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The Glasswalk Road leads northwest out of Vasselheim toward Muldire, the Tordusk Pass, and the Zenwick Mountains. It takes more than two days' horseback ride from Vasselheim to reach Muldire.[1]


The road starts at the Braving Grounds, going through the city gates and proceeding through the Vesper Timberland forest. Various roots and branches progressively approach the road, and the canopy forms a tunnel-like structure of dense leaf, vine, and tree over the road. Despite the harsh environment, the Glasswalk Road is surprisingly well-kept.[2]


The Slayer's Take sent several adventurers to hunt a white dragon. Grog, Percy, Scanlan, and Vex'ahlia were separated from the other members of Vox Machina and grouped with Lyra and Zahra Hydris for the mission. They found a bartender, Dagon, who had encountered a white dragon after two days' horseback ride on the Glasswalk Road, before he could reach Muldire.[3] They followed the Road, fought off an orc raiding party, and found the lair of the dragon Rimefang (as well as some ruins and a lake that were frozen over by proximity to the lair, and the remains of a frost giant village that Rimefang had destroyed).[4]

More than a year later, when Vecna teleported Thar Amphala to the Zenwick Mountains hundreds of miles northwest of Vasselheim,[5] the leaders of Vasselheim discussed the idea of sending their forces up the Glasswalk Road to meet the invading forces.[6]


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