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The Golden Chain Mercenary Company[1] (also referred to as the Gold Chain Mercenary Company) is a high end company of mercenaries based in Port Damali and operating throughout the Menagerie Coast. It began as a group of discontented zhelezo who bought out their contracts and has since become most sought-after, expensive, and efficient company in Wildemount.

Members are identified by gold chains they wear around their necks and dangle from their swords, and they are sworn to secrecy about the group's internal business.


Founded about 775 PD by Quan Sabado in Port Damali,[1] the Golden Chain began as a group of unhappy zhelezo working for the Clovis Concord who bought out their contracts to become a bodyguard service for wealthy nobles and those traveling through pirate-infested waters.[2]

In about 826, their leader disappeared in Darktow. In 836 PD, the company has not formally announced another leader to the public, but it is unclear if that is because they no longer have one or because announcing a new leader would endanger that person, given what possibly happened to the last one.[3] However, the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount states that Duos Sabado is leading the company in 835 PD.[1]

The company passed through Nicodranas in 836 PD in relation to the War of Ash and Light between the Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty.[4]


A few years before 836 PD, The Golden Chain had about two hundred members.[5] Members are identified by a thick gold chain around their necks and a gold chain dangling from their swords wrapped around the hilts and connected to the pommel. It is unknown if these chains are actually made of gold or are plated or gilded to appear so.[6] Those joining the company are sworn to secrecy about the group's internal business, and the public does not know how members communicate with one another.[3]

Its members have a reputation for ruthlessness, efficiency, and zero tolerance for failure, and hiring their services is costly. They ask no questions about and bear no moral qualms over the contracts it accepts. The company prides itself on having no outside affiliations.[1]

Known members[]

  • Quan Sabado, founder of the company and famed bounty hunter[1]
  • Duos Sabado, son of Quan and leader of the company in 835 PD[1]


  • It is unclear if Duos Sabado is the leader of the company that Fjord recalled disappeared into Darktow or if Duos took over leadership after that person disappeared.


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