with the goal of providing hope to the people as well as doing what they could to encourage rebellion and unseat the despots. Following the fall of the Drassigs, the Golden Grin has functioned as a secret society, looking for oppressed groups to aid and inspire.[2]

The Golden Grin spread to Wildemount via the trade routes across the Lucidian Ocean. As of 835 PD, the Golden Grin had a strong foothold on the Menagerie Coast, fighting corruption within the Clovis Concord, and were looking towards the Dwendalian Empire.[4]

Grinners often communicate with each other via code-songs: folk songs which they use to seek out allies or communicate messages.[5]


The goals of the Golden Grin are to inspire and teach the downtrodden and to fight corruption among the powerful, whether through subtly inciting rebellion or, rarely, direct involvement. The Golden Grin more generally encourages freedom of expression and a belief in the potential of the common folk, even engaging in acts of heroism themselves if there are no local heroes to be found.[4]


The Golden Grin is a secret society and as such has no formal alliances, although individual members have held government positions on occasion. As of 835 PD they were attempting to make a connection with the Cobalt Soul, as both organizations share an interest in fighting corruption.[4]




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