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Gluzzo is a bugbear hunter from Asarius, the "City of Beasts". As an NPC, Gluzzo is played by Matthew Mercer.

Jester tattooing Gluzo by Andrew Jensen

Fan art of Jester tattooing Gluzzo[1], by Andrew Jensen.[art 2]



Gluzzo has a wide shouldered but rail thin, gaunt and furred body.[2] He wears a breastplate and bracers but no pants or boots.[3] After getting paid by Jester, he got Tusktooth mark tattooed on his torso.[4]


Gluzzo appears to be somewhat religious, as he prayed to a deity he referred to as "The Light" before attempting to cross the Ifolon River.[5]



"Xhorhas" (2x51)[]

After a roc swooped down on his hunting party and carried away two of the other members, Gluzzo laid down in the ground and played dead. He continued to lie still for half an hour before the Mighty Nein walked up to him. After Caleb convinced him they are not looking for a fight and Caduceus offered food and healing, Gluzzo said he could show them across the Ifolon River.[6] Gluzzo told them his party was paid to bring back food for the Kryn Dynasty armies.[7] Even though he is suspicious when he realizes the Mighty Nein are not from Xhorhas, he continued to talk after Jester gave him food. He told them he lives in Asarius and was hired by an ogre named Baron Visco.[8]

Gluzzo led the Mighty Nein to a spot where the Ifolon River is narrow. Before going across, Gluzzo knent down, bowed his head, and held something in his hand. After a moment he stood up and hid what looks like a medallion in the fur around his neck. When Jester asked what he was doing, Gluzzo told her he was praying to "the Light".[9] The party crossed the river. When they camped for the night, Gluzzo agreed to let Jester tattoo him. She gave him the mark of Captain Tusktooth.

"Feral Business" (2x52)[]


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  • Matt: (describing Gluzzo's attitude towards the Mighty Nein) "There's this unique balance between wanting to help to survive and not be killed by you, and also seemingly really put out by anything you ask him to do."[11]
  • (About Fjord): "He looks pretty tiny for an orc, but he should be good."


  • Liam gave Gluzzo the nickname "Skyrim Jarl", due to Gluzzo's accent being very similar to the Nords in "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". Liam plays a male Breton and a male Bosmer ("Wood Elf") in "The Elder Scrolls Online".
  • When talking about exploring Asarius alongside Gluzzo, Taliesin reminded the cast what happened the last time they befriended an evil creature.


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